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Royal Visit

  • Published on: 30 August 2010
  • Runtime : 1:49
  • Royal Visit


  • al al
    al al   2 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ahhahahhahahahah drugss for sale hahahhahahhah

  • Victorar007
    Victorar007   3 years ago

    +ctmexperiment That was the best YouTube comment I ever read.

  • dannyofthededd
    dannyofthededd   4 years ago

    ye that's banksy in the wig and that is defo a Bristol accent

  • Wolfman
    Wolfman   6 years ago

    That guy kind of looks like that alleged photo they snapped of Banksy in Jamaica a few years back.

  • Ruthers95
    Ruthers95   6 years ago

    'Charlie, Charlie! Have a tester!' HA

  • J o n a t h a n
    J o n a t h a n   7 years ago

    i honestly think if banksy shows his identity his popularity will go down the pan. no one knows who he is and that adds to the mystery of banksy, we all make up in our heads what banksy looks like for example i think he's a 60 foot transformer in a tutu.

  • jradetzky
    jradetzky   7 years ago

    @1993gandy fuck you bitch, get a life

  • Hirngespinst
    Hirngespinst   7 years ago

    Gosh! that hippie dude reminds me of Todd from barelypolitical :D

  • J o n a t h a n
    J o n a t h a n   7 years ago

    i think thats banksy the hippy because the mail on sunday shows banksys identity and the hippy looks like the dude in the mail on sunday photo. on the other hand if you watch exit through the gift shop banksy looks thinner unless he went on a diet.. anyway why you asking me ???

  • arne anka
    arne anka   7 years ago

    lol at charles telling his friends.. :D

  • staphinfection
    staphinfection   7 years ago

    The irony being that the HEMP industry could singly handedly revitalize the entire worlds sagging economies with cleaner more efficient fuels, papers, foods, oils, etc fucking etc. And that's just the HEMP industry, not the cannabis side, which could single handedly trump the entire stupid fucking corrupt pharmaceutical industry. So why is HEMP illegal if you can't even get high off it? GREED AND POLITICS! Hurray!

  • ctmexperiment
    ctmexperiment   7 years ago

    America... UK... who gives a shit. We're all here for a limited time. Enjoy life. Enjoy art. BANKSY.

  • syleriam
    syleriam   7 years ago

    Have a Taste have a taste¡¡¡¡¡ Hilarious.

  • Jadon Gipson
    Jadon Gipson   7 years ago

    but i do agree with TurtTulStudios that they are polite in saying to get back, if they even said it. americans wont say anything but will use terrible force. Just for the sign. This is coming form a 12 year old american who is born in america. although america is pretty advanced in its ways but still brute and unneccesary force is ,unfortunately, is what were made of.

  • Jan Rene
    Jan Rene   7 years ago

    don't hate on america because wtf does the royal family do for britain anyway...shut up and pay for his son's wedding

  • Kale Kemp
    Kale Kemp   7 years ago

    @nurofiend The world, because we control EVERYTHING

  • JQuile0881
    JQuile0881   7 years ago

    Oh Banksy....you're more famous than all American celebrities combined, you don't even give a shit, in fact you resent it, which makes you more "American" than 90% of all American citizens could ever hope to be. From Boston, Ma: We fucking love you

  • diggidy dave
    diggidy dave   7 years ago

    AMAZING!! THATS GLASTONBURY FOR YA!!! best thing that has ever happening in my life!!!

  • konfliikt
    konfliikt   7 years ago

    @nurofiend totally agree wid u mate, who the fuck gives a shit what they'd do in america?!

  • Terrekon
    Terrekon   7 years ago

    you throw some dank at the president of the US and you get dropped quick. you'll have Secret Service niggas poppin out of the ground to stomp you out and tase you. They'd probably assume you're a terrorist and ask you who you are all after the fact.