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  • Published on: 17 July 2018
  • HI SISTERS! For today's video, I snuck into Beauty Con Los Angeles in FULL special FX disguise and interviewed different influencers about the beauty community. There was a shocking turn for the worst and a very important conversation at the end of the video.

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    Kelly Rocklein

    Michael Rusakov
  • Runtime : 28:12
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  • Cindy Mendoza
    Cindy Mendoza   2 hours ago

    i don’t get how hard it is to answer simple quick question like is it really that hard ?

  • Gina Webber
    Gina Webber   4 hours ago

    Sending you a big momma hug right now. You’re human kiddo. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs. You’re a beautiful person!

  • Kyla Contreras
    Kyla Contreras   5 hours ago

    Love this seriously made me tear up at the end you go James continue being you !!

  • Lemony Melanie
    Lemony Melanie   6 hours ago

    There are a lot of shady people in the comment section wanting James to show the rude influencers.Like did u not listen to him? He doesn't want to cause drama.

  • Elisa Shay
    Elisa Shay   14 hours ago

    i wish his sfx didnt make him still look exactly like him, it would have been more interesting to watch this, hes still recognizable

  • Luxe Murrell
    Luxe Murrell   18 hours ago

    your such and inspiration James love u so much x

  • G Cool
    G Cool   23 hours ago

    Reuben is the most precious ever! Protect him at all costs🙏🏽

  • G Cool
    G Cool   23 hours ago

    James looks like James

  • Indigo Detry
    Indigo Detry   1 days ago

    im really happy james didn’t immediately said he has anxiety. alot of people do that now when they get a little anxious. dont use it as a “relatable thing”

  • ComfySunday
    ComfySunday   1 days ago

    When we said that to Emma ahhdvdxjddh j

    BREE YVONNE   1 days ago

    Its all about image and how you look. It’s materialism and looks. Such a destructive environment for those who are not 100% COMFORTABLE(not confident ) with themselves. So sad.

  • Michelle Whetzel
    Michelle Whetzel   1 days ago

    I 💖 ya sister it's okay to be vulnerable. Let those feelings out and be you be open to new challenges. Your amazing for sharing yourself with us. 🤗💕 Lots of love Sis

  • 4323Woman
    4323Woman   1 days ago

    Great inner perspective, James. I loved this. Never worry about being vulnerable... that is where all the good stuff comes from including creativity. Hugs!

  • Angel Hodgdon
    Angel Hodgdon   1 days ago

    James, another important lesson I took from this video; is how important it is to always be yourself... As you stated a few times in the video; if you had gone in as "You" then you would have felt fine about approaching people and talking to them... And I don't see that as you being all "I'm ok because I'm famous." I see it as you feeling good about yourself, confident in the person you've grown to be, and (yes) proud of all the hard work you've done (as you should be). And there's NOTHING wrong with that! Just keep being you and keep up the good work sister!

  • live love photos
    live love photos   2 days ago

    I am a new subbie. Let me tell you how much love I send your way. You are such a sweet kind soul. I am hoping to learn some really neat makeup methods from you. MUCH LOVE from NY!

  • Cordy Hoffmann
    Cordy Hoffmann   2 days ago

    James this video idea was so creative and props to you for trying this because I would be so so scared to do this. Trying to act like that in a setting with so many people seems so so overwhelming. I still loved this video, it was really cool and pretty funny. You're amazing sister and I love you. Please remember that (and rest!) ❤️

  • maddison leger
    maddison leger   3 days ago

    it broke my heart watching him trying to hold his tears back

  • Pie Ties
    Pie Ties   3 days ago

    I have anxiety and I’m only 11 and have a therapist and she says I might have depression

  • Gabriela Molina
    Gabriela Molina   3 days ago

    loved the conversation James, thank you. totally identified, you are a good person who made a reality check, everyone should do it, it is hard to recognize our mistakes because we pretend to be perfect, but once you do it you can become a better person "for you and the entire human race" (RIP MJ), enjoy your new cute positive kind path and don't go back ;)

  • Kelsey Shanahan
    Kelsey Shanahan   3 days ago

    when he said “i have like 739 followers”i literally have 739 followers hahaha

  • Levi Vansyckle
    Levi Vansyckle   3 days ago

    I love you. This is such a courageous video. Makes me adore you, James Charles, so much more. Keep being yourself and learning life's crazy lessons. ❤ You have my support and love

  • aylixo
    aylixo   3 days ago

    james acting like a pedophile for 20 seconds straight

  • Leslie Hoskins
    Leslie Hoskins   4 days ago

    One word... WOW! Just when I think you can't top yourself. You have touched my soul with this video. I love your humbleness and your most loving attitude. You're awesome sister James. Lots of love from South Carolina.

  • jared mccoy
    jared mccoy   4 days ago

    that fly to the left of the screen at 19:23 is homophobic

  • MyMADart
    MyMADart   4 days ago

    Moral of the story be nice to everyone, because it might be Sister James in disguise...👀

  • Siena Blastos
    Siena Blastos   4 days ago

    OMG James your so sweet and inspiring you are beautiful and brave I wish I could be as confident as you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mari S
    Mari S   4 days ago

    At 5:00 WE LOVE HIM 😂😍😍

  • Paula Kupetz
    Paula Kupetz   5 days ago

    I you wanted to tell you that what ever you will do I love and soporte you ❤ love you

  • 3 Lazy Pandas
    3 Lazy Pandas   5 days ago

    I really understand u, like some ppl when they r in a certain group, they act rly different, rly mean and rude. James u r definitely not alone, u r not bad , sister squad will be within u.❤️❤️❤️ u

  • Maggie Golden
    Maggie Golden   5 days ago

    I’m definitely a little late on this video... but I’m so sorry you had an anxiety attack. I’ve lived with anxiety my whole life and I’ve had more than a few attacks and it’s pretty much the worst feeling ever so I understand. But I will say it’s really nice to see your vulnerable side. Vulnerability does not equal weakness. I think it’s shows so much strength. It’s easy to put on a smile and put on a show for people. But showing them your emotional side and letting them know how you feel? That takes a lot of strength and courage. So I hope you don’t think this made you look weak because it absolutely did not. And good for you for being the bigger person and not posting those clips. Not gonna lie I’d really like to see them so I can unsubscribe and know who’s actually an asshole when they meet normal people. But I’m really proud of you for how you chose to handle the situation. love you James❤️❤️❤️