Tangy Fruit Salad | Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on: 23 September 2018
  • A unique twist on a simple dish.

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  • Runtime : 3:44
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  • Andres Artunduaga
    Andres Artunduaga   5 days ago

    Gordón soy seguidor tuyo eres un crack un saludo desde España en español PLiss

  • CHADIJAH Tuasikal
    CHADIJAH Tuasikal   1 weeks ago

    In Indonesia 🇮🇩...We call it ASINAN / RUJAK (tradisional food)...usually use fruit or fresh vegetable..🇮🇩

  • Chickerlicker
    Chickerlicker   1 weeks ago

    someone please tell me if you can get all the ingredients from walmart

  • Mighty Boosh
    Mighty Boosh   2 weeks ago

    Gordon makes salad , kitchen looks perfectly clean , I make salad looks like I used a samarai sword to massacre a fruit market

  • MC Goh
    MC Goh   2 weeks ago

    Boring but sweet

  • Playonmob
    Playonmob   3 weeks ago

    haha, chilly pepper is a fruit ?

  • Rafia Khan
    Rafia Khan   3 weeks ago

    Hello, I know you are great but you can't have a tangy fruit salad without a pomelo and a carambola. Also, Mango, I think not. and for that matter, wtf are the cucumbers for? There's enough tangy fruit in the world to balance that palm sugar.Tangy is very good. Go the distance with tangy

  • MikoSonya
    MikoSonya   1 months ago

    certain brown bits on the pineapple surface are sharp depend on the variety of pineapple you bought. But most Asians prefer to remove the brown bits throughly before they eat pineapple to avoid unpleasent experience eating pineapple.

  • LadyScar
    LadyScar   1 months ago

    I wonder how cashews would taste if you subbed them for the peanuts.

  • godofgaming 77
    godofgaming 77   1 months ago

    I'm gonna have to wake up at like 4 in the morning to get this recipe done on time

  • jason
    jason   1 months ago

    looks like shit mr ramsey

  • Kingstoler -
    Kingstoler -   1 months ago

    The seeds don't contain any heat in chili. They might be coated with some of the capsaicin from the white inner walls of the chili but the seeds themselves don't produce heat.

    LORD TACHANKA   1 months ago

    Fruit salad yummy yummy fruit salad in my tummy

  • Pez
    Pez   1 months ago

    Quite unfair, how famous people start a YouTube channel and they get millions of subs easily and make money from there as well...

  • cole tanner
    cole tanner   1 months ago

    Is It detrimental to the dish without the Peanuts? I don't love that flavor profile. Is there another complimentary profile?

  • Solarity _
    Solarity _   1 months ago

    Does anyone know if this recipe is in his cookbook?

  • sampanna
    sampanna   1 months ago

    isnt this a clip from an old episode?

  • ShoonKairuTV
    ShoonKairuTV   1 months ago

    cause nobody likes roasted nuts...props if you figure out where i got that quote.

  • Ciera Ruzicho
    Ciera Ruzicho   1 months ago

    This recipe reminds me of a papaya salad, the dressing is almost the same

  • Sasquatchz Lane
    Sasquatchz Lane   1 months ago

    i was rubbing the chilli and then accidentaly rubbed my eye ...... :/

  • CallOfPundy1192
    CallOfPundy1192   1 months ago

    "I'm gonna use all the chili, half the seeds" *pours all but two seeds in-

  • TaTTyy Here
    TaTTyy Here   1 months ago

    3:16 why did u get satisfied over those sounds?...

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