BretmanRock x ColourPop Wet and Lit Collection

  • Published on: 09 November 2018
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  • Runtime : 32:44
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  • brianna nava
    brianna nava   27 minuts ago

    first time i’ve seen him cry and it sucks :/

  • Liam Jr
    Liam Jr   47 minuts ago

    "I never had so much friends" my heart MEALTED

  • monThEa 103005
    monThEa 103005   1 hours ago

    Watching from saudi arabia and filipina ofw, I love you bretman. Sobrang proud ako dahil sa murang edad, nakamit mo lahat ng mga pangarap mo. Keep it up bitch, god will always give you lots of blessings because you're just being such a cool, true, loving, crazy person.. keep it up bitch 👌👌😉😉 and by the way, you make my stressed, tiredness (because of my job), and of course home sick disappear because of your crazy videos.. thank you so much!!!!

  • blackrose1657
    blackrose1657   1 hours ago

    Awwww Bretmen your so cute ! Stay humble bitch! Love you !💙💙💙 love from Sacramento

  • MACupGrl xoxo
    MACupGrl xoxo   2 hours ago

    Congratulations 🎊🍾 Stay Humble. NEVER FORGET your roots as you reach for the stars.

  • Kareen Edjan
    Kareen Edjan   2 hours ago

    You are amazing!!! So happy for you <3 Keep doing what you love! Can't wait for more future makeup products from you!!

  • Beachkin Mindanao
    Beachkin Mindanao   3 hours ago

    ano baaaa??? naiyak tuloy aq habang nagpa-dede sa baby ko...the feels! You rock, Bretman Rock! di ko mn ma-afford ung collab mo, do know na susuportahan kitaa😭

  • spontsbab
    spontsbab   3 hours ago

    I love how his collection is meaningful. Like it has literally meaning (about him or whatevah)

  • Natalyn Mangosing
    Natalyn Mangosing   4 hours ago

    I love you, Bretman!!! You deserve everything you have right now!!! You work hard for it! Congratulations! Stay as you are, bitch!! 💖🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Veronica Manzo
    Veronica Manzo   4 hours ago

    Thank you so much for the ending portion of this video. I feel like even when you’re messing around and being so wild you can really tell how caring and genuine of a person you are. Be proud of your accomplishments!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bri anna
    Bri anna   5 hours ago

    The ending made me cry so much ☹️❤️congrats Brett you deserve everything, I understand coming up from the struggle and you’re one of my inspirations to get to that point in life to be that proud of myself

  • Katrina Olivas
    Katrina Olivas   5 hours ago

    Awwwe bret. Im so proud of u. Keep doing u baby. Follow ur dreams. We love u 😘 thank u for being such a positive influencer. Remeber to stay humble n live freely 😘

  • joanne ramos
    joanne ramos   5 hours ago

    @Bretman Rock you are soooo genuine!!! I love that you are not afraid to admit where you came from and you really love your family!!!SOOOO PROUD AND HAPPYYYYY FOR YOOOUUUUU BITCHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  • Mhavy Anne
    Mhavy Anne   5 hours ago

    Literally cried over the "thank you" part omggg I love you to bits Bretman. ❤

  • Little Miss Oliva
    Little Miss Oliva   5 hours ago

    I’m crying!!! 😭🤧 I could feel the emotions through my screen ♥️ I love your personality and you seriously make me LOL all the time. I am so happy for you.

  • Mei Kaila
    Mei Kaila   6 hours ago

    Me and my daughter love watching you on Instagram and now here. You are such an inspiration. So humble. We love you

  • Stephanie Yadao
    Stephanie Yadao   6 hours ago

    you’ve gone so far Bretman, proud of you bading! you’re so brave and courageous. thank you also for all the entertaining videos

  • Karen Kate Quilat
    Karen Kate Quilat   6 hours ago

    PLEASE READ THIS BRETMANROCK!!!!The personal touch at the end.. it’s like different from the bretman we see on youtube videos. Keep at it. You rock! The baddest! PS: LAUNCH UR PRODUCTS IN THE PHILIPPINES!!! You’ll see how many people want them. Like BITCH. Just do it!!!

  • Abigail Mohau Padi
    Abigail Mohau Padi   6 hours ago

    ok i haven't even bought any of the frickin eyeshadow palette yet but i already have favorites just by looking at them:Lit:Mercy, She Got Money, BadingWet: lol i'm crying, skinny legend, mood, thickemsi'll definitely hAVE TO buy it and i'll use it for tODOROKI inspired makeup heheheheheh hECK YEAH $12 EACH

  • PrettyUrbanDoll
    PrettyUrbanDoll   7 hours ago

    The humility in the end... deep and touching. Thank you for sharing & Congrats!

  • honeygoldbaby
    honeygoldbaby   8 hours ago

    YOU FUCKING DID THAT!!!! Always be proud of who you are and how far you've come and what more you want to achieve. EWA BEACH up in this bitch! Makule Rd <3

  • Preciouse Valentin
    Preciouse Valentin   8 hours ago

    That wet pallet looks stunning I look ugly in blues but frfr I'm a buy it just to look at it

  • Jennifer Montoya
    Jennifer Montoya   8 hours ago

    The people who disliked are such losers like this was a great video

  • Jennifer Montoya
    Jennifer Montoya   8 hours ago

    Bergman is the top best beauty guru for me likeJames Charles who I only know bret I mean he’s funnier I would watch all of his vids and his personality is just better I can just relate to himYou did great in life u had huge accomplishments and I hope so too

  • Bhea Atutubo
    Bhea Atutubo   8 hours ago

    So proud that you bring up our nation. That the people here in Philippines are more toxic than you expected. Love you so much, Bretman!

  • Ciera Empath Tarot
    Ciera Empath Tarot   8 hours ago

    Love you! Just bought your wet palette 😍😘 love you boo 🤗

  • Crystal Martinez
    Crystal Martinez   9 hours ago

    DAMMIT BRETMAN you made me tear SMh proud if you I followed you since you were in that small room love you keep it up

  • Kay J.
    Kay J.   9 hours ago

    Awww babe! You are soo BLESSED! that’s a testimony!!! I wish I could buy your palette! I wanna cry with you!!

  • Kelly Sarmiento
    Kelly Sarmiento   9 hours ago

    Seriously did not expect the ending of this video to be like that since I hadn't read the comments before watching. Bretman, I love you so much and you make me so proud with everything that you do and everything that you've achieved! Something that stands out to me the most and will continue to bring me joy is whenever you make a Filipino reference, or even incorporate Filipino culture into your work. I love how you explain some Tagalog words or phrases in your videos, I love your Darna costume video, and I absolutely LOVE how you incorporated some Tagalog and Filipino culture into this Colourpop collaboration. Super awesome. I love you, keep doing what you're doing! You're making so many of us extremely happy and proud.

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