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  • Published on: 07 August 2018
  • HI SISTERS! Today we're taking a trip down memory lane 12 years ago to the original YouTube days. I found the FIRST EVER makeup tutorial uploaded to youtube and decided to try and follow it to see how trends of makeup and filming have changed... and they DEFINITELY have. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!!

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    PRODUCER: Kelly Rocklein

    EDITOR: Ryan Allen

    WRITER: Eros Gomez

    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
  • Runtime : 18:37
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  • hey there
    hey there   2 months ago

    I dont think people realize that since this was 2006, the makeup techniques werent fully developed. james is a makeup guru, and in 2018, makeup is superrrrr evolved. hes not acting snobby or rude, he's just used to using primer, brushes for foundation, etc. so when the video said to use your fingers to blend in the foundation into your tzone, he's SHOOK. in the description it says "I found the FIRST EVER makeup tutorial uploaded to youtube and decided to try and follow it to see how trends of makeup and filming have changed... and they DEFINITELY have." HE KNOWS THAT MAKEUPS CHANGED. he doesnt need whiny kids complaining about it left and right. he also complimented it at the end.

  • Katelyn Parker
    Katelyn Parker   34 minuts ago

    I wasn’t alive 3 years before i was born wow

  • Viper 123
    Viper 123   51 minuts ago

    I was born in 2009 3 years late huh

  • Brit Swanson
    Brit Swanson   1 hours ago

    I used the same look In high school.... 😐😑

  • Probable Possibilities

    You: “That eyebrow looks so gross!”Me, somebody that has never done makeup before, watched tutorials, or anything: WYM? That eyebrow look Amazing!

  • Dog lover 12
    Dog lover 12   1 hours ago

    James ur 4 years older then me and you have succeeded more then I could have imagined that’s amazing 😲

  • PrincelyMao
    PrincelyMao   4 hours ago

    I think he look pretty shrugs but I get what he mean. When you are used to packing on the face it gets kinda uncomfortable not doing it. I mean it’s the same if you put light make up all the time and one day packed it on you might feel heavy.

  • Mandy Silva
    Mandy Silva   4 hours ago

    OMG Avril Lavigne could neverrrr.... slayed 2006's makeup

  • Mickey Ozzet
    Mickey Ozzet   4 hours ago i the only one who still use my hands to apply foundation? .......Though, i do not use my hands when aplying it on models.

  • Melanny Saldana
    Melanny Saldana   5 hours ago

    “Didn’t have an umpa lumpa running our country” BRUH DEAD 💀😂

  • beYOUtiful !
    beYOUtiful !   5 hours ago

    You can literally see james have a mini melt down from apply the foundation😂

  • Sarah Estrada
    Sarah Estrada   5 hours ago

    Boy though the whole video I just did my brows 2018 me

  • Opal M
    Opal M   5 hours ago

    I was 14 back in 2006 and I definitely still practice a lot of these makeup tips. I was actually surprised at his reaction to the t-zone thing 😂 I still do that with my hands (I was them first) every day.It's fun to reflect on what I was doing in 2006. natural face makeup w a smokey eye was in back then. So were pencil thin eyebrows, door to door makeup products (like Avon) and wearing camisoles and flared jeans 😎 aaaa and flip phones and bangles and thin hoop earrings. Oof and pleated skirts and strappy heels. We were all a mess 😂

  • Tayah English
    Tayah English   6 hours ago

    She honestly looked better without the eye-shadow.

  • Kalie Reacts
    Kalie Reacts   6 hours ago

    I was in the whom for two months lol love u sister James 😂♥️♥️♥️

  • Bonnie Petit
    Bonnie Petit   7 hours ago

    The sound when he slaps the blush on his cheek

  • dami oguntola
    dami oguntola   8 hours ago

    that video came out before i was born... i’m shook

  • Jenna’s Galaxy
    Jenna’s Galaxy   8 hours ago

    The Video he reacts to I was 10 days old when it came out oh my God

  • Ahlea Wade
    Ahlea Wade   9 hours ago

    Class does anyone know the answer to number 3? Nobody raises their hand but the teacher still calls on you 4:09

  • caro
    caro   9 hours ago

    tbh this is what everyone did because there weren't so many techniques or tools back then but now there are TONS of it and tbh it turns out the same. everyone has a different way to do makeup

  • Mimi's World
    Mimi's World   10 hours ago


  • Alysson M
    Alysson M   10 hours ago

    I was 1 months old when that vid was posted 😂😂😂

  • Chelsey Gordon
    Chelsey Gordon   13 hours ago

    i fucking laughed the whole time, you so damn funny

  • Marie Wüstefeld
    Marie Wüstefeld   14 hours ago

    Your eyebrows look amazing, you should do them more often like that (and sorry for my english haha)