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$2 Peking Duck Vs. $340 Peking Duck

  • Published on: 03 June 2018
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    Chen Lien Tang
    Ed Schoenfeld
    Yang Gao
  • Runtime : 16:49
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  • Lim Geoffrey
    Lim Geoffrey   5 hours ago

    In the past every family kill and cook their own livestocks, there are extreme vegans now because we all grow up looking at cute live animals and excluded the need to kill and cook our own food, so we are not used to watching the face or carcasses of the animals which we will keep relate to when they are live and cute.

  • Savage Josh
    Savage Josh   12 hours ago

    “You can’t even do the wrap😂”

  • Alex Holmes
    Alex Holmes   13 hours ago

    This is Peking Duck. I hear you, Blizzard.

  • Sw Fan
    Sw Fan   21 hours ago

    My would be winner is the last one if they only make it cheaper

  • Sw Fan
    Sw Fan   21 hours ago

    I also can eat the whole duck HAHAHHAHAHA

  • IAm NoOne
    IAm NoOne   1 days ago

    Inga's voice!! What a little cutie

  • Don't Reply
    Don't Reply   1 days ago

    He obviously said bread, dumplings and noodles on purpose....

  • sherk the torll
    sherk the torll   2 days ago

    Does anyone hate it when the soup in the Xiao long nap breaks in the spoon or chopsticks before you put it in your mouth

  • tristan robinson
    tristan robinson   3 days ago

    @4:40 “where’s your interest in Peking Duck” he’s the white man, obviously it’s gentrification😭👺

  • Iris Chen
    Iris Chen   3 days ago

    I can understand Chinese and I live in New York City

  • amar_ sm
    amar_ sm   3 days ago

    Inka is so cute and adorable 💕

  • fhmi.
    fhmi.   3 days ago

    she's so cute!

  • GD Crysisbai
    GD Crysisbai   4 days ago

    the only episode I don't need subtitles to understand what the chefs have said

  • Laike
    Laike   4 days ago

    this made me so happy tbh, i feel like peking duck and many traditional chinese foods are often overlooked in favour of americanized chinese fast food so, thanks steven & andrew for supporting and sharing my culture!!

  • Bent 360
    Bent 360   4 days ago

    I can image how those 9 dishes tastes like in Hwa Yuan, that would just be average chinese food tastes which every chinese resturant can reach, trust me.

  • Jeffrey  Feng
    Jeffrey Feng   4 days ago

    7:10 ” So you grab a piece of pancake “ Help me

  • Dat Duong
    Dat Duong   4 days ago

    he said duck-licious , noooooooooooooo XDDDD

  • MercySaidNo
    MercySaidNo   4 days ago

    I like her!! Brig her back 🙌🙌🙌

  • Mark Yeoh
    Mark Yeoh   4 days ago

    That was an abrupt cut from the chinese canned drink....

  • AlphaSphinx
    AlphaSphinx   5 days ago

    I always skipped to the exppensive one straight away xd. Anyone else too???

  • Kelly Seastar
    Kelly Seastar   5 days ago

    Why is it called "Peking" duck if it's from Beijing?

  • euroovca25
    euroovca25   5 days ago

    i noticed some houses design shows on netflix but why isnt this on netflix ? damn it

  • Moth
    Moth   5 days ago

    WORTH IT 1$ DOG VS 157$ DOG