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TV Moments That Took Things Too Far

  • Published on: 20 February 2017
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    How far is too far? When it comes to TV, that potentially gross line is always changing. Today, you can find just about every body part and swear word on the small screen at any given time of the day, but there was a time when TV was a bit more conservative. Whether or not they'd be shocking today, here are a few TV moments that took things too far...

    Graphic content | 0:25
    Booby trapped | 1:01
    Raining on your parade | 2:21
    Family Guy's second ban | 3:10
    Everything's relative | 4:13
    No Homers Club | 5:15
    Did it for Dexter | 6:19
    Starring...Hitler? | 7:34

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  • Runtime : 9:3
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  • Ottis
    Ottis   2 hours ago

    Welcome to the new hyper sensitive America, can't do or say anything without lawsuit. Grow some thicker skin, enjoy laughing, I laugh at all the snowflakes now

  • Rishi Kishore
    Rishi Kishore   1 days ago

    Stoping people to laugh upon and getting ridiculed..............that is how tyrants are born!

  • Neravar memesandareumadbro

    Looper videos are an interesting phenomenon. I only click on them to see how many dislikes there are to likes, I never actually watch them seriously lol

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd   3 days ago

    seth has turned into a total douche bag

  • Son Of Batman523
    Son Of Batman523   5 days ago

    “Vegeta! What does your scouter say about the audience’s butthurt level?”“IT’S OVER 9000!!!!”

  • nightlightabcd
    nightlightabcd   6 days ago

    I would bet money that the women that complained about content says noting about Trump's daily ignorance, sexing up his daughter and a general all around compulsive and habitual liar and criminal mobster scum bag!

  • Kevin Dondrea
    Kevin Dondrea   1 weeks ago

    So I take it Looper doesn't know who Mel Brooks is. Mel Brooks did the last one and years before plus his comment for the reason was the same. You know what happened? Mel Brooks became the greatest director in the History of the World!

  • no comment
    no comment   1 weeks ago

    What cunt lets kids watch married with children ? Oh that cunt . We should support The Cosby show .. it's about a perfect family and great father/rapist

  • peace out
    peace out   1 weeks ago

    if you don't like it don't watch it they're desensitizing us

  • Andy Simmons
    Andy Simmons   1 weeks ago

    I saw the X-Files episode. It fucked me up!

  • Willy Jimmy
    Willy Jimmy   1 weeks ago

    That episode of X-Files was actually pretty good. It was definitely appropriate for Halloween season.As far as the Simpson's Brazil episode, yeah, pretty much a documentary.

  • Activsoul
    Activsoul   1 weeks ago

    What about South Park? There were a couple of episodes that depicted Mohammad (not including the pre-9/11 "Super Best Friends" episode in which he was actually shown) which lead to a huge debate as to whether Muslim extremists should influence the FCC's decisions, and an actual attempted bombing at the Viacom studios.

  • everyday life
    everyday life   1 weeks ago

    People have to stop complaining. If you dont like it dont watch it. Cant even do or say anything without someone complaining nowadays!

  • John L
    John L   1 weeks ago

    Haha. Heil Honey I'm Home...... Oh no one has a sense of humour

    KIP LEVY   1 weeks ago


  • boscat666
    boscat666   2 weeks ago

    only one comment to most who react here : you poor religious people

  • Jamal Vargas
    Jamal Vargas   2 weeks ago

    Muhammad Hassan ambushes the undertaker WWE smackdown

  • Nodrodsky
    Nodrodsky   2 weeks ago

    There is always someone who Is offended.They are COMEDY shows.COMMON.

  • Canaris3
    Canaris3   2 weeks ago

    Christ, there is so much soy in this video i almost died from cancer...

  • kvnjspr
    kvnjspr   2 weeks ago

    HEY, my wee little bitty feelings are hurt because an adult somewhere hasn't grown up yet !

  • go86go
    go86go   2 weeks ago

    That incest story episode of the x files is one of the best

  • go86go
    go86go   2 weeks ago

    There are conservative family guy viewers?

  • Bernie Smith
    Bernie Smith   2 weeks ago

    I am offended at people who try to control what I watch and read. If you don't like somethingon tv - don't watch it! I follow that advise myself - I don't watch sports, but I would nevertry to get it banned from tv.

  • Papito
    Papito   2 weeks ago


  • Adam Cloud
    Adam Cloud   3 weeks ago

    An English jack off talking aboot taking thing to far ...LOL

  • LaughTooHard
    LaughTooHard   3 weeks ago

    Everyone has On and Off buttons, not to mention Parental Controls.

  • TT nNaples
    TT nNaples   3 weeks ago

    What was with the harping about 2Broke Girls, when programs starring male actors go WAY beyond the Barbie doll scene.And animated primetime things are worse.Statement. Not question.

  • Dennis LastName
    Dennis LastName   3 weeks ago

    Insulting white people is too far. Minorities should be thanking whites for America.

  • suzanne wilson
    suzanne wilson   3 weeks ago

    Everything is so offensive these days get over it

  • LarsK1310
    LarsK1310   3 weeks ago

    That Hitler sitcom is such stupid idea it made me almost fell of my couch laughin.

  • golosamonica
    golosamonica   3 weeks ago

    they could have taken out some television shows but they are still the favorites of many generations

  • Eli Beserra
    Eli Beserra   4 weeks ago

    Bunch of wHite Beotches complaining instead of Parenting.🤣🤣🤣.