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The inside of this Red Oak log was INCREDIBLE!

  • Published on: 29 September 2018
  • Milling a beautiful Red Oak log to make hardwood flooring.
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  • Runtime : 19:26
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  • Fall Line Ridge
    Fall Line Ridge   2 weeks ago

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  • Sagans Run
    Sagans Run   2 hours ago

    I was born in the wrong place and to the wrong people.I envey your lifestyle.

  • Hollis Greene
    Hollis Greene   3 hours ago

    Did you say you were going to make Quarter Sawn boards? Will you be showing the finished floor? I can only imagine how nice these are going to look! Thanks!

  • John Hanson
    John Hanson   5 hours ago

    Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  • Garry Rainey
    Garry Rainey   5 hours ago

    I’m curious. I that a Briggs&Stratton engine. I was the Nation Sales Manager for Retail

  • Jade Zee
    Jade Zee   6 hours ago

    no water for that dog..you never pet it...you stole that tree...typical trash

  • csimps01
    csimps01   8 hours ago

    Pallet grade lumber, from a small tree. Not something I would be proud of.Nice dog though

  • nvdwarriorLtc
    nvdwarriorLtc   8 hours ago

    Not one splinter, not one off color word....you sir, are good at what you do! Nice job, great video.

  • Dubayew
    Dubayew   8 hours ago

    Mother Nature is a great artist, thanks for sharing.

  • Vera Cano
    Vera Cano   10 hours ago

    You have such a beautiful and friendly and well- mannered friend!

  • welshpete12
    welshpete12   15 hours ago

    Thank you for posting , can you tell me please . How long do you have to leave that timber to season , before you can use it ? Greetings to you and your family , from Wales Britain.

  • Shane Beaudrot
    Shane Beaudrot   16 hours ago

    Unexplainabley satisfying to watch. I really appreciate the beautiful grain of wood and all of it's unlimited possibilities.By the way, your dog looked board.

  • lucinda gaskill
    lucinda gaskill   18 hours ago

    clickbait - cool machine but inside the log is just wood

  • Nkryptchon 01
    Nkryptchon 01   18 hours ago

    I'm really sick and tired of the ads on youtube.

  • alex jervis
    alex jervis   19 hours ago

    Think of the incredible effort and skill, of two old timers without a machine, cutting this.The man in the saw pit getting the benefit of their work!Red oak is crowding out white oak, so some forest management may be required.

  • Al Latham
    Al Latham   1 days ago

    Have 95 jeep 40 wont start turns over no fire to dist

  • Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson   1 days ago

    Great video, i couldn't agree more i think the knot's give them character. However I would like to know what those exact measurements are are they won by 12 by 8 foot something like that? And how much do you think they're worth? Anyway I do enjoy the videos

  • H
    H   1 days ago

    Thought we were gonna find a treasure or something by the title of video. Just a plug for Columbia....

  • Joseph Deffendoll
    Joseph Deffendoll   1 days ago

    If you were to buy that much wood how much would it have cost you now a days?

  • Riccardo Brignone
    Riccardo Brignone   1 days ago

    Is it possible to get a 5'10" dowel made from the exact center of a piece of red oak from or through you, sir!? If so, please call 707-704-1398. That wood is beautiful!!!

  • R Ski
    R Ski   1 days ago

    Our Termites here in the South would love a wooden floor.

  • Martine Dennis
    Martine Dennis   1 days ago

    No dust protection aka Mask, gloves, hearing protection, hard hat...? DUH!