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  • Published on: 27 June 2018
  • HEY EVERYONE.. Welcome BACK to another makeup battle! Today I'm testing out the legendary drugstore Butter Bronzer from Physicians Formula VS. the new LA MER The Bronzing powder which retails for $85! After doing a first impressions of each product, I do a wear test and go to downtown Grand Rapids for some dinner and pinball! Now that Michigan is my second home, I'll be doing a lot more filming when I'm here! Let me know what bronzer YOU liked best on me in the comment section!! LOVE YOU XO



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  • Runtime : 22:3
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  • Johana Espinoza
    Johana Espinoza   20 hours ago

    Dude, do you know how calming this shit felt for me? I felt like I was watching bob ross when jeffree was putting on his bronzer.

  • rachaelcham
    rachaelcham   1 days ago

    The grounds of your place OHMYGOSH! So lush!

  • Katie Mobzzz
    Katie Mobzzz   3 days ago

    I loooove that Physician's Formula it smells so freaking good like coconut....mmmm😊

  • Jessica Bales
    Jessica Bales   3 days ago

    Literally this entire video made me grin. I love how like happy and how much you guys were enjoying yourselves, the joy was super contagious (:

  • Lily Kirsten5678
    Lily Kirsten5678   3 days ago

    I live 45 min away from there and I passed the the other day when I was at art prize

  • Moriah Christine
    Moriah Christine   5 days ago

    is no one going to talk about jeffree standing in the dark in the distance at 20:00? 😂 I love him

  • Carolina Ramos
    Carolina Ramos   5 days ago

    “Oh bitch we look rough” me every time I look in the mirror 😂

  • Heidi Allen
    Heidi Allen   5 days ago

    when you suddenly realize that you've used that cheap bronzer before but if Jefree saw you do your make up he would literally kill you bc you don't​ know what you're doing.

  • Jodie G
    Jodie G   5 days ago

    @jeffreestar what eyeshadow palette are u wearing??

  • Randee Brown
    Randee Brown   5 days ago

    Yes!! Show the Midwest some love!!! I'm Wisconsin slash Minneapolis over here and first can I just say...we need help with this weather affecting everything from makeup to Fashion it's insane. I think it's super awesome I know you had mentioned in the past video that Nate is from Michigan so I think that's super cool that you guys also have a house they're staying close to his roots. also I think it's super amazing that you are addressing the Midwest because let's be real the Midwest is really a hard place to be part of the LGBT community. If you've spent much time in the midwest you know that it is a very very conservative place to be. So I appreciate you Jeffree.okay staying on topic this weather is insane all the seasons all the seasons are insane it's like drastic there's no in between so if you have time if you spend any time over there in Michigan doing the seasons please please please do some kind of video about this weather and how to do makeup under these circumstances cuz you got to wear different kinds of makeup different kinds of things in the winter when you're all dry up here in the negative 40 below weather. Sorry for ranting love your channel you do you boo

  • Justin Hopkins
    Justin Hopkins   6 days ago

    Loving Jeffree’s Gucci obsession. It’s like the new Gucci aesthetic is made for him.

  • Georgia Collins
    Georgia Collins   6 days ago


  • Sarah Vickroy
    Sarah Vickroy   6 days ago

    Am I the only person "severely" bothered by the way he's using the word "severe"?

  • jennifer spurlock
    jennifer spurlock   1 weeks ago

    I love how Nate is just walking around in this bomb outfit,but just walks around without shoes , such a savage 😂😭

  • Elizabeth Goff
    Elizabeth Goff   1 weeks ago

    When he said “Drama! Come get my new bronzer!!” And then ran, I died laughing. You’re so funny 😂 xoxo 💋

  • Kate
    Kate   1 weeks ago

    You can tell Jeffree isn't from the Midwest because he called it Mejier and not Mejiers

  • Fouzia Aman
    Fouzia Aman   1 weeks ago

    Can you plzzzzz do a dupe for hoola by benefit.?

  • Suzie Wardah
    Suzie Wardah   1 weeks ago

    you guys are Sooooo cuuuuuuute 💗💗💗💗

  • Aisa Aures
    Aisa Aures   1 weeks ago

    @5:15 hahahaha I love you so much Jeffree 💕

  • a person
    a person   1 weeks ago

    How come makeup brands don't ever make really dark bronzers and contours for women of color? Anything that's ever looked upon regarding shade range is foundation, but what about bronzers and contours? I just don't understand. They're always so light.

  • Mary
    Mary   1 weeks ago

    19:59 a rich Gucci slender men

  • Jaedyn Brinkman
    Jaedyn Brinkman   1 weeks ago

    Is it almost night because it looks dark outside I live in Ohio

  • Jo Withrow
    Jo Withrow   2 weeks ago

    I use Physicians Butter Bronzer all the time and I've never figured out the applicator. Lol. But it's hands down my go to bronzer.Love your videos.

    YARBOR   2 weeks ago

    TI ADORO!❣️💋

  • Sophia Siferd
    Sophia Siferd   2 weeks ago

    "I could honestly have like ten more dogs"SAMEEEE

  • Nathlene Faith
    Nathlene Faith   2 weeks ago

    when $15 is still expensive for me :(( my bronzer is from elf and rimmel (around $5-6) 😊HAHAHA broke but striving college student here 😂

  • WorldWide Edits
    WorldWide Edits   2 weeks ago

    16:58 mendes army all listening to tbe background❤😉

  • Brandi T
    Brandi T   2 weeks ago

    I just bought that butter bronzer and I'm fucking excited now

  • Amber Pyles
    Amber Pyles   2 weeks ago

    Me: works at Meijer OH MY GOD HE KNOWS WE EXIST!"

  • Lina Smith
    Lina Smith   2 weeks ago

    "I'm gonna have some dick" nATE'S FACE LMFAOOOOO