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  • Published on: 09 August 2018
    SECOND CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/TrishasLife
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  • Runtime : 24:36
  • taco bell mukbang drive thru 2018 eat and go eating on the run healthy fast food options chicken burrito nachos and cheese trying skittles freeze new menu item desserts what to order have lunch with me eat with me trisha paytas trishaslife blndsundoll4mj


  • Alexa Herrera
    Alexa Herrera   2 days ago

    you sang a line from Hamilton, from Take A Break and i love you even more now wow

    NORA OKELLY   3 days ago

    You know you can get down to 100 lbs and then find a truly safe relationship with food where you are using balance moderation and common sense to manage your weight by not over doing it and enjoying life pleasures like taco bell at the same time. After bad food addiction BED OCD depression and being 200 lbs over weight I lost it and now have the body I want and the cure for a food issue. So yeah anyone can do it the mind is all powerful if you conquer it <3 just a thought

  • autumn & winter
    autumn & winter   5 days ago

    Trish has been my favourite since the beginning lol she blocked me on Instagram and I have no clue why. 😫😂

  • Bailey Ligan
    Bailey Ligan   5 days ago

    That’s so true. I always crave Taco Bell and it always sounds so good but I always feel like complete shit after I eat it lol

  • Lauren Rhoades
    Lauren Rhoades   5 days ago

    i Would love to eat taco bell and just talk with trish.

  • Heather Cantu
    Heather Cantu   6 days ago

    Girl that Skittle freeze is the bomb.and so are those cinnabon delights.i also hate ice in my sodas

  • Unique Tee
    Unique Tee   1 weeks ago

    9:25 exactly it's just that us thick girls feel insecure at some times so when we see things like that it makes us feel good in our bodies

  • Nathan Wright
    Nathan Wright   1 weeks ago

    I used to not be able to stand you and that was so wrong of me. You're seriously one of the most genuine people on here and you're truly a nice and beautiful person. You're amazing at trolling too.

  • Darrein B
    Darrein B   1 weeks ago

    Awh she’s actually so polite to people

  • kayla Williams
    kayla Williams   1 weeks ago

    Right now I am sick in bed and all I want to do is eat as much food as I can take in why am I watching this UGH

  • kayla Williams
    kayla Williams   1 weeks ago

    Nobody notices but this girls are the best I mean thick girls just are naturally born with a voice for example trish she can sing cuz she is thick buetiful woman

  • Sharie Zuluaga
    Sharie Zuluaga   1 weeks ago

    I can eat whatever I want but not gain weight because I’m at a healthy weight and I don’t eat like I used to everyday. I mean I used to eat a lot but I don’t but only on weekends

  • Holly Dodds
    Holly Dodds   1 weeks ago

    ‘The great thing about not having friends is you don’t have to share’ haha me 😂😂😂

  • Maria Romero
    Maria Romero   1 weeks ago

    Does anybody else notice she changes her voice when she orders or talks on the phone?

  • kate t
    kate t   1 weeks ago

    You look so good in this sis

  • Karen Lopez
    Karen Lopez   1 weeks ago

    Sharring with friends 😂😂 diedd omg i love you ♡After 20 mins: is it still recording 😂💀💀💀👀

  • Rebecca O
    Rebecca O   1 weeks ago

    I swear to god the yellow nails and tracks reminds me of Tana mongeau circa 2016

  • goober beans
    goober beans   1 weeks ago

    Where have I been? You are adorable, love everything about you!!!

  • alison 21
    alison 21   1 weeks ago

    at 5:52 it sounded like she said grayson and not jason

  • Min Yoon Kiki
    Min Yoon Kiki   2 weeks ago

    Lol I hope she meant started mukbangs for YouTubers or something because the word is literally Korean, my Asian family been doing this for years 😂✊🏼

  • Jaime Lauro
    Jaime Lauro   2 weeks ago

    Your soooo pretty!!!! I love this video they should have given you the watermelon 🍉 freeze tho it sound good

  • Sharie Zuluaga
    Sharie Zuluaga   2 weeks ago

    Trisha. Has there been a time in your childhood that you’ve been bullied?

  • clueless
    clueless   2 weeks ago

    i think she's so cute to be honest, like her personality and her aesthetic, she's just so sweet??

  • Vorah Kim
    Vorah Kim   2 weeks ago

    You weren’t the first one to do mukbang because mukbang was created 2011 and you said you started doing “food haul” at 2013 sooo boom your not the first one