Fall Skirmish Week 5 Trial - Trap Ball

  • Published on: 23 October 2018
  • Check out the format, clubs, and standings at http://www.fortnite.com/fall-skirmish

    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/fortnite/
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/FortniteGame
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    Learn More: http://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/
  • Runtime : 20
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  • lucas ;-;
    lucas ;-;   1 weeks ago

    Hello epic games My name is lucas maggiotti chaar and I would like to make a complaint to you, I am from Brazil and I have seen that the fortnite does not only run on ps3 because of the graphic quality, but after all ... if you have passed the fortnite to the cell phone because you can not pass it to playstation 3 and x-box 360, and only release a version with reduced graphics quality, I do not have a plsystation 3 or an x-box 360 (actually I do not even have a video game ) but this is an appeal to all who have and can not play.

  • Senky
    Senky   2 weeks ago

    00:00 wtfDislike!!!!!!

  • PricyToaster782
    PricyToaster782   3 weeks ago

    Epic you have a glitch where if you do ur FortniteMares challenges that is land at wailing haunted and lucky you get 350 battle stars please fix this.

  • Rupples h
    Rupples h   3 weeks ago

    I playing fortnite mobile on LG G5 Speed when I play over 30 minutes my game freezes and kicks pls Fix

  • Bismark
    Bismark   3 weeks ago

    But savethewrold pls i won’t the (my name WTfueW)... pls

  • PineappleFlow
    PineappleFlow   3 weeks ago


    BOSSA   3 weeks ago

    I think fortnite is dead, atleast to me though...

  • Lucas Rafael
    Lucas Rafael   3 weeks ago

    Epic meu celular e lg prime e não e compativel com o jogo e amo ❤❤ munto fortniter e trinte não poder jogar 😢 podem temtar fazer para ficar compativel para eu jogar e não faço nada o dia todo por favor se duderen eu vou ficar munto feliz e mas mas munca irei amar di mais que eu amo agora de mais de mais de mais Por favo tentem coloca para LG prinal,ce posivel oprigado

  • Assassination 117
    Assassination 117   3 weeks ago

    Dear epic games, ninja send me v buck hacks, did not use them, i remain loyal.

  • Assassination 117
    Assassination 117   3 weeks ago

    I have some mythical dances y'all epic games could copy, just text me

  • Claw Gaming
    Claw Gaming   3 weeks ago

    We all know lachy will wins this 😉

  • Ninja
    Ninja   3 weeks ago

    Fortnite can i Get some like it would make My day i have birthday on 23 oktober

  • No_Nick_Gamer PL
    No_Nick_Gamer PL   3 weeks ago

    FFoForFortFortnFortniFortnitFortniteFortnite iFortnite is Fortnite is dFortnite is deFortnite is deaFortnite is dead

  • TheRaider Mad
    TheRaider Mad   3 weeks ago

    Add fortnite for huawei p10 lite guys plssss or Add more device because my p10 lite wont work guys please i beg u

  • Hypee
    Hypee   3 weeks ago

    Fortnite i had a question..why do free pass/free battle pass gives only 200 vbucks???why dont you add up to 900 vbucks and why is there has no skin on free pass???please comment me!

  • TheListOfMoments
    TheListOfMoments   3 weeks ago

    When are you gonna nerf explosives and minigun? Like if you want a nerf dislike if you dont

  • hood07 gaming
    hood07 gaming   3 weeks ago

    What happened to the android beta for lg phones they are good too

  • wenix _
    wenix _   3 weeks ago

    Warum ist das so scheiße

  • hannan ab
    hannan ab   3 weeks ago

    Match making issues are coming

  • ok invest
    ok invest   3 weeks ago

    i hate fortnite fucing loading

  • Diane Lamb
    Diane Lamb   3 weeks ago

    I accidentally deleted my dance my name is deeducks please it cooled take 14

  • Sinful •
    Sinful •   3 weeks ago

    Lol fix your matchmaking severs !!!

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