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Natalie’s Rap 2 - SNL

  • Published on: 04 February 2018
  • Natalie Portman shares what's new in her life.

    #SNL #SNL43

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  • Runtime : 2:47
  • SNL Saturday Night Live SNL Season 43 Episode 1738 Natalie Portman Beck Bennett Andy Samberg s43 s43e13 episode 13 live new york comedy sketch funny hilarious late night host music guest laugh impersonation actor improv musician natalie portman natalie raps black swan jackie annihilation the death and life of john f. donovan thor dua lipa new rules be the one scared to be lonely


  • Ahmad
    Ahmad   1 days ago

    She is so beautiful.

  • Nefepants
    Nefepants   5 days ago


  • Oh Gosh
    Oh Gosh   6 days ago

    Tell me whyyyyyy!!!! Natalie P.. That chick is dope!!

  • Rosa Rojas
    Rosa Rojas   1 weeks ago

    There isn't the part when she respond in the min 2:12 "Shut the fuck up!" :(Such a epic part.....wait....every word and everything she do is epic!!!

  • jackie
    jackie   1 weeks ago

    imagine if natalie had been around for the skits when adam hosted snl this month it would’ve been so SICK

  • Sephra Rae
    Sephra Rae   1 weeks ago

    I was wondering what she was going for this whole time then I realized it was a Cardi B parody kinda I liked how they added Andy he was in the original rap lol

  • Antonia Tejeda Barros

    Booooooooh! Pathetic. Apologise to Woody Allen, Portman. And, please, stop "singing". #WeLoveWoodyAllen #ApologiseToWoody #DownWithTheMob #truthislouder

  • Avie
    Avie   1 weeks ago


  • Caitlin Pierson
    Caitlin Pierson   2 weeks ago

    I watch this for the .006785 seconds of Queen Amedalla

  • SL LK
    SL LK   2 weeks ago

    That Samberg cameo ❤

  • Sara Y.
    Sara Y.   2 weeks ago

    If I loved her before, I love her even more immensely now after this.

  • DoroteoVilla
    DoroteoVilla   3 weeks ago

    "Ooh Natalieeee, please come meet your babaaaaa!" ahahahahahaha. What is the deal with the viking suit anyway?!

  • Rainbow Phoenix
    Rainbow Phoenix   3 weeks ago

    This is amazing, way better than most rap music today

  • Medha Vinod
    Medha Vinod   3 weeks ago

    I mean there is a Slim Shady in all of us..

  • SweetBerry ud Yufs Bri'Sheik

    What the hell 😆😆😆 I really wish that beat was from an actual song. This was good n funny but the flow was too off to play as legit song on loop

  • Sam Gourhan
    Sam Gourhan   4 weeks ago

    Is she really like this in real life?

  • Amanda S
    Amanda S   1 months ago

    She’s so fucking hot it’s insane

  • Zu V
    Zu V   1 months ago

    and then i screamed "ANDYYYYYYY" !!!

  • Zombie Revolverheld
    Zombie Revolverheld   1 months ago

    This is a real disappointment unless you fall I to the category of people that like the same trap beat and repeating words of new wave mumble rappers. No real hook or melody, weak lyrics compared to the first one.

  • Joshua Szeto
    Joshua Szeto   1 months ago

    good thing MGK didn't talk smack about Portman. She would have smacked him back into the womb