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Hannity: Collins bravely restored common sense to Senate

  • Published on: 06 October 2018
  • Senator Susan Collins stood up to the angry left-wing mob and stood for the principles that make this country great.

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  • Runtime : 16:14
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  • Jian Yu
    Jian Yu   1 days ago

    This country is going to be great without that idiot President Trump !

  • John O'Neill
    John O'Neill   2 days ago

    Republicans are made up of Old Fogeys and Young Fogeys. USA will have a white majority by 2045. Trump and Fox are the rigor mortis of American mono-culture.

  • Ivan Marquez
    Ivan Marquez   3 days ago

    Fox News sounds like a freak show, with a low budget lol but the theirs followers Uff trash, thash , trashy lol

  • Ivan Marquez
    Ivan Marquez   3 days ago

    Be ready for the blue wave is coming, it will clean all the dirty water in Washington

    HKH HKH   4 days ago

    There is no reasoning with the left, its so clear after presenting the facts after facts they still will not accept the truth, so that only leads me to think these anti Trump scums are completely insane and only after their own sick agendas no matter what the cost is and that is very scary to me.

  • Allan Simoes
    Allan Simoes   4 days ago

    Christine Blasley Ford is more than likely an illegitimate Henry Ford. Allan

  • Allan Simoes
    Allan Simoes   4 days ago

    Very True Democrats have gutter politics and the man hole drains should be opened for them. Allan.

  • Cant stand liberals
    Cant stand liberals   5 days ago

    It is really black and white folks. You can either vote for freedom and liberty or communism and poverty! Your choice on how you want the country to go! Get out and vote folks!

  • Jimmy Love
    Jimmy Love   5 days ago

    thank the good LORD .neither the conservative nor the) liberal's are smart enough to to work it out . dumb ass's

  • misternormL
    misternormL   5 days ago


  • Nick Peterson
    Nick Peterson   5 days ago

    Christine Ford should be in Prison for Life. Lock her away with Rapists.

  • Harry Morgan
    Harry Morgan   5 days ago

    If even one person is injured or killed as a result of the violent conduct of these leftist mobs, four leftists should be picked by random, and shot.

  • Harry Morgan
    Harry Morgan   5 days ago

    The only problem is that Sen. Collins was too gentle, too civil, and too forbearing. In fact, the dems deserve not to be reasoned with, but crushed. This so-called democrat "party" is not a party at all; it's a vile mob that dares to call itself a party.  It has become unnecessary and irrelevant, and should be deleted.

  • Rufus Coppertop
    Rufus Coppertop   5 days ago

    Wow! Collins was magnificent. Hannity rocks. I hope to see America save itself from the obscene travesty that is the Left this November.Go for it dear cousins. MAGA!

  • Larry Dicus
    Larry Dicus   5 days ago

    By the lefts thinking, the Salem witch trials, were justified. I mean those people were accused without evidence, so that meant they were guilty, of witchcraft!

  • DaRealKing
    DaRealKing   5 days ago

    This is getting absolutely ridiculous, what the hell is wrong with these people? I can't believe how much brainwashing (((THEY))) have done to our American women. Very sad!

  • Judy Hinton
    Judy Hinton   5 days ago

    T senator Susan Collins did more for woman’s rights to have equality in the workplace than any woman in the last and this century has ever done. Her gentile grace and truth in the face of mob rule sent tears down my face. God bless you Senator Collins for having the courage to stand against all odds and with real dignity to explain what America is about. I hope that your speech about fairness and what this country stands for will go down in history. Thank You for your impartial and honest service to our country! You are a shining example for what it means to be a real LADY with extraordinary strength of fairness and I for one, stand by you and applaud your courage and example to all those who would like to call themselves AMERICANS!! Judy Hinton

  • Shakaama
    Shakaama   5 days ago

    She was immediately cast as a demon by the left.

    BUILD THE WALL   5 days ago

    Fox News blacklisted Michael Savage they are FKN trash...

  • Joyce Benton
    Joyce Benton   5 days ago

    Sen. Collins almost always voted with Democrat Party mostly of the time. However, her conscience as character and responsibilities to America’s value and civilization and honesty makes her must make her move on this speech by the truth, patriotism and loyalty toward America’s greatness. People can accuse, but decision making must by solid proven facts of evidence of DNA, true witnesses, records of reports of school, parents, or police to convince. As the responsibilities to Judge Kavanaugh, his families, Americans, our country America’s principles and greatness, America’s values, the true justice system from our America’s civilized system, the images of America’s greatness, patriotism and loyalty toward own country...etc. I respect her honesty, sincerity kindness and decency nature and patriotism and loyalty toward our country America’s principles and greatness. God bless America. This is why I believe if Democrat Party drags Kavanaugh’s accusations longer, less voters will vote for them again for sure. I guess, because most Americans believe in the consistency of the story, truths, principles, honesty and fairness, kindness and decency nature.

  • Mary Poppins
    Mary Poppins   6 days ago

    The steeple do as they're told. They don't even know the REAL reason why they're being led to hate Kavanaugh. SO PATHETIC!!

  • Michael
    Michael   6 days ago

    7:44 "Believe women!" Okay, Susan Collins is a woman and thinks Kavanaugh is innocent and well-fit to be a Supreme Court Judge. You can now go home and stop acting like lunatic zombies blocking the street.For the love of all things good, Vote Red: Republican: GOP this November 6th. This is a massive turning point in American history.

  • Michael
    Michael   6 days ago

    Not supporting and prosecuting false allegations is helping women. If you take every woman's claims as gospel, the actual true claims will lose importance and potency when mixed up with the waterfall of false claims. It is a symbolic parallel with the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." Sound the alarm when nothing actually happened enough times and nobody will believe you when the wolf actually comes.

  • Tim Cantrell
    Tim Cantrell   6 days ago

    Oh ! It's the GOP that doesn't care about the truth ? Give me a break.

  • Tim Cantrell
    Tim Cantrell   6 days ago

    The old line liberals aren't our enemy; they are the loyal opposition. The Left is the enemy but sometimes it's real hard to tell the difference.

  • Joe Brice
    Joe Brice   6 days ago

    Ha ha ha very funny, hypocrite to the core. Here is a list of Collins' donors throughout the years. I supposed they gave her that money because she is so nice. Who knows what corporation paid for Collins' fifties hairstyle? So becoming to her repudiation of women's rights. Contributor Total Individuals PACsGeneral Dynamics $163,400 $124,900 $38,500MBNA Corp $154,304 $137,750 $16,554Elliott Management $90,200 $90,200 $0Blue Cross/Blue Shield $89,700 $21,200 $68,500Wish List $85,294 $53,460 $31,834Although not all the information is included Ms. Collins who is now shocked by why American People, not corporate and rich donors are raising money against her obvious greed. She has raised, not from average Americans, a total of $21,244,022 from corporations and other greedy people like her.

  • Lem Lee
    Lem Lee   6 days ago

    the most scary thing imo is that the alt left is like a gang and they will never be able to leave. if they leave they will lose everything. even if they realize how insane their group is and they want to get out they wont be able to because they will lose all their friends and family. they will stay there, chanting things they don't believe in to prevent themselves from losing everything.

  • William Dixon
    William Dixon   6 days ago

    Boy Hannity could sell ice to a snow man. What a salesman. Susan Collins gave a speech to CHA in 2020 and not to mention over a million donated to her election then.

  • David BoldDog 27
    David BoldDog 27   6 days ago

    Historic and inspiring Collins speech, should be in its entirety in every history class (but don't bet on it).

  • lullabyemoon
    lullabyemoon   6 days ago

    I listened to the entire speech. The fact that she was an eyewitness to the diabolical actions of the DEMONcrat party during this entire process and she still believes that Christine Ford was credible and Feinstein would never leak the "supposed" letter from Christine Ford tells me she is still a RINO. I believe it is safe to say that if there had been other liars to come forth against Kavanaugh, she would have voted "NO" and the law of the land "innocent until proven guilty" would have been thrown out of the window!

  • William Dixon
    William Dixon   6 days ago

    X Senator Susan Collins CHA, covered her ass for her vote in her 45 minute speech. She never mentions the 2.6 million donated to her election in 2020......oh that's right we can't buy votes well you bought hers.