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  • Published on: 09 October 2018
  • Hey babes! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this video testing out the new Kylie Cosmetics 2018 Halloween Collection! Leave me a comment down below what you guys thought and if you'll be purchasing!!!

    *this was sent to me, but this is NOT a sponsored video*
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  • Runtime : 33:50
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  • Laura Escobar
    Laura Escobar   20 minuts ago

    I didn’t see this as a negative review. She liked several of the products and just wasn’t crazy about other ones. This isn’t the first time she does this. For the Kris Jenner collection she mentioned how she didn’t like some products. All of you are just so damn critical, you drag her because she likes the products and then you drag her because she doesn’t like some of the products? Y’all are the salty ones. Nicol, I find the entire collection underwhelming. It would have been cool if the palette matched the packaging. The only thing I liked where the lipsticks and the Liquid Lip. Besides that it’s just blah.

  • Perry potato
    Perry potato   1 hours ago

    It really doesnt give any Halloween vibes! I think she just got lazy after giving birth and didnt really care

  • Jennika Ochoa-Mendez
    Jennika Ochoa-Mendez   3 hours ago

    Also, it said so much about Kylie for her to choose a YouTuber that has gone off so bluntly on social media on other people... Did she based her choice on the number of followers? I mean, does Kylie want to be associated with James Charles when he has been so controversial? 🤦🏻‍♀️ She had to Kim’s sister after all

  • Jennika Ochoa-Mendez
    Jennika Ochoa-Mendez   3 hours ago

    I all seriousness the eyeshadow palette doesn’t impress👌🏻 not a big fan of Kylie’s make-up formula..

  • Maayda Qureshi
    Maayda Qureshi   3 hours ago

    Nicol: kylie does have the BEST packaging.Jefree Star: insert a vinePs comment a vine which would suit jefrees reaction

  • somalley416
    somalley416   3 hours ago

    One of the fakest beauty influencers I’ve ever seen...

  • Caterina Amaral
    Caterina Amaral   3 hours ago

    Hmmm I love colourful eyeshadow palettes and I actually would buy this Halloween palette. Actually I wish it was no name so I could afford it😂

  • Elisa Vacha
    Elisa Vacha   3 hours ago

    It looks nothing like the summer palate lol what?

  • tayonna vaughn
    tayonna vaughn   4 hours ago

    i’m going through the comments, and i’m so confused on why she’d be jealous of james and kylie’s collab? this is my first video i’m watching of hers, so can someone please explain:)

  • Kim Creeks
    Kim Creeks   4 hours ago

    Is she fr liking all the negative comments about the palette? Tf😂💁‍♀️🙄

  • Z Bur
    Z Bur   4 hours ago

    Dis bitch hella salty because of sister James and Kylie’s collaboration......and it fucking looks like she doesn’t want to record the video. jUsT gIvInG tHe TeA

  • Luna
    Luna   4 hours ago

    nicol lowkey acts, looks, and talks like shes high in this

  • india morrow
    india morrow   5 hours ago

    Maybelline superstay is cheaper and probably works just as well

  • Kenna Delp
    Kenna Delp   5 hours ago

    Just be yourself. Not everyone in life will like you, no matter who you are. Stop acting like someone else on the camera.

  • George Olivares
    George Olivares   5 hours ago

    Just by looking at this I don’t like her 😭👋🏽

  • Kynesha Michel
    Kynesha Michel   6 hours ago

    Kylie does an amazing job on her makeup and idk why she has to say that her eyeshadow is muddy and patchy and comparing COMPLETELY different pallets that r wayyyy different from each other and saying that “she makes SURE that her eyeshadow isn’t muddy” even though I’m pretty sure Kylie does too and maybe the people who make the formulas might of messed up a bit 🤷🏽‍♀️ Kylie Jenner is a hard working women and probably won’t even watch this and care about this vid but I mean it’s my opinion just like she’s sharing all her opinions 🙄😁

  • Lesly Guzman
    Lesly Guzman   6 hours ago

    Is it just me or does she try to avoid making eye contact with the camera???

  • Kynesha Michel
    Kynesha Michel   6 hours ago

    I feel like she shading just bc Kylie did a collab with sister Charles ....I spy a jellyyyyyy sissssss😶👀

  • Ma3ixUL
    Ma3ixUL   6 hours ago

    Tho she is not the only one talk about how patchy the colors 🙄you guys are dramatic af ~ I never seen ppl been blinde like that 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • I Record And Post
    I Record And Post   6 hours ago

    All these “disclaimers” (disses that nobody really cares about) are because she saw that James got a colander with Kylie and she didn’t. 👀 ☕️

  • Sierra O'Neil
    Sierra O'Neil   6 hours ago

    Also why do u keep swatching with the middle fingure

  • Sierra O'Neil
    Sierra O'Neil   6 hours ago

    No offense but the highlight looked fine 🙄 and she repeats. Her videos aren’t ten same and she tried to hard to be negative. But in the end her make up looked bomb.

  • Leah Micu
    Leah Micu   6 hours ago

    Has she always wanted a Kylie collab or something? I’ve never heard of this girl until now

  • Yourebasicbye
    Yourebasicbye   6 hours ago

    That eyeshadow palette had some dusty and musty colors.

  • Lourdes Valencia
    Lourdes Valencia   7 hours ago

    I love you nicol, but this video seems so forced. You don’t seem yourself. I’ll thumbs up because I’m a big fan but probably won’t finish watching it. If you like Kylie then like it don’t let people’s shit talking drag onto your videos 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Keidy Hernandez
    Keidy Hernandez   8 hours ago

    Actually you’re not putting effort at all like I’m upset for clicking to watch this video ☹️!!

  • Keidy Hernandez
    Keidy Hernandez   8 hours ago

    I feel like you’re not putting effort in the eyeshadow 👀 which makes me think you’re just not about the Kylie Halloween collection ✌🏽😂

  • Zoey Gordon
    Zoey Gordon   9 hours ago

    Anyone else actually LOVE the colors in this pallet ? I’m obsessed

  • Angel Y
    Angel Y   9 hours ago

    I’ve seen better eye looks from you. This was mediocre :( but I don’t blame you because the palette sucks. But other than that I really like this video :)