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Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Bachelor Nick Viall & Fiancée Vanessa Grimaldi

  • Published on: 14 March 2017
  • The Bachelor Nick and his fiancée Vanessa talk about what it was like watching themselves on the show, who they told about the outcome, where they plan to live, a possible wedding, Nick on 'Dancing with the Stars' and more.

    Judge James – The Justice of the Lease

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    Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Bachelor Nick Viall & Fiancée Vanessa Grimaldi
  • Runtime : 5:52
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  • izzy hoe
    izzy hoe   4 months ago

    I loved her so much it sucks they broke up

  • YouPube
    YouPube   1 years ago

    He's so fake and fame whore, he will do anything for publicity even if it's fake marriage.

  • Kasey Carpenter
    Kasey Carpenter   1 years ago

    TBH I actually feel like these two have a better chance than most. i.e. Ben and Lauren were SO happy that it just didn't seem realistic, and that ultimately did not work. Maybe the cynicism is a good sign?

  • Louane Blanchard
    Louane Blanchard   1 years ago

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  • Gisele. Mukamisha
    Gisele. Mukamisha   1 years ago

    I love them so much. Vanessa looks like Penelope Cruz or Maiara Walsh, she is very beautiful. can't wait to see their babies.people saying he should have chosen Raven should go back and watch the season again. He said that He is close to his mom but He can't date someone like his mom. Raven seems to be like his mom, sweet, caring. she only agrees to everything Nick says and never fight for what she want.He said that he has a type and his dad said that too. He is attracted to strong independent bossy women who Would keep challenging him

  • David Kraus
    David Kraus   1 years ago

    hey peeps ! deny it looks for me deeply $hqt % offer

  • Lucia's baby alive channel

    Nrc drubbing vis r hwrtfww and a woman who had the best day to have the best of all she is a good man to have the most amazing day to me

  • Monika
    Monika   1 years ago

    ahhhh, these guys guys are engaged to be divorced

  • Samantha Scott
    Samantha Scott   1 years ago

    Sorry, can't hold my tongue. I hate Jimmy Jimmel more than I hate Tuberculosis. He really creeps me out. Somebody take him off the air because he is the reason I don't pay for satellite.

  • Risky Bisky
    Risky Bisky   1 years ago

    her legs are brighter than my future,

  • Mabonkor Jabateh
    Mabonkor Jabateh   1 years ago

    Fake couple. Nick just did the bachelor for some fame before dancing with the stars. They'll break up soon lol.

  • Jade
    Jade   1 years ago

    Nick rubbing Vanessa's shoulder is so awkward and uncomfortable to watch

  • Mariah Kay
    Mariah Kay   1 years ago

    I think they are good together. I hope everything works out for them! They seem happy.

  • Cachi -
    Cachi -   1 years ago

    Jimmy knows his Bachelor trivia!

  • kristen dewe
    kristen dewe   1 years ago

    They don't look 7 years a part. Nick looks way younger than 36.

  • Jojo C
    Jojo C   1 years ago

    Vanessa:we are taking baby stepsJimmy:OH your having a baby?!Me:AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHh🤣😂😂😅😅🤣🤣

  • Tony Vega
    Tony Vega   1 years ago

    What does Nick do? Was it even revealed during the season? None of the women even bothered asking. He could be a hitman for a Mexican drug cartel for all we know. After all, he lives in L.A.

  • Jessica Petrov
    Jessica Petrov   1 years ago

    I just bet Corinne is watching all of these interviews and is like, " THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME UP THERE!." 😂😂😂

  • Sherlissa Ali
    Sherlissa Ali   1 years ago

    its like when katniss and peeta pretended to be engaged in Hunger games....

  • MeganBaby2015
    MeganBaby2015   1 years ago

    I really don't like Vanessa. She seems, a little....possessive, i guess is the word i use. I mean, i dont have a problem with other people liking her. That's their opinion. But she seems like trouble.

  • Genevieve RL
    Genevieve RL   1 years ago

    what? im from montreal. never heard about her. lol

  • Ginger Gunner
    Ginger Gunner   1 years ago

    Yes he picked Vanessa I'm so happy by by raven

  • jennifer dong
    jennifer dong   1 years ago

    Danielle Lombard was the sweetest and so was raven. Nick is blind. So glad I didn't finish the show

  • Jenn Hoff
    Jenn Hoff   1 years ago

    Since before Thanksgiving?!?!?! I guess I'm used to The Bachelorette, which is like 6 weeks. They've been in hiding for 4 months! They should get credit for having been together 4 months already!

  • Amira Wasim
    Amira Wasim   1 years ago

    vanessa is looking at nick before answering every question, how lame