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FULL Interview: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle - BBC News

  • Published on: 27 November 2017
  • Prince Harry, aged 33, and Ms Markle, aged 36, are to marry in the spring
    He said the "stars were aligned" when they fell in love and he proposed over roast chicken
    Appearing for photos outside Kensington Palace earlier, Prince Harry said he was "thrilled"
    The couple secretly got engaged earlier this month
    The Queen and Prince Philip are "delighted for the couple"
    Ms Markle is an actress and humanitarian campaigner

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  • Runtime : 20:26
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  • Kearns Rigney
    Kearns Rigney   4 hours ago

    harrys smile when he says "her mums amazing"

  • S V
    S V   4 hours ago

    They are sweet together! But my fave couple is still William and Catherine!

    JP BLACK   5 hours ago

    How did you two meet?Donna!

  • Xx xX
    Xx xX   13 hours ago

    She doesn’t love him, she’s in awe of his power, celebrity and royalty. She’s only there for the status, the title and the lifestyle. And she lies.. “I didn’t know much about him”.. the day of their date she was screaming at one of her friends “PRINCE HARRY!!!” “I’m on a date with Prince Harry”. She knew a lot about Prince Harry, that was a big bag of lies. She isn’t that pretty, and she doesn’t belong there. What a let down and disappointment Harry’s future wife would be. She’s full of shit. Fake.

  • Michelle Miranda
    Michelle Miranda   14 hours ago

    Goals 😢😢😢😢😢❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Little Amber
    Little Amber   19 hours ago

    I cried watching these two amazing souls. Love will always triumph. Not only is mum watching she is making a come back through your beautiful unborn daughter...

  • Vina F Nisa
    Vina F Nisa   1 days ago

    Your true love is contagious. OMG Prince Harry such a husband role model

  • shivani sekhri
    shivani sekhri   1 days ago

    Please conduct an interview post their marriage too

    CLUB BRENDAN   1 days ago

    The old "I don't know anything about you", "Never watched your movies", "Never heard of you".

  • Ana Joseph
    Ana Joseph   1 days ago

    A sweet confident and smart person that will accept you for who you are is hard to find congratulations Meghan and Harry that you both found each other

  • hee hee
    hee hee   1 days ago


  • fcuking Sg Invain
    fcuking Sg Invain   1 days ago


  • MsB Cheet
    MsB Cheet   1 days ago

    Absolutely fantastic interview on so many levels. I'm really loving the prince and his sweetness towards Meghan. He's ADORABLE. They look so happy together. I wish them the absolute best!

  • Niki Wellington
    Niki Wellington   2 days ago

    Markle owned Diana biographies and claims she knew nothing of the royals... even visited London several times. Markle manipulates the interviewer and Harry ( only intelligent people can see through this bs )

  • Niki Wellington
    Niki Wellington   2 days ago

    This woman is a social climber , classic narcissist. She has been married 3 times, changedreligions 3 times. From Catholic to , Jewish now Protestant. If she is so genuine why does she spend millions on wardrobe vs Kate and gives zero to the poor. Shaking hands in designer clothing with poor people is charity? Look at the way she acts vs Diana , when she greets people .. her eyes are not humble. The people on here saying he is in love are right , but Markle is playing a role for herself

  • Camila Iara
    Camila Iara   2 days ago

    At the very end, when Harry is talking about his mom, you can actually see Meghan struggling not to cry. She really loves him and he really loves her. This is amazing.

  • mylyfe37
    mylyfe37   2 days ago

    Bla bla blah...give it a few years..you sense her fakeness..at least i do.. Come on ppl!!! Who wouldn't drop it all to be a part of the Royal Family!

  • Betty Achieng
    Betty Achieng   2 days ago

    When he said "I know I'm in love with this girl....". My heart just burst with joy💕💕💕❤❤

  • Kayla Feuerstein
    Kayla Feuerstein   2 days ago

    Some of these comments are horrible. They’re clearly in love, let them be happy without making a negative ass comment 🙄 why watch the interview AND comment just to be rude.

  • Prince
    Prince   3 days ago

    Fake royal . His real father is not Prince Charles

  • Lily Small
    Lily Small   3 days ago

    Anyone here because of their english language controlled assessment

  • Sérgio Barroso
    Sérgio Barroso   4 days ago

    Here after the announcement that Meghan is pregnant ♥

  • kituri ruth
    kituri ruth   5 days ago

    Watching this video now and you see how the slyly answer those questions,about her parents,pregnancy,body language is key!

  • Anthony Kernich
    Anthony Kernich   5 days ago

    Now she's preggers. Another grandchild that Diana would be immensely proud of.

  • ThatVickeyGirl
    ThatVickeyGirl   5 days ago

    Rewatching this video after the baby announcement and I’m so happy for them 😭😍. Ahh I love, love 💜. Wishing them so much joy and happy life 🤗.

  • Mistee Haze
    Mistee Haze   5 days ago

    Who else is here watching after the baby announcement?? 🙋🙋

  • TheCarnivalguy
    TheCarnivalguy   5 days ago

    Wow, they make a beautiful couple. You can tell they're mad for each other.

  • Sam Baker
    Sam Baker   5 days ago

    lucky girl and good friend who did you such favor!

  • Mrs Lowery
    Mrs Lowery   6 days ago

    Megan and Harry having first baby. So happy for them.... Congrats 🎊🎉🎊 I pray she involves her father. Congratulations you too 🍼👶