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JoJo and Jordan's Love Story | Engaged

  • Published on: 02 October 2018
  • Reminiscing on falling in love on reality TV... From behind the scenes moments to dealing with tabloids, you'll get all the details!





    First comes reality TV, then comes engagement, then comes… real life! Jojo and Jordan fell in love in front of millions of viewers and now they’re letting you in on their day-to-day struggles, solutions, and fun along the way. They are navigating life on their own terms- together and engaged! New episodes every Tuesday at 10AM PST. #JoJordanEngaged

    Kin Original Series
  • Runtime : 16:29
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  • Jalene Shoecraft
    Jalene Shoecraft   2 days ago

    i do the hand squeeze with my boyfriend all of the time but didn’t even think of it to mean i love you, but it’s super cute!

  • Angela Crane
    Angela Crane   4 days ago

    I always feel like jojo has something in her it just me. She is so likable

  • sally yun
    sally yun   5 days ago

    How did he not know the hand squeeze?!?! Haha jk. I did that to my now husband when we were dating and had to teach him what that was too! You guys are the cutest and I can’t wait to follow along!

  • G R
    G R   5 days ago

    I didn't think Jordan was sincere all along and I didn't think Robbie was a good fit. After seeing this video, I am happy to say the two of you look very happy & make a great couple. Now when is the wedding, please?!!!💍💍💍💍💍💍

  • Cheelee Yang
    Cheelee Yang   6 days ago

    You two look freakin cute together! Hope ya’ll get married and stay together!

  • Ashley Wade
    Ashley Wade   6 days ago

    QUESTION: whats it really like behind the camera on the bachelor!?

  • Christina Ziebell
    Christina Ziebell   1 weeks ago

    Love u both, this is my favorite subscription , I look forward to it every week ❤️

  • LuAnn Englehart
    LuAnn Englehart   1 weeks ago

    Jordan seems so in love with JoJo. He looks at her with such loving eyes.

  • donna foster
    donna foster   1 weeks ago

    Thanks KIN for bringing this story of JoJo and Jordan!

  • donna foster
    donna foster   1 weeks ago

    Omgoodness!, I love you two!, didn’t even know this was on youtube. Thanks for sharing what you are doing in life!❤️

  • Holly Griffin
    Holly Griffin   1 weeks ago

    I’ve never seen two people so meant for each other, than my parents. Loveee this!❤️

  • Kate Browning
    Kate Browning   1 weeks ago

    My husband and I started the three hand squeeze while we were dating and now, five years and two kids later, our little ones do it too. There is nothing better than a four year old super cheesy grinning up at you as he squeezes your hand three times. Melts your heart!

  • Lanae Irving
    Lanae Irving   1 weeks ago

    I love u guys so much I watched JoJo adventure congrats you guys on your engagement I am a big fan JoJo is so gorgeous and Jordan is a lucky guy

  • DJVee
    DJVee   1 weeks ago

    Loving every outfit JoJo wears haha xD

  • Fridha Kusumawardani
    Fridha Kusumawardani   1 weeks ago

    My fav couple! Since i watched that sunset proposal scene! Still got goosebumps everytime i rewatched it again..

  • Asian Twinz
    Asian Twinz   1 weeks ago


  • Teri Havlik
    Teri Havlik   1 weeks ago

    When we are going through a Really difficult, sad , feeling alone time-you can’t help feeling like life Will never get better!

  • Hashi Made
    Hashi Made   1 weeks ago

    That’s how I found out (my now Fiancé) loved me. He squeezed my hand three times one night on a date. I never knew about it, let’s call it woman intuition 😂 poor Jordan. Love your story 🖤

  • KP tennis
    KP tennis   1 weeks ago

    You guys are my favorite couple ! So adorable and i love this new channel you sharing more!!! I just turned 28 And have been married doe 3.5 years. Sometimes we fight abour him spending too much with the bros. I know relatuonships are all about balance . But i have to admitt i like a lot of couple time! Any help here !! Love you Jo^3 Xoxo, K

  • Zeyna Nd
    Zeyna Nd   1 weeks ago

    I want a lovestory like yours, just not onna show because I am not that brave lol

  • Natalie Nace
    Natalie Nace   2 weeks ago

    So how I actually met my husband was I saw him on the singing karaoke game show “The Singing Bee” on CMT in 2012 . I just moved back in with my parents after college , and was unpacking . There was noooothing on tv so I decided I would watch The singing Bee. A cute guy from the Coast Guard caught my eye , so I decided to friend request him on fb 😳. (I have never done anything like this in my life ) I told him I thought he did a really good job through messenger , and that he should have one. He wrote me back thank you , and that was the end of that. About a month later , I received a message from him asking how I was , and that was the start of it all 😍. We kept talking through messenger until he gave me his number . 2 months go bye, and we are still talking,Skyping and he booked his plane ticket from Oklahoma to Pa to finally meet me. 6 months later I move to Okie, 2 yrs after that he proposes, a year after that we got married , and now we have a precious baby girl 😍😍❤️👨‍👩‍👧 *our love story *

  • hubcitygirl
    hubcitygirl   2 weeks ago

    I'm really too old to be watching you guys, but it was my favorite season ever on the bachelor because you guys are so fun and alive and living. I like this format.

  • Sarah Pawlicki
    Sarah Pawlicki   2 weeks ago

    I recently got into a new relationship. I see others post about how they knew he was "the one" right away, or within a small span of time. Its started to make me question why I don't have these feelings and if I"m in the wrong relationship or if I just need more time. What is your advice on this?

  • Amy Vaccaro
    Amy Vaccaro   2 weeks ago

    Ok so my husband and I met as children, I had a big crush on him when I first saw him! I was 8 he was 13 and dreamy to me! He didn’t notice me of course 🤣 Fast forward ten years and he is severely injured overseas in the army. I prayed for him faithfully. God worked a miracle and he pulls through. Well 2 years later he sees me again and it was love at first sight, he didn’t realize it was me at first and I was just so happy to see him walking! We started dating and knew right away we were soul mates, we married 9 months later from our first date!

  • bluehearts 201
    bluehearts 201   2 weeks ago

    too funny when Jordan said, "The engagement is always a sunset shot!"

  • hearthcy
    hearthcy   2 weeks ago

    Love you two!! thank you for sharing your story!!

  • Blanca Gomez
    Blanca Gomez   2 weeks ago

    You guys are my favorite bachelorette couple! I love you guys❤️