Merguez & Fontina Stuffed Croissants

  • Published on: 30 September 2018
  • A great way to use old croissants.

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  • Runtime : 3:26
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  • Sundæ
    Sundæ   5 days ago

    K W A S S O N T S

  • jr
    jr   2 weeks ago

    Burnt my pan before starting stovePlz hlp

  • Anh Le viet
    Anh Le viet   2 weeks ago

    You don’t have to share them with the French BUT YOU SAID YOU ATE IT AT HOME GOD

  • Ko0laid Man
    Ko0laid Man   3 weeks ago

    Who watches his videos making culinary gold while eating stuff like mac n cheese?

  • im stupid
    im stupid   3 weeks ago

    Guys, I think he’s finished that cwasont

  • Pandergamer Lp bro
    Pandergamer Lp bro   3 weeks ago

    İn the Kitchen (hell) you are angry and in your house are you not angry ?why?

  • Thibault Lequeux
    Thibault Lequeux   3 weeks ago

    hello from France Gordon, always a pleasure to look at you ☺👍

  • Sajida H
    Sajida H   3 weeks ago

    Great food but you need a new camera man

  • Danilo Asbell
    Danilo Asbell   1 months ago

    Gordon Ramsey. Whats your opinion on McDonald’s fries?

  • Hunny Bunny
    Hunny Bunny   1 months ago

    I was going to pass on this video but I decided not to cause I wanted to hear him say croissant over and over again.

  • Gamer 59
    Gamer 59   1 months ago

    Watches the video You and me:hmm that doesn’t look too hard Tries itHere is what will happen1. run out of money to but the foodIf you got the bought the wrong kind of food example buys American cheese instead of whatever that other cheese is calledIf you do purchase the right kind of food3.don’t have enough pan If you do have enough pan4. Someone else is cooking If nobody else is cooking 5.BURN DOWN THE ENTIRE HOUSE AND EVERYBODY DIES!!!!!!!!

  • luqa briffa
    luqa briffa   1 months ago

    At least pronounce Merguez correctly.

  • Votrox
    Votrox   1 months ago

    And after that you eat nutella filled Croissants.

  • Jips
    Jips   1 months ago


  • Zach
    Zach   1 months ago


  • Astro Mars
    Astro Mars   1 months ago

    Dumb ass....the French taught you everything.....and your foul mouth took you all the way to fame ....cunt!

  • Co3 B
    Co3 B   1 months ago

    waiter: what would you likeGordon: just a little salt and pepper

  • Geofrey Gordon
    Geofrey Gordon   1 months ago

    Why are you so brutal on tv but with your daughter and stuff you're the best dad in the world

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