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5 Contestants On The Voice Who Auditioned With a Coach's Song (Part 2)

  • Published on: 03 March 2018
  • Part 2 of contestants on The Voice who auditioned with a coach's song!
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  • Runtime : 9:5
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  • Samantha Storms
    Samantha Storms   2 hours ago

    I love it when white people can sing like a black person no one has soul like a black man or women.

  • Eleah Anz
    Eleah Anz   3 hours ago

    @ 6:35 "OH IT'S A WHITE DUDE" face LMAO

  • Semaria Alvarez
    Semaria Alvarez   17 hours ago

    That third girl that sung Alicia keys song took my breathe away😍!!

  • Cummins Real power
    Cummins Real power   18 hours ago

    Alicia Keys is the best judge on the Voice. She has an amazing voice, and she is simply beautiful. 😍

  • Lio Vargas
    Lio Vargas   1 days ago

    Cee lo greens singer sound like the Playland park singer

  • hugo portes
    hugo portes   1 days ago

    The face of Christina at 7.38 😂 she seems a little bit hungry lol

  • PointBlankw00t
    PointBlankw00t   1 days ago

    What song is the guitar riff from at the end of the video ???

  • Darquanda Mhmm
    Darquanda Mhmm   1 days ago

    It’s like Leona Lewis doing an Alicia Keys song. Lol! But that’s just me.

  • Lucy R
    Lucy R   1 days ago

    Alicia enjoyed it!!

  • Chloe’s YT
    Chloe’s YT   1 days ago

    “some people want diamond rings, some just want everything.. but everything mean nothin’.

  • Mister SS
    Mister SS   1 days ago

    I knew Blake wouldn’t turn that guy stannnnnnked up his song, the other singers were close-ish to their song but Blake’s got a certain sound and voice.. Suck it ADAM

  • sibling of 4
    sibling of 4   2 days ago

    I liked the guy with Blake Shelton song !!🎤

  • key key
    key key   2 days ago

    what usher song is that?

  • pisceanholocaust
    pisceanholocaust   2 days ago

    The guy who did "The Stars was amazing! His voice is beautiful!

  • Danielle NICOLE
    Danielle NICOLE   3 days ago

    I just turned my computer chair around . The last guyyy 😍

  • Timothy Nyota
    Timothy Nyota   5 days ago

    I always imagine myself auditioning and having all judges turn around in the first 20 seconds of my audition, and after they have turned around, I start singing as horribly as I possibly can :-)

  • Susie Welchman
    Susie Welchman   5 days ago

    Last guy is incredible 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥great voice!

  • Breanna Garner
    Breanna Garner   5 days ago

    The first guy deserved all chairs turned. He's voice was very nice.

  • David Tingwald
    David Tingwald   6 days ago

    That girl who sang If I Ain't Got You, her voice was like butterrrrr. :)

  • Baby Amv
    Baby Amv   6 days ago

    proud to say Stevie Jo is my relative😂😂💗

  • Topaz Chrysanthemum
    Topaz Chrysanthemum   6 days ago

    This and agt are fake as hell, but it is interesting how much great talent great singers waste here.

  • Fitmiam
    Fitmiam   6 days ago

    Alicia Keys looks like a lovely girl I will be glad to be friend with her

  • Justin Burton
    Justin Burton   1 weeks ago

    Guy doing Blake's song wasn't very good at all