We visited Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold at home to play him at FIFA

  • Published on: 18 September 2018
  • He’s 19. He lives with his mum. He’s also played in a Champions League final.

    Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold invited us round for a game of FIFA before the Reds big clash with PSG at Anfield.
  • Runtime : 1:47
  • Liverpool Trent Alexander-Arnold FIFA FIFA 19 Champions League culture


  • 80 4our
    80 4our   1 months ago

    0:11 How can I custom my controller?

  • A Nanda
    A Nanda   1 months ago

    Look guys!! trent have neymar in his pocket.

  • im haus
    im haus   1 months ago

    Alright vuj and poet literally did this 1000 times better... br get yo shit together. Also get a brit to do prem players. No banter too much fake friendliness...

  • Kevin Chang
    Kevin Chang   1 months ago

    Interviewer is the whitest sounding black dude ever. Trent is a top lad

  • Percy Don
    Percy Don   1 months ago

    Why do people from liverpool speak English with such a bad accent

  • appleraika
    appleraika   1 months ago

    Love trent. Love love love trent❤ #ynwa

  • Kya Yamato
    Kya Yamato   1 months ago

    I still cant believe that his grandmother was rhe first girlfriend of Sir Alex Ferguson.

  • Subarna Lamichhane
    Subarna Lamichhane   1 months ago

    If there wasn't subtitles then i wouldn't understand what arnold said 😂

  • Fisky Tv
    Fisky Tv   1 months ago

    I hate the Scouse accent it sounds like Satan

  • James Harmsworth
    James Harmsworth   1 months ago

    Lol Liverpool are sponsored by PES and all the players be playing FIFA hahahahaha

  • T Amazin
    T Amazin   1 months ago

    Literally a copy of COPA90s - FIFA & CHILL 🙃

  • Tbasko sauce
    Tbasko sauce   1 months ago

    i never watch premier league football, but i might just start watchign liverpool....they play some beautiful football

  • Michael Suganda
    Michael Suganda   1 months ago

    He reminds me of Stephen Curry, except he is the Curry of Football. He will make a name of himself sooner or later!

  • David Hart
    David Hart   1 months ago

    Dreadful interview, the questions were thoroughly uninspired and as such were never going to produce any insightful answers. For example, why not ask him how he's coping with the pressures he's being subjected to at such a young age, rather than ask what he thinks of his teammates and other famous players. Hardly going to reveal anything interesting is it. Trashy journalism, leave the Brits to do it properly.

  • Hazlami misdar
    Hazlami misdar   1 months ago

    Keep working hard bro... be a legend..among the best... ynwa!

  • Kim Pettersson
    Kim Pettersson   1 months ago

    First of all you dont put in the disc like that

  • EJ4
    EJ4   2 months ago

    He’s so scouse yo

  • Diana
    Diana   2 months ago

    Always even cuter when he smiles

  • Hilmi Hirumi
    Hilmi Hirumi   2 months ago

    I always bragging about trent and robbo when talking about Liverpool with my friends.

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