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  • Published on: 27 July 2018
  • HI SISTERS! For today's video, we're putting a very extra twist on a current YouTube challenge. While everyone is having their Dog Pick Their Makeup, we decided to have Zoo Animals Pick My Makeup. Special thanks to the LA Zoo for educating us and giving us the inside scoop on all of their special programs and animals. I really hope you enjoy this video and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!

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    Kelly Rocklein

    Michael Rusakov
  • Runtime : 26:27
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  • Kimmy Howell
    Kimmy Howell   1 hours ago

    ive had the worest day thank you sm for cheering me up

  • Benito
    Benito   1 hours ago

    Cringe enters the chat

    KING P BEAR   5 hours ago

    Dam girl love dem lashes thank you sisters

  • karia
    karia   6 hours ago

    20:29 ear rape ;-;

  • Khloe Anderson
    Khloe Anderson   7 hours ago

    I love this so much otters are one of my favorite animals ❤️

  • Khloe Anderson
    Khloe Anderson   7 hours ago

    I WOULD SAVE EVERY SINLE ANIMAL IF I COULD it’s so sad animals don’t deserve to go.

  • Khloe Anderson
    Khloe Anderson   8 hours ago

    I didn’t know you have scoliosis I have that to and it is hard I know. I have to deal with but I know it will get better! Love you sister james❤️

  • Abby F
    Abby F   8 hours ago

    I thought you said auschwitz fact for a second and I thought maybe I zoned out and started watching a history channel

  • Ann Bell
    Ann Bell   9 hours ago

    Fav Moments from this vid ❤😂3:04 "Can I touch it? OW"7:20 "But the zoo keeper was like 'mm probably shouldnt unless you want to get sister stabbed"11:00 "Spotting straight boys.. far more fun"12:20 "Wow what that tongue do?"Love this vid and the animals are sooo cuute 😍😍

  • Lil._.DumbBitxh XX
    Lil._.DumbBitxh XX   10 hours ago

    Here’s another fact about goats...When you scare a goat and it “plays dead” it’s actually a mini seizure and it can really damage a goat

  • Lil._.DumbBitxh XX
    Lil._.DumbBitxh XX   10 hours ago

    5:50 I once was running through my best friends neighbors field and he buried 2 porcupines and I stepped on 1 and it went in my ankle and it hurt so much I pulled them out myself by it was hard as James said it’ll go further in. After it was bleeding and it had small red dots around it

  • Radical Rosa
    Radical Rosa   13 hours ago

    20:36 WARNING HEADPHONE USERS! No hate. I love ya sister James!!!

  • Brandon Scott
    Brandon Scott   15 hours ago

    This is my first video that I’ve watched of your I love this I don’t see how enybody could not enjoy this

  • Sheenしゃどおっ
    Sheenしゃどおっ   16 hours ago

    "She looked so cute and i wanted to touch her but the zoo keeper said. Hmm you don't wanna do that unless you wanna get sister stabbed" I'm quakingLol

  • Bailey Brianna
    Bailey Brianna   17 hours ago

    20:26 headphone WARNING!! jk it was sooooo cute! lol

  • Nola Denning
    Nola Denning   17 hours ago

    "mhm probably shouldn't do that unless you want to get sister stabbed ." - zookeeper 2018

  • Fggdd Dgg
    Fggdd Dgg   17 hours ago

    0:23 oooo that sister sass🙏💕 love thatttt

  • singing pringle
    singing pringle   19 hours ago

    if you all in the comment section want another fun fact then here's one: out of every animal species that have ever been on earth, 99% dont exist anymore