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Burnout & Overworking Yourself

  • Published on: 05 August 2018
  • i feel like die

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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D the only thing you should burn out is birthday candles, folks
  • Runtime : 8:40
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  • Boyinaband
    Boyinaband   2 weeks ago

    Ahahaha just noticed the microwave meals you drew all over my desk. Accurate. ...Remind me to tidy up before we vid chat again.

  • Zaberu Mizaki
    Zaberu Mizaki   5 minuts ago

    We are all slowly dying and this is truthful in my measly life we all are slowly dying and it sucks so much

  • Mikaela Chan
    Mikaela Chan   31 minuts ago

    When this vidoe started there was an ad fo napkins soooooo

  • ninjascats
    ninjascats   46 minuts ago

    Jaiden or anyone else here who wants to play some roblox

    KIKURU _O.O   1 hours ago

    Hi jaiden..! I just wanted to say I haven't been feeling so good mentally and your videos always cheer me up a little bit. I have been feeling a lot better but I'm not feeling perfect yet. I'm trying to find some other ways to get better and your vids really help. James has also been helping out and your collabs do more for me. I hope you don't change too much... this is never going to be seen anyways.. meh, love ya jaiden.

  • Dirtyhippiepanda gaming

    Oh my god I'm starting school tomorrow is this what 6 the grade going to be like this?

  • Gacha Kate
    Gacha Kate   1 hours ago

    I wake up and stay on my phone all day and don't eat anything until dinner..I get so Hungry..(Don't do this)

  • Lolz Productions
    Lolz Productions   1 hours ago

    Dumb vid. Being an animater isnt a hard or boring job so stop pretending your life and job is hard.

  • DJ Gaster
    DJ Gaster   1 hours ago


  • El Catrin C
    El Catrin C   1 hours ago

    Somebody in the far future : so, how did you become inmortalΒΏ?Inmortal boi: Jaiden Animations told me to never dieThat same person from the first line: WhoΒΏ?*Also if you work hard enough and lose all your sanity your body starts to work on its own will, its cool, but the work the body alone make is messy so, pick some flowers, start a small fire, put on a top hat, resurrect a dead player, turn on your lantern,etc

  • The Artistic One
    The Artistic One   1 hours ago

    I remember when you first started this channel it’s the best

  • Eric Vealey
    Eric Vealey   1 hours ago

    You inspired me to get two birds parakeets πŸ•ŠοΈπŸ•ŠοΈπŸ¦πŸ¦πŸ¦β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ I'm so excited

  • Danny Vue
    Danny Vue   2 hours ago

    For all the people who overwork themself (I do this also) just take a breather and take a nice stroll

  • America Huerta
    America Huerta   2 hours ago

    Hey jaiden I have a bird that I found who is a baby and I don't know what to feed him and I freaking out

  • Brooklynn Brown
    Brooklynn Brown   2 hours ago

    I sometimes push myself over the limits watching YouTube

  • David Pate
    David Pate   2 hours ago

    The only escape is to go commit die

  • Etwam _
    Etwam _   2 hours ago

    2:33 I thought that said the rapist xD

  • Raf Galicia
    Raf Galicia   2 hours ago

    Me: Jaiden can you hold something for me Jaiden uhhhh.......... sure......Me: can you hold............... MY HAND😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘


    I recently found your channel so my brain decided that the only logical thing to do was to watch all your videos makes sense

    FISHQUEEN 27   3 hours ago

    Jaiden is there a test to find out if you have depression

  • Scott Hardcorn
    Scott Hardcorn   3 hours ago

    Are you still gonna talk to James from TheOdds1out?

  • Kitty_Lover12YT
    Kitty_Lover12YT   3 hours ago

    Dude:I am a farmerJaiden:NO ASKED YOU!Me:lol I would say the same thing. :p

  • Zachariah Marsden
    Zachariah Marsden   3 hours ago

    I've watched this too many times and it keeps coming up, can't stop selecting it, also I can relate to this way to much for a 13 year old ._.

  • Sarah DePriest
    Sarah DePriest   3 hours ago

    Jaaaaaaiiddddddddeeeeeeennnn make another video I am going nutssssssssssssssss Please? ☹️

    FISHQUEEN 27   4 hours ago

    Jaiden is there a test to find out if you have depression?