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Mission: Impossible vs. Fast and the Furious - MOVIE FIGHTS (SDCC 2018 Panel)

  • Published on: 26 July 2018
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    What's the best action franchise - Mission: Impossible or Fast and the Furious? We fight it out LIVE FROM COMIC-CON 2018 at our official SDCC Screen Junkies panel! Tournament style with so many special guests, it's one of our favorite fights of the year!!

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    1. What's the best comic book movie of the decade so far? (Spencer Gilbert vs Clarke Wolfe)
    2. What is the better movie? Daredevil or Green Lantern? (Danielle Radford vs Ken Napzok)
    3. Better animated series: X-Men or Batman? (Coy Jandreau vs Dan Murrell)
    4. Better Franchise: Mission Impossible or Fast and the Furious? (Ed Greer vs Emma Fyffe)


    1. What comic book character who has never been in a movie would you most want to see appear in one?
    2. What is the greatest movie one-liner?


    1. What is the best comic book sequel of all time?

    Mission: Impossible vs. Fast and the Furious - MOVIE FIGHTS (SDCC 2018 Panel)

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  • Runtime : 1:13:37
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  • nixi panda
    nixi panda   1 months ago

    Dan lost against Coy whiteout the shadow of a doubt. The favouritism for Dan on movie fight is getting really annoying

  • Bilhelm
    Bilhelm   1 months ago

    Didn't you already do this one

  • Nat Hoeft
    Nat Hoeft   1 months ago

    Ed Greer is still my favourite fighter

  • Mike Hollis
    Mike Hollis   1 months ago

    That was a sucky thing Danielle did

  • Adam Lecomte
    Adam Lecomte   1 months ago

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  • Lazy
    Lazy   2 months ago

    Did the audience really considered the fighters points? or just went with their own opinion?

  • Jud Crandall
    Jud Crandall   2 months ago

    mission impossible has become one of the best franchises in the world, incomparable

  • kristie1929
    kristie1929   2 months ago

    i dont really like danielle as a fighter she interrupts too much.

  • joits
    joits   2 months ago

    A more fair fight would have been "Jason Bourne" vs "Mission Impossible".

  • klownstarz
    klownstarz   2 months ago

    Halloween vs Get Out ? Obviously not actual horror fans.

  • Nic
    Nic   2 months ago

    People are dumb. They picked the wrong choices far more than judges from the show do. INFINITY WAR SPOILERSAlso, the Infinity War Pt1 thing listed by Dan is a HUGE spoiler. Granted, it's probably better to know it beforehand, but still. Fucking worst ending ever for a movie that's supposed to be the culmination of everything. Ruined an otherwise pretty flawless comic book movie in my opinion. Seriously, I felt disgusted after seeing that ending. It means that the people that are "dead" is entirely bullshit. None of it means anything anymore. They should have just killed off the ones that needed to be removed and been done with it. Or, you know, tell a complete story in one movie.

  • Rebecca Sheehan
    Rebecca Sheehan   2 months ago

    Is the microphone not picking up the audience's enthusiasm, or was it really that subdued? I would've cheered.

  • King OceanBlu
    King OceanBlu   2 months ago

    Why does Every Critic want these Dark, Depressing Movies that talk about how they are Old?

  • Sebastian Koller
    Sebastian Koller   2 months ago

    Profession resistance taste attraction position follow software tie

  • Maderra -4
    Maderra -4   2 months ago

    Ed was robbed. I don't like superhero movies but Infinity Wars was amazing

  • Ben Yocco
    Ben Yocco   2 months ago

    Hope there were no kids in the audience, most of Danielle arguement is beeps. Seemed like Ken threw the fight.

  • Maderra -4
    Maderra -4   2 months ago

    The argument that F&F is better than M.I. because of diversity is stupidThat argument is stupid for any movie

  • fatalynn7
    fatalynn7   2 months ago

    Battlefield Earth honest trailer. With a sideways camera shot. Please.

  • Alex
    Alex   2 months ago

    I don't understand why people can't shut down the race card it is so easy to shut down he lost but still every time he is on the show race card

  • popcorn pop
    popcorn pop   2 months ago

    my best line" who am i? i'm spider man" -swings away or the great power = great responsibility.

  • popcorn pop
    popcorn pop   2 months ago

    ima say greatest horror movie is ring or grudge. y? cause japanes horror punishes everyone. no one is think kids are safe? nope. dead. animals. dead. men, woman, dead lol. and worse thing is you have a time limit and a scary call on top of that and tou cant run or hide ( for the ring)

  • N N
    N N   2 months ago

    Bring me cucumber? Explain please :)

  • Bradley Gray
    Bradley Gray   2 months ago

    I believe you can use the believable action argument because it REALLY IS HAPPENING. It really is Tom Cruise jumping out of a plane, hanging off the side of a cliff, jumping from rooftop to rooftop etc. F&F is a CGI fest from start to finish on that front.

  • Kareem Bey Jr
    Kareem Bey Jr   2 months ago

    how come you don't put the time stamps in the bio anymore?

  • Steven Reyna
    Steven Reyna   2 months ago

    So everyone here just doesn't know anything about anything.

  • Tony N
    Tony N   2 months ago

    So the argument for FF was in part racism? You know who notices skin color? Racists... Pandering is racism, just wait until this recent insanity in politics passes. Everyone who doubled down all the way through will be laughed out of all discourse.Edit: had no idea how batshit these guys went after being caught harboring a scumbag. Progressive, identify, buzzwords... Then more race baiting... Talk about overcompensating.

  • KTM
    KTM   2 months ago

    This question is ridiculous! Mission Impossible and Fast & Furious are polar opposites of quality action movies. MI has real stunts from the lead, badass fighting, awesome cinematography, a plot, and characters that our worth paying attention to. At least MI tries to tell a story with a cool backdrop, FF tries to hit the 90-minute mark with meaningless races, gunfights, and plots that attempt to make the main characters more than just criminals; FF replaces brain cells with testosterone, and I'm sad that they are one of the the only action blockbuster franchises out right now.Call me a fanboy, but it's not hard to be better than the F&F franchise, so this movie fight better go as it should. They should have stopped at Tokyo Drift, or the 4th installment to be fair. The only reason 7 made a billion was because of Paul Walker, RIP.

  • Eric Melone
    Eric Melone   2 months ago

    There is NO way X-men is better than Batman the animated series.

  • Ryan Burkholder
    Ryan Burkholder   2 months ago

    I love Danielle, but I really don't like her as a fighter.

  • Xojzk12
    Xojzk12   2 months ago

    Whom is the best muppet was a terrible fight.

  • Xojzk12
    Xojzk12   2 months ago

    That cursing chick was far too annoying.

  • Xojzk12
    Xojzk12   2 months ago

    No way Spencer lost round 1. He actually had an argument.

  • Na'im Mahboubi
    Na'im Mahboubi   2 months ago

    Best one liner was actually from Blade and the quote was, "Some motherf*ckers are always trying to ice skate uphill."

  • ros f
    ros f   2 months ago

    D. Radford is like that annoying sister who won't shut up.