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My Cardboard Boat Racing Experience

  • Published on: 22 July 2017
  • Hahaha! Boats?!? Neopets?!? My mom telling me to kick off my shoes so I don't drown as fast?!!?!?!? Boy do I have a video for you!
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  • Runtime : 7:51
  • cardboard boat race lake ship box se7en priscilla lol funny school snowcone brainfreeze photos baby james cartoon animation theoddonesout theoddisout


  • ThePink Koala
    ThePink Koala   51 minuts ago

    You look totally different now That’s good cause as a child just look better now

  • Oliver Bernstein
    Oliver Bernstein   1 hours ago

    0:01 whats in the box?....... I said whats in the box?... I said whats in the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXX shoots kid

  • Isla Sen
    Isla Sen   6 hours ago

    KfcKidsFatningCentre Lol XD

  • fucking ass 1234
    fucking ass 1234   7 hours ago

    James:Call me Old fashionedMe:Hi Ja-...Please stand byMe:Hi Old fashioned, I'm a subscriber!

  • Gloria Astudillo
    Gloria Astudillo   11 hours ago

    We have that type of classes but it's called G.A.T.E I don't know what that stands for but ehhhhh

  • Alge Eater
    Alge Eater   12 hours ago

    2:30 Did anyone else see the face in her hair?

  • Casey YTGaming
    Casey YTGaming   13 hours ago

    DaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnggggggWeird mouth noiseOriginal GangstaStudents

  • raveena shahi
    raveena shahi   16 hours ago

    My class and the other grade 7 and 8 classes are doing a boat race against other school so when we were searching up boat races the first thing that popped up was this video and I knew that’s the odds1out

  • R.J Ceader
    R.J Ceader   16 hours ago

    The photo montage was hilarious love you james

  • Ram_Playz
    Ram_Playz   16 hours ago

    U spelled race wrong in the beginning. You spelled it like "rice"

  • meggidawolfyy
    meggidawolfyy   19 hours ago

    Did anyone else get here from the academy anecdotes?

  • Megan Mathis
    Megan Mathis   21 hours ago

    I never went to 5-6 grade I was sad and depressed

  • Samoan Girl
    Samoan Girl   1 days ago

    DannnnnngOriginal GangstaSooubway peeps

  • DrMr Bossman
    DrMr Bossman   1 days ago

    Anyone ever turn this to lowest speed to admire the animation

  • Archiesonic Millar
    Archiesonic Millar   2 days ago


  • Archiesonic Millar
    Archiesonic Millar   2 days ago


  • Sans.
    Sans.   2 days ago

    2 + 2 = 5 hehe.... dangggg ogrigl gnastr stoodnts

  • Dark Gacha
    Dark Gacha   2 days ago


  • bacon gaming6
    bacon gaming6   2 days ago

    the same happened to me i was in honors classes in elementary school so i stayed with all my friends for 3 years