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  • Published on: 31 August 2018
  • Today I'm revealing a medical secret that has haunted me for most of my life. We go inside the operating room and I share something I never thought I would be talking about. Don't ever feel embarrassed for what you can't control. Embrace your flaws.


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  • Runtime : 24:
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  • Ellyse
    Ellyse   3 hours ago

    I just found out today that I have this same disease! Although mine just causes extreme abdominal pain. I have never had trouble swallowing or anything like that, and I don't think my esophagus is narrowed either. I just know I have eosinophils which is why they made that diagnosis. I posted about it on my Instagram story and someone DM'ed me saying "Hey I think Jeffree Star has a video about that!" Which was so random! So here I am! :)

  • Herlyn Torre
    Herlyn Torre   4 hours ago

    hello jeffree ur a strong person every one has its onw medical problems and still u managed to strong and face fear stay strong always me i have hypertension problem but i am try to stay health exsircise and eat balance food God blessed jefferee...😊😉😘😍

  • LeiAnne SW
    LeiAnne SW   7 hours ago

    I love that you are sharing this. I love seeing medical stuff, its fascinating. I have this condition. For years I believed people who said I was imagining it. And girl, you look amazing in this video.You are so high, its hilarious!

  • Edlin Ramirez
    Edlin Ramirez   8 hours ago

    Wow what a inspiration I have so many health problems and always being hospitalized 4 surgery’s already I’m only 25 and more to continue and I’m always complaining and sad that I feel I don’t live a normal life like my sisters do :( and the fact that he laughs at his own condition and shares it with millions of people and just takes it like a bump in the rode like he said o well I have to deal with it and thinking about it now I should probably see my health conditions less serious what I mean by that is think positive and say hey it can be worse thank you for inspiring me to see things differently I definitely had a laugh at the video have seen it several times and I’m sure I’ll see it at my next surgery just to make me less nervous and laugh a little thank you for sharing: love❤️ newfan

  • Lacie W.
    Lacie W.   9 hours ago

    late to the game but im living for the eye look!!!!!!

  • GennaMonroe
    GennaMonroe   12 hours ago

    Yes girl, do video on your teeth!!!

  • Savannah Renee
    Savannah Renee   12 hours ago

    my brother has the same condition. he had a complication with his condition in early june and had an endoscopy. after he couldnt drink or eat at all, everything would come back up. we took him to the er and later figured out he had a rare small intestine hematoma, because of the endoscopy. he had to spend 25 days in the hospital, and it was very scary for me and my family. it’s comforting to know someone out there has the same condition as my brother.

  • Isabella Mc Grath
    Isabella Mc Grath   12 hours ago

    I am 10 I have found out same thing as you and when I am at Birthday party's I am the last to finish

  • Özge Yılmaz
    Özge Yılmaz   12 hours ago

    turkish translate plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Pusse Kingu
    Pusse Kingu   18 hours ago

    He sounds like Alaska when he woke up xD

  • Tricia Minotti
    Tricia Minotti   20 hours ago

    I love you Jeffree! You are such s good soul. I’m a registered dietitian and I can tell you there is medical nutrition therapy for this. There are RDs all over the country who can help you! Often it can go into remission with elimination of foods that cause the allergic reaction. Most times it’s the top 8 that are removed. I hope you read this and check out your options locally. Xo <3

  • French Classes from LogicLanguageLearning

    Jesus , I have this! Wow. Mine was from dairy. I used to choke constantly since childhood.. It was only diagnosed from someone spotting the shape when I had an endoscopy. The stuck thing is the same for me. Ironically try tiny sips of fizzy soda. It sounds the craziest idea but it breaks the thicker spit down and it helps. However, find out what you're allergic to as It made the biggest difference to me. My triggers were doughnuts, steak etc. I am so sorry you've had this. Remember the soda trick. I was booked for the dilation but having found my allergy it's totally changed it!!! I was offered the steroids but they said if I could find my allergen I wouldn't need to.

  • Shelly R.
    Shelly R.   1 days ago

    I just love you even more I have no gag reflex I can down a cop no prob but I've had food stuck that farther down I can still breathe but you can feel the pressure and no matter what you do it doesn't go down I'm aware of the problem I have with your describing but I lost my health insurance and I just have to deal with it so I chew my food and chew my food and chew my food

  • ten-chan
    ten-chan   1 days ago

    Lets all just take a moment to remember that health truly is the biggest blessing one can have in one's life.Money, fame, success, none of that matters when your health is on the line. And that includes mental health.It's truly SO important, yet we all can easily forget about it... That's why, whenever it's somebody's birthday or any other occasion, I wish my friends and family that they are healthy.So now, I hope you all are healthy! And if not, if you have health issues, whatever they may be, I hope you'll heal or get better soon!

  • Mas Rifqi
    Mas Rifqi   1 days ago

    I am so glad you are able to treat those horrible medical cases right now. This is God's good will. Love and hugs from Indonesia. Just starting seeing your story after the Shane Dawson documentary biography about you. And loving your character ever since. Bless you Jefree ^_^I think you should return and do the dilation as soon as the scar or harm from the previous operation has been healed and they say that you are eligible to do the next. Cause from his explanation, it will come back and keep progressing. You don't want to come back there and found yourself in the same stage you were on the first operation. So, widening little by little with medication i think will do more benefit in a long run although it may be a hassle. I am just a medical student and i think that is what you should do. Hugs ^_^

  • Mallory Royster
    Mallory Royster   1 days ago

    GIRL YES, I HAVE THIS SAME PROBLEM!! I've never met anyone with the same condition. It takes me so long to finish my meal and I ALWAYS have to have a drink and take a drink with every bite! I've said that is the way I'm going to die one day lmao I never knew this could be medically fixed, thought it was just something I had to be careful with. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!♥♥

  • siewfong ling
    siewfong ling   1 days ago

    your eyes make up is so amazing, i can't stop staring

  • Brandon O.
    Brandon O.   1 days ago

    Maybe you shouldn't be eating high histimine foods and you wouldn't swell up.

  • Paola Vasquez
    Paola Vasquez   1 days ago

    I wanted to thank you for making this video. After I watched it I released that I was going through the same thing. I just got tested and I was just told I have EoE as well. So thank you so much for making this video.💗💗💗💗⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Emily Makenas
    Emily Makenas   1 days ago

    When you went under I just could hear you saying “Jesus take the wheel”

  • LPS Karya Cat
    LPS Karya Cat   2 days ago

    Что я могу сказать -дебил дебилом ! А точнее дургей дургеем

  • Just_ Kathleen
    Just_ Kathleen   2 days ago

    I have that same thing! I never knew it was a condition! Now I know it has a name and can get it taken care of Thank You for sharing Jeffree!!!

  • cafehime
    cafehime   2 days ago

    Woah I'm pretty sure this is the same condition my dad has. It took him forever to finally seek treatment for it because he had been having random choking episodes for at least a year or two. He finally got medication for it and I believe had a similar surgery. It helped him a lot, so I hope you're doing better after this procedure too! It's crazy the things people can bond over X)

  • Jamie Hail
    Jamie Hail   2 days ago

    I have some Asma and I'm sad that I got this

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh   2 days ago

    "ok bitch all dick sucking jokes aside"LMFAOOO god damn it I love you

  • Yagmur S
    Yagmur S   2 days ago

    Everything in this video is hilarious 😂

  • Tiffany Ford
    Tiffany Ford   2 days ago

    This made my day I failed my math test and this video made me laugh thank you

  • thechemicalreaction
    thechemicalreaction   3 days ago

    It’s usual cause is DAIRY AND/OR a problem with your GAL BLADDER. Get off dairy anyway as it causes too many issues and take some natural precautions for your Gal Bladder for example STOP EATING EGGS. In fact just google gal bladder eggs and see some research for yourself. More harm than good. Take care Jeffree! 🌸💗

  • Kerstie Sweeney
    Kerstie Sweeney   3 days ago

    I love the way the doctor fixed his blankets. Great bedside manner.