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an accurate school lookbook

  • Published on: 07 October 2018
  • like this video if ur a horse girl too xoxo


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  • Runtime : 7:1
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  • galaxyraindrops 17
    galaxyraindrops 17   16 minuts ago

    lol that “stay at home mom” literally existed at my school and had the exact same shirt and shoes I kid you not

  • Taylor Tinsley
    Taylor Tinsley   29 minuts ago

    Ok a little late to watching but the orchestra teacher reminds me of the teacher that Archie dated in river dale wow I’m weird

  • Sophia Gross
    Sophia Gross   39 minuts ago

    Ok but for real tho the horse girl is soooo truuu

  • Libby Williams
    Libby Williams   1 hours ago

    There is a girl at my school who is obsessed and for assignments all she writes about is horses 🐎😂😂

  • Nevaeh Olayo
    Nevaeh Olayo   1 hours ago

    Emma reminds me of Liza koshy bc of her personality.😂 (it’s a good thing)

  • Elise Smith
    Elise Smith   1 hours ago

    Can someone tell me how old this sister is

  • Olivia Bearden
    Olivia Bearden   1 hours ago

    Rants about girls at my school O👏MY👏GOSH THE HORSE GIRL DESCRIBES A LOT OF THE GIRLS IN MY SCHOOL THEY CAN NEVER MATCH AND THEY EITHER LIKE FURRIES (JCJSFBKZ) OR FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDIES (there is this girl she has some thing where she takes stuff to seriously and she always wears knee high shorts sometimes a teal skirt (WITH THE PANTS) the same jacket every day and a shirt that doesn’t match anything) and there are two girls that wear the most random things one girl wore a witch hat and wasn’t matching and the other one WORE A UNICORN HORN TO SCHOOL FJGMSLFNFKFNGK lots of girls wear cat ears too djksnglsjfncnr and they have like really bizarre names (no offense but all three of those girls are kind my friends idk)

  • Keriaooof
    Keriaooof   1 hours ago

    4:55 had me SHOOKK😂❤️

  • emily01392
    emily01392   2 hours ago

    LMAO THE ORCHESTRA ONE theres a rumor at my school that the orchestra teacher is having an affair with one of the gym teachers and she's really bad at orchestra and music in general 😂

  • Lesly Marquez
    Lesly Marquez   2 hours ago

    The orchestra teacher has me dying🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hillary Hyde
    Hillary Hyde   2 hours ago

    I have a girl in my class that is exactly horse girl

  • Oge Aliche
    Oge Aliche   3 hours ago

    You forgot the soccer kids though 😂😔

  • Reese Grindstaff
    Reese Grindstaff   3 hours ago

    Why am I a mixture between the tumblr girl, jv softball coach, and the girl who shows up two time a week and doesn’t give two fucks?😂

  • kaylen b
    kaylen b   3 hours ago

    2:48 da girls that listen to kpop (me)

  • BriannaShade
    BriannaShade   3 hours ago

    Anybody know what those shoes are called at 3:00

  • Fluffy Doggo
    Fluffy Doggo   3 hours ago


  • Jesse Moles
    Jesse Moles   3 hours ago

    I love u girl u just to much somtimes 😂 LOL

  • Krystal Bethany
    Krystal Bethany   4 hours ago

    I'm the Girl how listens to music but I don't cry lol

  • Mariana Mendoza
    Mariana Mendoza   4 hours ago

    Im am the girl who listens to "music you probably havent hear of" and goes on tumblr by herself at lunch. She feels like nobody "understands her". She cries a lot. But at least her instagran is bomb as fuckq

  • Kalli Julia
    Kalli Julia   5 hours ago

    I thought I was the only school with a horse girl 😂😂😂

  • Michelle Meza
    Michelle Meza   5 hours ago

    I have a question! And I think everyone have this question too.... Where in hell u find those clothes?

  • Ms. Co
    Ms. Co   5 hours ago

    this is so accurate that its a whole mood

  • faggot
    faggot   5 hours ago

    i watch this 5 times a day