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Neil deGrasse Tyson: Trump's Space Force Is Not A Crazy Idea

  • Published on: 12 September 2018
  • America's favorite astrophysicist returns to The Late Show with a surprising argument for why Trump's call for a Space Force may be a good thing.

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  • Runtime : 8:7
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  • Jay
    Jay   1 hours ago

    Damn. Slow down Stephen as you are pushing him. Good one !

  • no1reallycaresabout2

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson better either be offered some position in the Space Force or at least given an award for his advocacy for it!

  • Suhaib Sufi
    Suhaib Sufi   2 days ago

    NASA originally possible still Military upper levelChina space program - also military

  • Bugler55
    Bugler55   6 days ago

    It's so much fun to watch NdgT sperg out excitedly next to Colbert who's dry as an insurance claims rep - reminds me that people are still fun and quirky and energetic, not every media personality is an npc.

  • Aditya Prasetiyo
    Aditya Prasetiyo   1 weeks ago

    its not bad idea, but the way trump imagine "space Force" is different

  • boyddustin
    boyddustin   1 weeks ago

    Neil looks like a black Dr. Phil lol

  • Michæl Gilbert Clements

    Great until someone attacks a satellite and the debris blows up all the other satellites.

  • CMG
    CMG   1 weeks ago

    Colberts salary comes from oversea....which explains why he is paid to trash America.

  • Joseph Yenkosky
    Joseph Yenkosky   2 weeks ago

    I see Trump's faithful idiots flocked to this pretty damn quickly.

  • DankL0rd Sk0rN
    DankL0rd Sk0rN   2 weeks ago

    The idea of a space force is not absurd if it is equipped to deal with asteroids the could pose a threat to cites, continents, or the entire earth, some sort of orbital defense is necessary, much better chance of an asteroid threat than say something like an alien one. The Tunguska impact was nothing compared to the asteroid that hit, wiped out the dinosaurs, and caused and ice age. It would be nice to be able to defend against something like that from happening again. So it's not an absurd concept in that sense, not to mention they could clean up space debris, which are technically a threat to satellites, then the materials can be re purposed or disposed of properly, gotta agree with Neil on this one.

  • Deceased Anatomy
    Deceased Anatomy   2 weeks ago

    I don’t care what people say, I’m joining this thing.

  • IamRangers
    IamRangers   2 weeks ago

    Obviously paid worker for NASA/government worker.Always asking for more money. Where do they get this money? From you

  • Tom Funk
    Tom Funk   2 weeks ago

    I've mostly considered Tyson as fairly rudimentary... but I don't even think he lives up to that measure here.

  • Alexander McLucas
    Alexander McLucas   2 weeks ago

    And he is supposed to be smart well not campared to Einstein or steven hawking hawking would probably use logic and his interlect to counteract this idea. of course we dont need space force its a stupid idea coming from a stupid president who likes nothing mlre than to have money in his pocket and poking the metaphorical bear.

  • Nick Zagorov
    Nick Zagorov   2 weeks ago

    I think Neil is just freakin Awsome! I watched alot of his documentarys.

  • Omar Shalaby
    Omar Shalaby   2 weeks ago

    im glad to see him neutral on the political sphere

  • Smith
    Smith   2 weeks ago

    I have a feeling cia operative Colbert knows more than Neil

  • Lois Wright
    Lois Wright   2 weeks ago

    A great guy. Smart and a sense of humor. What a man!

  • Joel Duncan
    Joel Duncan   2 weeks ago

    China and Russia has missiles which can maneuver at hyper sonic speed. You better get a space force.

  • Darkcosmic7
    Darkcosmic7   2 weeks ago

    What was the song that they were playing at the start?

  • NeoJD
    NeoJD   2 weeks ago

    This NASA guy is so damn cool

  • Kyotra
    Kyotra   2 weeks ago

    The peaceful use of space will end when technology has advanced enough for humanity to live out there in large numbers.

  • Cmaz29
    Cmaz29   3 weeks ago

    I can see his brain thinking faster than his mouth can speak

  • Nick Librizzi
    Nick Librizzi   3 weeks ago

    America, my country has now become the new Nazism in space and in other prosperities!!!! That is sad!!!!!!!!

  • Max Mate
    Max Mate   3 weeks ago

    When the Air Force came into service they just had a wooden plane with a gun attached to it and now look at the Air Force. One of the most important branches in the military today and possibly the most technologically advanced branch of the military.

  • 1571JohannesKepler
    1571JohannesKepler   3 weeks ago

    It's kind of weird how the idea of asteroids defense got no response from the audience, but "cleaning space debris" got applauses... If you think defending ourselves against asteroids is not "ecological", then obviously you don't know what effects a big rock striking earth can have on life. For more information, ask any dinosaure in your neighborhood. Oh that's right, they didn't have a space program...

  • Jonathan J. West
    Jonathan J. West   3 weeks ago

    Not a crazy idea, an amazing idea, a must, GO SPACE FORCE! UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE! http://www.amazon.com/dp/1483484106/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1526130983&sr=1-1&keywords=United+states+Space+Force+1980

  • Odell James
    Odell James   3 weeks ago

    I thought talk show hosts were smart..... never mind

  • KaiserXIII
    KaiserXIII   3 weeks ago

    Jesus, every time this man opens his mouth, I'm just mesmerized. I honestly watched this video about three times in order to fully absorb all of the information this man shared.The thing is, though, that even though he said "war in space" is not strategically sound, the idiot currently leading the most powerful (is that even a fact anymore? Nukes, still, so maybe) country in the world is neither strategic nor mentally sound, and if he is, it is entirely debatable.