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  • Published on: 07 September 2018
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    *Fan vote is used as tiebreaker for when judges can't decide who wins*
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    The Movie Fights belt is on the line! Who will win and go on to be the champ? Find out on MOVIE FIGHTS



    1. What’s the best live-action movie that everyone of all ages can enjoy equally?
    2. What movie character would you most want to avenge your death?
    3. Blind Fight!!!

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    Hosted by Hal Rudnick
    Fact Checker: Lon Harris
    Social Media Ambassador: Danielle Radford

    Produced by Billy A. Patterson
    Writing/Research: Lon Harris
    Production Engineer: Josh Tapia
    Production Coordinator: Ryan O’Toole
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
  • Runtime : 1:8:44
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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies   1 months ago

    Who was your favorite fighter in today's match? Who else would you like to see go for the belt? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for watching!One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate.Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated.Three: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

  • Prinegon Bevaris
    Prinegon Bevaris   4 days ago

    While I first thought, the best "all ages" movie to battle against Star Wars would be Back to the Future, I think, I had found even a better choice: The Ghostbusters (1984). But why is Ghostbusters superior to Star Wars? It all comes down to what enjoyment the younger generation gets out of the movie. Kids get hooked up to Star Wars through the newer movies and A new Hope is only watched, because it is part of the series. Especially after The force awakens, Luke is not the hero of those kids anymore, Rey is. So while watching ANH not as the first movie of the franchise, they look at the story without the wonder we had, when we were kids. For them it is just another story in an universe they already knew from more actionpacked episodes.While Ghostbusters also has a newer version, even if a kid got lured into the franchise with the newer film, it takes no genius to realize, the older film is superior in any way. Many kid movies fail, because filmmaker make the film with a kid audience in mind. They then tend to "talk down" to the kids. Most kids catch up to this pretty quickly and are offended by this. Ghostbusters originally was not aimed to be a kids movie, but turned out to be a movie loved by kids. Therefore the tone of the film is more rough and dark than expected out of a kids movie, leaving the kids with the feeling, that they got away with putting their hands in the cookie-jar.There are a lot of good choices who'd better to avenge my death than the ones discussed, like Deadpool, Wolverine or Don Vito Corleone. But then it hit me, if I had to make a choice, I'd choose Madoka Kaname.Why? What good would I have on getting even with the one, who killed me? Nothing is gained and I'd still be dead. The most important thing in the world might be the legacy we leave behind. And the thought, that my legacy could be hope spread around the globe, is just comforting. I take that over torturing my offender any day.

  • Sammy C
    Sammy C   1 weeks ago

    Star Wars was a cheap move

  • Kim Nis
    Kim Nis   2 weeks ago

    "That is still joy" Sorry dan, I have a New favorite.

  • koofreh umoren
    koofreh umoren   2 weeks ago

    Hal, stop calling Ed brother.. Or call everyone brother, know what i mean..?

  • Albert Labriola
    Albert Labriola   3 weeks ago

    I'd want Pinhead from Hellraiser to avenge my death. That's gonna be brutal.

  • Albert Labriola
    Albert Labriola   3 weeks ago

    I would have picked Ghostbusters and ran away with it.

  • Nicole 9volt
    Nicole 9volt   3 weeks ago

    Something I don't think was mentioned was when you're a very young kid watching princess bride.. you don't get that it's a "parody".. you see it as a living, breathing story.. it wasn't until I was an adult I went back and noticed the set designs, the jokes and stuff... you gotta remember, we didn't have things like Shrek back then that flipped the narrative . So I got to enjoy the movie as a kid and an adult in two completely different wats

  • Nicole 9volt
    Nicole 9volt   3 weeks ago

    As for question #2... who would you want to avenge your death? I can't believe no one said The Bride from Kill Bill!!!!

  • David Artman
    David Artman   1 months ago

    The puppet bit wasn't funny originally. Its reboot was tired. It is now annoying.Keep up the good fights! If I may ask: Stop Try Harding. Thanks for reading.

  • mikeasteras
    mikeasteras   1 months ago

    Dudes,do you even math?This is the second time that its happenned.Dan is up 2-1. We got 5 speed round questions.Dan need THREE points to win.Not TWO. Dan went up 4-2 with two questions left..Ed would tie if he won those two.Did they change the number of questions?

  • Amirul Feisal
    Amirul Feisal   1 months ago

    How about make a point that movies need to transcend not just all ages but also ALL GENDER. Star Movies (Ep IV) is awesome, but can it engage female viewers as The Princess Bride? Just a thought..

  • James Eller
    James Eller   1 months ago

    I don't do this often because everyone has different opinions, but... they are all wrong!! The best movie for all ages is by far Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Adults love it as a classic, and I work in a learning center where we have Movie Friday, and the kids always want to watch Willy Wonka

  • QuestWorthy
    QuestWorthy   1 months ago

    I have not been keeping up with Movie Fights. Apparently there's puppets now...

  • Gonzalo Giha
    Gonzalo Giha   1 months ago

    I just realized cucumber is taller than roth...

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker   1 months ago

    John Wick is an experienced assassin who scares other assassins. He has done well in getting the revenge he has. He willingly takes on difficult enemies. He cares about his wife and dog then gets revenge for them. He also blends in to almost anywhere since he is human.

  • The Mutant Agenda
    The Mutant Agenda   1 months ago

    Dan pitched the Thor movie I need. Two thumbs up for getting our Ragnaroks off.

  • D-Span
    D-Span   1 months ago

    Cant believe nobody picked incredibles for all ages film

  • Purlsama
    Purlsama   1 months ago

    Wow Dan DESTROYED Thanos and Darth Vader in the 2nd fight.

  • Na Man
    Na Man   1 months ago

    Bring back cucumber!!!

  • M V
    M V   1 months ago

    i enjoyed this episode so much because of all the questions were so much fun! haha

  • Na Man
    Na Man   1 months ago

    Thanos lost his black order children and he didn't avenge any of them

  • Kenneth Focarino
    Kenneth Focarino   1 months ago

    Hal stole my colleges slogan, we have been putting Owls up at Florida Atlantic University for years, and hal just got here, respect must be given.

  • David Rich
    David Rich   1 months ago

    Can’t believe Ed chose “Princess Bride” in the first question, then be asked right after who you’d want to avenge you and not immediately respond Inigo Montoya.

  • Peace4Leisure91
    Peace4Leisure91   1 months ago

    Ed’s Die Hard sounded interesting ! I’d watch that movie

  • Alex Spooner
    Alex Spooner   1 months ago

    I would agree with Cucumber on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, although I feel every answer will have at least one critic because my nephew tears the Ninja Turtles down all the time. Partially because I like it, although unless he is being a lying little weasel he claimed to start watching an episode & stopped almost immediately because it was stupid to him. He Loves Star Wars though, so at least for my nephew Star Wars wins. He would have no idea what Princess bride was, Hell I don't understand anything going on in Princess Bride. However I still like that too cause the line delivery is so Funny to me. I can't get through 5 min. of a Star Wars movie though. I am sure many people will be shocked at that & I might even have someone tear me a new one for it. I just have never gotten in Sci-Fi Space stuff, unless it has a distinctly Horror aspect like the Alien movies. I Loved Spaceballs cause I thought it spoofed Star Wars very cleverly, while also doing it very respectfully

  • Sean Bassett
    Sean Bassett   1 months ago

    I hope we can have an Alicia Malone v Cucumber v Dan Murrell fight at some point. That would be the best Movie Fights ever.

  • Jim Wringe
    Jim Wringe   1 months ago

    Can i Please pitch my version of "Thor Ragnrok" at my next stand up gig? I can provide details if needed. (In view of the rules of the show I came up with my pitch on the spot I have not added or worked on the pitch since I have watched this episode and will present my pitch to a small crowd in a pub in Portsmouth tomorrow). Love the show by the way. Long time fan.

  • CGM Show
    CGM Show   1 months ago

    All age film I would go with sherk

  • Jessica Garcia
    Jessica Garcia   1 months ago

    All of my little cousins loved back to the future so it works