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Invader Bombs Tinseltown

  • Published on: 05 November 2010
  • Runtime : 1:44
  • Invader Bombs Tinseltown exit through the gift shop


  • al al
    al al   2 days ago

    ahhahahahah noooo whyyy the get youuuu

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson   2 weeks ago

    Is the footage supposed to be all squished into a corner and upside down?

  • Misteur Fly
    Misteur Fly   1 months ago

    C'est des français !!!!! Whaou, vive le France 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • Tenderonies
    Tenderonies   2 years ago

    January 2nd the video was made in November

  • Tenderonies
    Tenderonies   2 years ago

    I would've bought a plane and flown out

  • Tenderonies
    Tenderonies   2 years ago

    some of those people who thinks banksy's is a girl look at this

  • Eric P
    Eric P   2 years ago

    I climbed almost all the way to the sign a few years ago. Glad now that I didn't go the full way. I wonder how much the ticket was?

  • Davin Bertelmann
    Davin Bertelmann   3 years ago

    You know you live in a police state when they send a fucking helicopter for trespassers. FFS, In what world is it normal for a police officer to jump out a helicopter to hand you a ticket?

  • Chris W
    Chris W   3 years ago

    Wow that was a botched operation if I've seen anything, sorry about getting busted

  • astr0nautical
    astr0nautical   3 years ago

    how do you not see. MBW is a fictitious character created by banksy. MBW is banksy.

  • Kuba La Flame
    Kuba La Flame   4 years ago

    Lmao MBW recording his cousin. Nice to see that he still hasnt stopped using his camera aha

  • fry Avila
    fry Avila   4 years ago

    malditos puercos!!  <3 invader!!!

  • tyrone biggums
    tyrone biggums   5 years ago

    Seriously just stfu and go cry about it somewhere else. @nathan

  • TheChickenRiceBowl
    TheChickenRiceBowl   5 years ago

    Hi Banksy! :D I know you're probably not gonna read this but I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to do what I love which is art. Everyone always tells me not to do it because it doesn't make money and I know it doesn't. But at least I'll be doing what I love, and won't be stuck in a 9 to 5 hating myself for never trying, for knowing that I sold my dreams to the devil. So thanks for that :).

  • Rayan_n
    Rayan_n   5 years ago

    You are very crazy !!! :)

  • SnorreJD
    SnorreJD   5 years ago

    FYI thierry is banksy's alterego, so...

  • MrLunoone
    MrLunoone   5 years ago

    Mister BRAIN WASH I live him (no homo)

  • mercedes-amg enthusiat

    it is thierry aka mbw back when he used to film street artists, the person with the mask on is space invader, thierry is space invader's cousin.

  • stzef
    stzef   5 years ago

    Why is it on Banksys channel then??? are they friends or something?

  • 0valle0
    0valle0   5 years ago

    No, it's a french artist known as the 'Space Invader'.

  • stzef
    stzef   5 years ago

    Is banksy the invader?

  • FatCatCrew
    FatCatCrew   5 years ago

    Oh no they blew up a worthless sign