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EVERYTHING is different in Amman, Jordan | Travelling Beard

  • Published on: 05 July 2016
  • Video 1 of our Jordan Trip. First with the plane to Amman, then with the Jordan Taxi to the amman city center.
  • Runtime : 8:13
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  • Travelling Beard
    Travelling Beard   4 months ago

    My Friends: i uploaded a new video!!

  • khaled massoud
    khaled massoud   4 days ago

    بلدنا العربيه حلوه بس للاسف الباقي انتوا فهمينه

  • Loreimy H
    Loreimy H   1 weeks ago

    schönes Land Jordanien, ich hoffe, dieses Land in der Zukunft zu besuchen.♡♡

  • dewojos
    dewojos   1 months ago

    I don't understand nazis language

  • Hatem Alatwi
    Hatem Alatwi   1 months ago

    بحب بلدي بس والله بتخزي

  • mohammad Sobh
    mohammad Sobh   2 months ago

    كيلو البندورة ب 5 دنانير بقلهم الله يفضح عرض النصب هههههه

  • BennyB5555
    BennyB5555   2 months ago

    Bitte benutzen Sie englische Untertitel. Vielen Dank!

  • wrn pa
    wrn pa   3 months ago

    What a relief that Americans aren't the only obnoxious tourists.

  • susu
    susu   4 months ago

    Wow sehr tolles Video

  • yousef Yacoub
    yousef Yacoub   4 months ago

    مش عارفين راسهم من رجليهم ههههه

  • H:::40 الأعزب
    H:::40 الأعزب   5 months ago

    بريزه الجرجير 🌿🌿 ...يا بلاش والله 😅🎬

  • Raymond Gordon
    Raymond Gordon   6 months ago

    Pity you did not find the Pasha Hotel and restaurant .you were so close to it from the Hashemite square opposite the Roman theater corner Alhashemi st and Alshabsog street ,Big sign reads Food Booze,Views and mini zoo when in Amman the place not to be fact look for the car with geese on top in front of hotel ask anyone can direct you to it

  • Khaleel '
    Khaleel '   6 months ago

    مايعرفون كيف يوكلو 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pro Player
    Pro Player   7 months ago

    Best country in the Middle East

  • Zaid’sHyper Ensour
    Zaid’sHyper Ensour   7 months ago

    Cool bro, MY GRAMPS IS THE PRIME MINISTER!And al salt is very cool to! You should visit it’

  • JoRz
    JoRz   7 months ago

    why you visit to the worst and oldest place in amman

  • Allie Florence
    Allie Florence   7 months ago

    I don't speak your language but your video was so good I kept watching anyway ! I love to see how the locals interact with tourist, and I'd also love to visit Amman one day. Before I went to a middle eastern country, I thought the people would not help me with directions or even like me because I'm Western. But honestly I meet the most kind, generous people when I asked for help. And when I complimented a girl for her necklace, she took it off and gave it to me as a present. Coming back home from traveling, my life did not change drastically but I changed and grew as a person from those experiences. It's the best thing people can do for themselves. You can't put a price tag on that. Cheers from USA to Austria!

  • Moeen Awad
    Moeen Awad   7 months ago

    Welcome to Jordan Happiness time in Jordan

  • Al Awadhi Bros
    Al Awadhi Bros   8 months ago

    Nice one guys! We are also.huge fans of Jordan. Did you try the local coffee there with the street vendors?

  • Yousef
    Yousef   8 months ago

    thats good but you didnt visit any place in jordan its just a bad and small place in jordan you should visit anthoer place in jordan trust me its amazing country.🙂

  • sai_clops
    sai_clops   8 months ago

    i think id want to go here! kinda looks really similar to what we have in india :))

  • Humayun Laskar
    Humayun Laskar   8 months ago

    I Been to Dubai one And only country in Middle East Hopefully next time Syria 🇸🇾 🇯🇴 jordan also and other Arabic country.Love from New Yorkers

  • Tipu Sultan
    Tipu Sultan   8 months ago

    Wonderful Country. Love From Pakistan.

  • Lyrics constructor
    Lyrics constructor   8 months ago

    Peter you do a very good job with your vloges but, unfortunately in this video , you didn't show how really amazing Jordan look like, I mean foods and places , you didn't eat traditional foods and you didn't showing prices which is lower than the prices in us and Europe

  • Baby Dada
    Baby Dada   8 months ago

    Oh my god I like it’s so much 💞💞💞

  • ryan angel
    ryan angel   8 months ago

    You want tourist western must be pro western 😂

  • Rakan abdulsalam
    Rakan abdulsalam   9 months ago

    I am from Jordan. But for the first time i know about this hotel. You must be in love with adventures.

    GAME FI   9 months ago

    اين انتم يا عرب؟