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-10° SWORD vs 212° COKE

  • Published on: 06 January 2018
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    What happens when you slice through boiling soda in sub zero weather?
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    After my last funny fruit ninja video it was time to travel home to Minnesota for the holidays. We took advantage of the freezing temperature (negative ten degrees) and did an experiment using a frozen katana sword vs a coca cola bottle filled with boiling water at my parents house to see what happens. It's like the glowing 1000 degree knife in reverse. Next time I'll so science experiment with Diet Coke and mentos! Then we tried creating DIY frozen ninja items and played some ninja baseball with blue snowballs with our nephews Nathan and Jason. Then we tried bowling with frozen water balloons and made a snow angel challenge. It was very cold outside but we had a lot of family fun! You could call them cold life hacks. Before it's time to go home my dad needed see what happens if you fill up a car with coca cola. Or was he just filling my tires with air?

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  • Runtime : 13:20
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    Cnmc GT   8 hours ago

    Your parents are ninja masters so cooooool

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    12:28 look at chads gloves then go to progect zorgo YouTube channel on some videos HE IS WEARING THE GLOVES

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    Senan Kelly   4 days ago

    Cwcs dad smokes wow he's gona die for smoking

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    Chad and vy get away from Rebeca Because. I saw a video about Rebeca working with the hacker Don’t talk with her

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    Daniel is pz-1 I saw it on his channel

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    Wait did he just say uncle!!!!!😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

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    I was born in 2009 I'm using my moms phone

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    Okay. I have to admit it. Chad's parents are awesome.

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    Hello I am a big fun from Lebanon always watching you cool videos keep it up 👍💀👑