Stars Who Fired Back At Their Interviewer On Live TV

  • Published on: 27 April 2018
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    Interviewing celebrities isn't always easy, for the interviewer or the stars themselves. It can be tricky to come up with questions that an actor or musician hasn't already answered countless times before, and sometimes out-of-the-box inquiries about movies, television, and music can get everyone involved into trouble, too. Female celebrities often are asked about their outfits and their bodies, and all stars often fall victim to personal questions about their private lives or dark pasts that they've tried to bury or move beyond. Whether it's rude questions about a celebrity's personal life or just poor manners, these stars all made it quite clear when they'd had enough — and they let their interviewers know it in a big way...

    From slight to fight | 0:39
    Digging too deep | 2:03
    Missing the memo | 3:26
    Airing dirty laundry | 4:53
    Going skin deep | 6:27
    Generalizing the gender issue | 7:26
    Letting him finish | 8:37

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  • Runtime : 10:18
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  • Nicki Swift
    Nicki Swift   6 months ago

    Which of these interviews was the most cringe-worthy to you?

  • Term-B Phillip
    Term-B Phillip   2 hours ago

    I would pick Bush over koonye anyday and Obama was right he is a jackass.

  • Brian Ball
    Brian Ball   3 hours ago

    How does it feel to have a screen name synonymous with, “don’t click “

  • Brian Ball
    Brian Ball   4 hours ago

    thanks sooooo much for explaining what I’m hearing.

  • Everettel
    Everettel   5 hours ago

    Can the lady stop talking and let the audience decide what we think, couldn't handle the whole video.

  • 15,000 Klicks & Home
    15,000 Klicks & Home   9 hours ago

    These people make millions on millions to entertain the paying public.. Don't like to be asked personal questions? Leave the public eye and leave those checks behind too.

  • nougatbitz
    nougatbitz   16 hours ago

    As Seinfeld shows — success isn't going to heal your lack of self esteem.

  • donuts for life
    donuts for life   20 hours ago

    is it just me or does tom hardy look like an older version of tom holland?

  • IknowwhoseIAM 1
    IknowwhoseIAM 1   21 hours ago

    Penacoli needs to be careful with his questioning before he's branded a sexual pest

  • Wan Dinnie
    Wan Dinnie   1 days ago

    Penicoli is somehow a perversive kind of interviewer? thats why the actresses kept on offended? this is #sexual harrassment

  • 46Rambo
    46Rambo   1 days ago

    Hollywood actors are tools. who the hell cares.

  • ViralTuber
    ViralTuber   1 days ago

    signed in so I could thumb this down. Just report the story, without adding so much extensive snowflake editorializing. Your melting snowflake narration was by far the most cringey thing found in the video.

  • Chris Partlow
    Chris Partlow   1 days ago

    Ann u shudda asked him if he still close with his furry friend....

  • tralala1958
    tralala1958   2 days ago

    I'm an old lady (60) who never cared one way or another about Anne Hathaway before, but now, I love her! I'll have to look up her movies. Much respect.

  • Johannez
    Johannez   2 days ago

    Omg shut up and don't talk true the interview..your telling us what we can see ourselves and act like where to stupid to understand it ourselves.

  • Jonny Tsunami
    Jonny Tsunami   2 days ago

    Spent 80% of the video narrating what happen, just play the good clips you gathered and stfu!!!!!!

  • Doctor Goop
    Doctor Goop   2 days ago

    Jerry Penacoli needs to pull the gerbil out of his ass - or mouth. They seem to be interchangeable. Matt Lauren - I’m surprised Laurer didn’t come on to him for a quickie - he tried to screw everyone else only to get the biggest screwing himself. He’s a pariah. Hero to zero in the blink of an eye.

  • sam little
    sam little   3 days ago

    penacoli wasn't being rude to hathaway. She was rude to him.

  • MrStormy22
    MrStormy22   3 days ago

    Sexual gangster twins Ronnie and Reggie Kay? WTF? Only the UK's most famous crime bosses. Gangsters yes, sexual gangsters? Is that even a thing? Plus, they are Kray, not Kay; talk about shite research!!

  • Luke White
    Luke White   3 days ago

    Jesus Christ do you ever stop talking?

  • Yuri Lavrik
    Yuri Lavrik   3 days ago

    Are you trying to fit into a catsuit?Just love that turn-around at him.

  • zion thiem
    zion thiem   3 days ago

    This commentator as annoying as these interviews when you gone get the memo

  • NobleGuy
    NobleGuy   3 days ago

    Do you have to talk over the entire video...? Braindead US-style telly...

  • V. Z.
    V. Z.   4 days ago

    Seinfeld seemed pretty lighthearted to me. Penacoli's new name, "Pena-culo".

  • Melloooowable
    Melloooowable   4 days ago

    Why the hell do they let Penacoli interview women?

  • Warren Moore
    Warren Moore   4 days ago

    Seinfeld is a narcissist and not that funny in the first place.

  • Caudahy Hall
    Caudahy Hall   4 days ago

    this shit to that will get the media in the hospital and me in jail...

  • Khalnaldo
    Khalnaldo   4 days ago

    Ffs lady. Just let the clips play!

  • Swoper Borlace
    Swoper Borlace   5 days ago

    Seinfeld was crap . Hated the show and he's a big head thinks he better than everyone else

  • Otosaka Yuu
    Otosaka Yuu   5 days ago

    Stop talking and let me fucking watch already

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