Shawn Mendes - "World Tour Diaries" Official Trailer

  • Published on: 08 April 2016
  • For tour dates & more info:
  • Runtime : 1:35


  • Samara Ito
    Samara Ito   2 weeks ago

    Cara, eu estou vendo todos os vídeos antigos e eu estou completamente arrepiada! Não vou mentir que sem querer derramei algumas lágrimas. Obrigada por continuar a espalhar seu amor pelo mundo. I LOVE YOU MRS. MENDES❤️

  • Negar S_Gh
    Negar S_Gh   3 weeks ago

    This version of never be alone is killing me. Godd

  • Jamie Baker
    Jamie Baker   6 months ago

    This orchestra version still fucks me up to this day. I swear they really fucked up bu not releasing the orchestra versions of the songs as singles

  • Eva 2004
    Eva 2004   1 years ago

    I love you Shawn, I hope you love me too❤️

  • Alicia Meza
    Alicia Meza   1 years ago

    The "this is just the beginning" part made me cry😭😭❤️

  • Rakshitha Ramesh
    Rakshitha Ramesh   1 years ago

    i'll definitely come to US and i'll stand in the front row of your concert. this is my dream.

  • Rocío
    Rocío   1 years ago

    Cada vez que veo este vídeo, siempre me hace llorar !

  • Teodora Mendes
    Teodora Mendes   1 years ago

    andrew and stephen if ur reading this please organize a concert ALL AROUND EUROPE. 😂

  • Mendes Arm
    Mendes Arm   1 years ago


  • Elena Stinga
    Elena Stinga   2 years ago

    But what's up with the sad music on the background? :/ it makes me feel strange

  • FullMoon JK
    FullMoon JK   2 years ago

    tbh idk why he has to have luck? Even if he messes up badly, we are here for him and no one will ever judge Shawn, whatever he does, IDC if his voice breaks or if his guitar breaks, I just am so lucky to even be there, to be in the same generation as Shawn. He doesn't need luck, everyone messes up and when his voice breaks, everyone just thinks it's cute so😂 Shawn if u see this (which u won't) IM HERE FOR U AND ILY AND I WONT EVER LEAVE U. ALSO my mum said I could get VIP next time u come to London so :))) ILL GET TO MEET U, THE SHAWN MENDES, THE shawn mendes. GAH

  • Haylie 59
    Haylie 59   2 years ago

    There was an arrow to tell us who Shawn was but I would recognize his pinky finger. I definitely recognize his back

  • Ronja Hallberg
    Ronja Hallberg   2 years ago


  • Holly Cornish
    Holly Cornish   2 years ago

    I remember watching this before I went to his show and I cried, and I watch it now and guess what? I still cry 😭 I feel like a proud mother

  • Deborah Lottie
    Deborah Lottie   2 years ago

    that "This was just the beginning" part got me like 😭

  • Emma Alford
    Emma Alford   2 years ago

    I'm going to your show in Seattle, Washington!!!! by the way. But I saw on your snap chat that people call you gay. I think if those 1% of people have a problem with you then why are they making there business =, they should just stop listening people you have a couple million other fans that don't say stuff like that. Mostly because you NOT gay and they have no reason to think that. plus even if you were it isn't there life its yours its 2016 don't judge. So I guess I'm writing this to say you're not gay and even if you were why is it our place to judge. I hope you read this so you know how that other 99%  feels. I'm such a big fan like no one else loves you more than me I PROMISE.

  • Stacie burgess
    Stacie burgess   2 years ago

    I love Shawn am so excited for #bettter63 to come out tonight @midnight 🐵🙈🙉🙊

  • Finnegan M
    Finnegan M   2 years ago

    Anyone else watching this at 1:34 in the morning?

  • shinee's ace
    shinee's ace   2 years ago

    I have a feeling that I'm the only one who's been searching the YouTube and begging every single cello player on it to make this cover?

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