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Creating Saturday Night Live: A Kanye Place - SNL

  • Published on: 09 May 2018
  • Film Unit Producer Chris Voss and writers Sudi Green and Fran Gillespie discuss making "A Kanye Place.”

    #SNL #SNL43

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  • Runtime : 4:26
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  • Kat West
    Kat West   3 weeks ago

    F'n funniest episode ever. Danny!!

  • Menfiel Gonzalez
    Menfiel Gonzalez   3 months ago


  • Randy Johnson
    Randy Johnson   3 months ago

    This is America is the best video ever made.

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones   3 months ago

    Where is the actual skit? I cant find it anywhere

  • Taaliq Aquozimadin
    Taaliq Aquozimadin   3 months ago

    Love that they're discussing how they made A Kanye Place with a picture of Kanye right behind them...

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat   3 months ago

    Whyd they pull the actual sketch?m

  • gamegoof
    gamegoof   3 months ago

    The sketch is one of the best in recent memory AND this behind the scenes video is equally amazing! I find the process so interesting, especially with a short timeline!I DEMAND MORE!! :)

  • D W
    D W   3 months ago

    Donald Glover is the most talented man in showbiz today. Actor, writer, director, comedian, singer, dancer, producer, thinker... Is there ANYTHING he doesn't do well?

  • Blauqkween
    Blauqkween   3 months ago


  • David Briscoe
    David Briscoe   4 months ago

    But what happened to the actuall video. I dont care about the making of where is the video

  • lunabranwen
    lunabranwen   4 months ago

    Ya but why did you take down the actual video ??

  • Artwork Kitchen
    Artwork Kitchen   4 months ago

    To everyone asking. They have privated the original video unfortunately. Hopefully it comes back soon. SNL is no stranger to privating their videos so it could come back.

  • Katniss Medina
    Katniss Medina   4 months ago

    Ok wait what the heck where is the actual video what happened to it ??!!

  • Dessy S
    Dessy S   4 months ago

    Where's that full sketch?

  • Thom
    Thom   4 months ago

    Where is the original????

  • Zwaks
    Zwaks   4 months ago

    Why are these videos blocked in South Africa

  • Sean Nee
    Sean Nee   4 months ago

    The writers seem to be working up a sketch where adults use the word "like" every second word. That would be like so totally funny and they're like absolutely the best people to write it. Hey! They could like you know actually act it and that would be like so wrapped around itself that everyone would like totally freak out and like maybe bring in a bored guy to like you know make comments and

  • Israel Guerrero
    Israel Guerrero   4 months ago


  • Matthew
    Matthew   4 months ago

    Talk about poopity scoop

  • MMO
    MMO   5 months ago

    It is very sad how leftists, 'progressives', and Democrats want to keep Afican Americans on the good o'le Democratic plantation.