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LeBron James Jr vs Team CP3 Gets HEATED! Championship Game

  • Published on: 26 July 2018
  • Team CP3 vs North Coast Bluechips! USBA Nationals Championship Game!

    Filmed by Dex Jenkins. Edited by Bryce Lanning.

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  • Runtime : 9:10


  • Brock
    Brock   11 hours ago

    5:57 white kid tried to fit in😂

  • TravyJ
    TravyJ   1 days ago

    HEATED ? get the fuck outta here with that clickbait bullshit ! 9 minutes wasted watching this fixed ass shit

  • TheRealG's Channel
    TheRealG's Channel   1 days ago

    Calling a 7th grader overrated at basketball... WHEN YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL 🤔🤔🤔

  • Elijah Baugh
    Elijah Baugh   3 days ago


  • brian west
    brian west   3 days ago

    this is more fun to watch than the JBA

  • Cody Anakin
    Cody Anakin   3 days ago

    Mans on red team with the glasses looks like bubbles😂

  • Alex_da_legend _
    Alex_da_legend _   4 days ago

    I still have no idea who those kids in the background are cheering for

  • Keegan Berryman
    Keegan Berryman   4 days ago

    Love the little kids in the background commentating The Who game lol

  • Luke May
    Luke May   5 days ago

    I invite you to my channel and check out a true 7th grade basketball player...with a wet shot and stellar defense

  • Taker095
    Taker095   5 days ago

    LeBron haters are cringe af

  • August Mahler
    August Mahler   6 days ago

    2:20 bro my mans is so mad. Look at his fists

  • Adnan Kaja
    Adnan Kaja   1 weeks ago

    Bro the whole team cp3 are pussies wtf they kept hacking and then getting so much bullshit team brony is too nice also who tf recorded this these kids kept switching sides lmfao 12 y/o

  • Riot Sharpzz
    Riot Sharpzz   1 weeks ago

    The kids and the background are annoying

  • Mikey D'Rookie
    Mikey D'Rookie   1 weeks ago

    this is EXACTLY why I would never do AAU AGAIN.....refs let the kids do WHATEVER they want....

  • GalaxyRTV Studios
    GalaxyRTV Studios   1 weeks ago

    5:24 dude on the LeBron James Jr team tries to help him up but he just wants his teammate to help him up. How rude.... smh, idiots these days... he’s trying to help him and be a nice person, and the guy is being a stupid bitch, and is being rude and doesn’t respect a good person.

  • GalaxyRTV Studios
    GalaxyRTV Studios   1 weeks ago

    kids say “overrated” and when LeBron gets on they’re like OH YEAH HES GOOOOOOD!!!! do they not know that’s LeBron’s son?? like how do you not know him, he’s pretty popular to be honest.

  • manjarro
    manjarro   1 weeks ago

    they trash talked the whole game and still lost talking about overrated

  • Money Plug 2k
    Money Plug 2k   1 weeks ago

    Why the parents mocking the kids that shit is pathetic

  • Kendric Sanders
    Kendric Sanders   1 weeks ago

    Was it just me or what team were those kids in the background going foe

  • Zach Nicholas
    Zach Nicholas   1 weeks ago

    Gotta love parents who talk trash to 7th graders