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The best Pranks Jim and Dwight

  • Published on: 21 August 2011
  • i put together all the best pranks on the show the office that jim plays on dwight i could find
  • Runtime : 14:58
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  • Jason Elder
    Jason Elder   1 days ago

    Nickels in the phone..that's dedication.

  • travis bindon
    travis bindon   1 days ago

    This show is gay and i really want this shit to stop auto fuckin playing on videos that are now where fuckin close to being related to anything that had happened in the last video

  • sazoy1
    sazoy1   1 days ago

    Looking for the condom in the ducks head comments

  • Mike Lowry
    Mike Lowry   1 days ago

    "Oh my goodness, you sound sexy. Oh thanks, I been working out." Lmao

  • s_lx
    s_lx   3 days ago

    13:52 that face. Lmao, gets me every time! 😂

  • R Martin
    R Martin   3 days ago

    I have a friend like Dwight... It's never a boring day with him lol

  • gaming sasquatch
    gaming sasquatch   3 days ago

    i like how he asked who the king of prussia is but it wasn’t established till after ww1 and ben franklin was well before that

  • The Jawgz
    The Jawgz   4 days ago

    Jim could've single-handedly achieved world peace if he'd used half the time and effort that he devoted to pranking Dwight.

  • JTMsish L2swim
    JTMsish L2swim   4 days ago

    What about the one when Jim gives Dwight a mint every time his computer crashes?

  • Amplesage6203
    Amplesage6203   4 days ago

    We all laugh, but at least half of these would have gotten Jim Suspended, if not fired, had Dwight reported to the hirer ups in the real world.

  • KMnnA
    KMnnA   4 days ago


  • Aaron W
    Aaron W   4 days ago

    My best prank on Dwight is when he imitates him 4:04 That one I can watch forever and still makes me laugh each time :)

  • Justin Sane
    Justin Sane   5 days ago

    Was this show written by women? This isn't that funny, but hey, kids laugh at farts so whatever.

  • deSeriosa
    deSeriosa   5 days ago

    Funny how Dwight can re route his cell to his office phone but didn't know how to turn off Bluetooth!

  • Yo Jeffrow
    Yo Jeffrow   5 days ago

    Where's the hotel prank? That made me fall out of my chair laughing.

  • F A T C A T
    F A T C A T   5 days ago

    best 14 minutes and 57 seconds of my life

  • Doge Doge
    Doge Doge   5 days ago

    0:00: When my 5k clutch in Rainbow Six fails

  • William Lucente
    William Lucente   5 days ago

    I D E N T I T Y. T H E F T. I S. N O T . A. J O K E. J I M

  • JoeCnNd
    JoeCnNd   5 days ago

    1:22 shut up phillis.

  • louis edwardz
    louis edwardz   5 days ago

    0:44 i love how he plays solitaire in the background lmao

  • Invincible Speaker
    Invincible Speaker   5 days ago

    I gotta acknowledge Jim's commitment to most of these jokes. He really puts in time & effort

  • rawryTHEaguacate
    rawryTHEaguacate   6 days ago

    At first I was listening to Stevie nicks then I got to the shrek 2 soundtrack then I learned a Stevie nicks song on guitar and then I watched someone extract the ink from 1000 ball point pens and microwave it and now I’m watching the best pranks from the office

  • j7943
    j7943   6 days ago

    5:04 best outburst I swear

  • Sebastian Klusener
    Sebastian Klusener   6 days ago


  • Shwako
    Shwako   6 days ago

    Jim "yes I can do that immediately"Dwight "this man is an imposter I’m the real Dwight schrute"