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Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays

  • Published on: 15 February 2013
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    Happy 50th Birthday Michael Jordan!

    Relive the best plays of Michael Jordan who celebrates his 50th birthday this weekend.
    It was really hard to eliminate all the plays down to 50 .

    Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays
  • Runtime : 15:44
  • Michael Jordan Top 50 all time plays mj 23 the greatest the shot ehlo cleveland chicago bulls buzzer gamewinner Basketball (Invention) amazing slam dunk dunk contest mvp scottie pippen buzzer beater the move nba best finals champion utah jazz top 10 MVP season 1996 birthday


  • Gio Nieves
    Gio Nieves   22 minuts ago

    Even if me and Michael are a different race, live in different eras, and play different sports, he always motivates me to become the best

  • NoFuksGiven
    NoFuksGiven   9 hours ago

    team talks before each game starts pass the ball to Michael that is all lol

  • nate
    nate   23 hours ago

    lmao 14 is amazing and funny

  • link2derek
    link2derek   1 days ago

    I saw every one of those games live on TV. Thank you, MJ!

  • Underground Raiload TV show in Chicago

    Check out the NBA hopeful Mr. I Wiliis. He is from Chicago, IL He is trying to patten his basketball game after LeBron James and Mickel Jordan. This is his You-Tube Video http://youtu.be/sYhgLtcxGM8

  • baby shark
    baby shark   1 days ago

    "Fear is an obstacle for some people,but it is an illusion to me"#MJ23

  • Daphane Mitropoulos
    Daphane Mitropoulos   1 days ago

    Simply the best EVER...he is the baseline for greatness for all upcoming ages in the NBA.

  • Jake Thomas
    Jake Thomas   1 days ago

    Can’t make a “Top 50” this happened every night when #23 stepped on the court lol

  • Maria Clara Rivera
    Maria Clara Rivera   2 days ago

    que cochinada de finalsaludos y besos a la familia ojala se mueran

  • daniel brand
    daniel brand   2 days ago

    plays 8, 7, 6 just watch the reactions from the opposing teams bench, disbelief and awe, from his fellow professionals tells you all you need to know about how Michael was capable all things no one else ever could or ever will be able to do

  • Marcelize _
    Marcelize _   2 days ago

    The greatest video on YouTube, with the greatest NBA player of all time. Michael Jordan is the goat.

  • Bilbo Swaggins
    Bilbo Swaggins   2 days ago

    It really must've been something else to see Jordan play in his prime. To see an athlete so far above the rest of his peers and doing things that still haven't been replicated to this day and probably never will be... They say LeBron's the closest thing to Jordan's greatness that we've seen thus far which is probably true... He's the second best player of all time... And while he's the closest he's still nowhere near Jordan's level of greatness. When LeBron steps on the court you don't know if he's going to come out with the win. Sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't... But with Jordan you always had the sense that you were about to see something amazing and you knew'd he'd somehow someway will himself to winning. LeBron as good as he is is still very much fallible and prone to failure... Jordan for lack of a better word was perfect.

  • TankNato
    TankNato   2 days ago

    Its unfair saying that Lebron has achieved everything that Michael did because Michael Jordan has retired and can’t achieve more. Eventually, all big players are going to pass Michael but he will always remain, the best player of all time.

  • covey goay
    covey goay   3 days ago

    MJ= basketballHe makes whole world watch NBA

  • Andreas Siung
    Andreas Siung   3 days ago

    Yes, they can jump, run, lay up, jump shoot, hanging, jump far n running fast..act. But, U know what? He can fly! Do U know the meaning of Flying?? Do U know about ability to walk in the Air??

  • Lil Jigga
    Lil Jigga   3 days ago

    I have a 6.7 2k19 players that 98 rating and he can’t even do this shit

  • Lil Jigga
    Lil Jigga   3 days ago

    Anybody else eating noodles while watching or is it just me

  • Rise Nation
    Rise Nation   3 days ago

    14:38He just broke Bryon Russell's ankle in his last game

  • Briancnn
    Briancnn   3 days ago

    10:10 "UNBELIEVABLE!" Jesus christ that is unbelievable, tasty;)

  • Tuber 532
    Tuber 532   4 days ago

    Michael Jordan, Muhhamad Ali, Michael Jackson, Tupac , Jackie Robinson, and Jesus ARE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!

  • frank towns
    frank towns   4 days ago

    Mike was a beast, Bron and every1 else wanted and tried to be like Mike. Bron will never say "he's better than Mike". That's every1 else who compares him to MJ. Bron did and is 8 str8 finals!!! Don't hate on Bron, Bron is the best player in this era (not the best team). Back then, Mike was the best player on the Best team!! Being truthful Mike could've won 6 MVP's each time the Bulls won the Championship, and 2-3 times when they didn't win the day'um thang. Mike will always be Mike but Bron deserves his due!!!

  • shuarma0
    shuarma0   4 days ago

    there will never be another michael jordan