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Snoop Dogg Weighs In On Kanye's Controversial Comments, Friendship With Martha Stewart | The View

  • Published on: 24 May 2018
  • Runtime : 8:26
  • Snoop Dogg Kanye West slavery race love Dr. Dre Tupac relationships friendship hot topics the view Bible Of Love Martha Stewart


  • Nick Henderson
    Nick Henderson   1 hours ago

    If you dont like snoop something is really wrong with you

  • J Shin
    J Shin   2 hours ago

    Snoopy charm forever

  • Nort McGort
    Nort McGort   3 hours ago

    Oh please. So in other words if Kanye has a different opinion than Snoop or the geniuses on The View he must need psychological help. Kanye thinks for himself. That's a bizarre concept to the sheeple, I know.

  • big bro
    big bro   4 hours ago

    Snoop Dogg keep 's it Real love you big bro

  • gary calbeck
    gary calbeck   4 hours ago

    Snoop up there playing patty cakes with Martha Stewart talk about a has been. LOL

  • Base Man
    Base Man   5 hours ago

    View = Useless! Snoop Dog = over the hill!

  • Franco Roberti
    Franco Roberti   5 hours ago

    Sorry I'm an old man when I see Snoop Dogg singing I love it. This man is a gifted by God.

  • Jason Man on a mission

    Whoopi, it’s not “Snup”, it’s “Snoop”! Sometimes being too proper is just too “Murch”! Lol 😂

  • Pilar Aguirre
    Pilar Aguirre   5 hours ago

    Oh look.....the den of vipers with Mr. Marijuana, Snoop...go fig....what a waste of time

  • jwttwjjwt jwttwjjwt
    jwttwjjwt jwttwjjwt   6 hours ago

    Ti needs to remember he got an ol lady too ...Trump's wife is out of bounds...insulting Trump's wife is like Mr west hugging Trump...both acts suck

  • Biblethumpr
    Biblethumpr   6 hours ago

    So don't judge a book by its cover, but iss ok to Judge Kayne? Hmmmmm. I like your shirt snoop, u is a jester, ya'll move to Canada yet??

  • Matthew Cioffi
    Matthew Cioffi   7 hours ago

    Snoop is delusional. Blacks under Trump are doing far better than under Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, AND Barack Obama.

  • Matthew Cioffi
    Matthew Cioffi   7 hours ago

    Could someone be so kind as to explain to me how Snoop Dogg, who supports and promotes gangster culture, also supports STRICT gun control? Thank you in advance.

  • Bob Upndowns
    Bob Upndowns   8 hours ago

    Good words from Snoop. Unlike those women, he's got class...

  • adino adonai
    adino adonai   9 hours ago

    Snoop dog😍 bible Of love? Well if Elvis can do gospel so can Snoop😃😎

  • Andrew Shoxx
    Andrew Shoxx   9 hours ago

    I like Snoop and Kanye. I don't think Kanye is mental, I think he has a different process of communicating his message. I have never found him weird talking, his speak makes you think. Snoop is at a place in life he does not need to or bash anyone so hats off for that...

  • Brother Rick
    Brother Rick   9 hours ago

    Snoop you are the ones being used by the Democrats to keep blacks on their Plantation. I hope one day that you and some of the other rappers can see what's being done to you by the racist Democratic Party

  • Brother Rick
    Brother Rick   9 hours ago

    No Snoop he's not crying out for help, he just opened his eyes to the truth, and decided not to continue to sell his soul. I'm sure his mother put a spiritual foundation in him.

  • W (Twin) H
    W (Twin) H   9 hours ago

    Wow, Snoop and Gospel ? Might sound good, But You Need to Live it . I notice Snoop still talks and promotes some of his old ways. Being a Christian "A Child of Christ" is to completely change your life and live for Jesus !!! I never heard it yet. But, Good Luck and GOD BLESS EVERYONE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 !!!

  • W (Twin) H
    W (Twin) H   10 hours ago

    Who is He to Say that Kanye misses a Black Woman. I'm sure He misses his mother. But, Come on Snoop. He must lover Her. "Married w/kids".

  • 121212
    121212   10 hours ago

    Suddenly Snoop is the one to inform peopme about wrong and right and morals ? Typical leftist double standard....

  • Mr. Nasty
    Mr. Nasty   10 hours ago

    This dog porn star wannabe won the hearts of the view “THATS A BIG DEAL ? But it’s also NOT surprising...This grandma lookalike pooch is of the lowest life form but also the norm of Hollywood of today. This is the quality that the view promotes. If anyone has a doubt “ just listen to his music of raping and demoralizing of woman.You can find this FACT right here on YouTube. This guys a straight up two legged pig. Way too go VIEW viewers ....

  • nick bill
    nick bill   11 hours ago

    snoop.......lmao.......gutter rat convict

  • ryan alex
    ryan alex   11 hours ago

    They should ask him about pimping women in the me too era

  • ManVs Fish
    ManVs Fish   12 hours ago

    What does Martha and snoop have in common?? They both been to jail

  • Jon Adam
    Jon Adam   12 hours ago

    Snoop Dog. The voice of "reason" for dimwit Democrats. Now you understand dimwit Democrats want wide open borders that will bring in MS13, fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, murderers,,rapists terrorists and workers that will lower your wage or steal your job right? A complete s***show that will destroy america. ALL BY DESIGN. Democrats don't want to be saying that on the campaign trail. So I will...right here.

  • gary Van winkle
    gary Van winkle   12 hours ago

    Absolutely horrible gospel album... loads of wailing , horrible..

  • Brock Ruane
    Brock Ruane   12 hours ago

    Because Kanye isn't in lock step with the left and happens to be black, he all of sudden needs help.