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Michael & Stanley Love Pretzel Day - The Office US

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
  • #NBC #TheOfficeUS #SteveCarell

    Michael and Stanley love Pretzel Day

    Season 3, Episode 5 'Dwight takes Ryan on his first sales call, subjecting him to an outrageous series of tests along the way.

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  • Runtime : 4:44
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  • Andrew Levitt
    Andrew Levitt   9 hours ago

    find someone who loves you like stanley loves pretzel day

  • Madam President
    Madam President   2 days ago

    Did nobody actually hear Kelly saying "I wanna kill myself" at 1:17?

  • D u a l i t y
    D u a l i t y   2 days ago

    I was pissed we never got to see what that pretzel looked like.

  • _Skillfullgods _
    _Skillfullgods _   2 days ago

    The way he said “Well I like pretzel day” had me laughing so hard

  • J Feigelson
    J Feigelson   3 days ago

    michael seems like he’s on cocaine the entire time after he ate his pretzel

  • Fam WS
    Fam WS   4 days ago

    How many ovens do the guy have?

  • Quanesh W
    Quanesh W   4 days ago

    Michel is me when given so many options, I need too take break and figure out what I want or let some choose for me and pick that thing ever time after that

  • Karl Yount
    Karl Yount   4 days ago

    Nothing gets between Stanley Hudson and his pretzel day

  • Ignatius
    Ignatius   6 days ago

    2:28 Michael's face when he hears the toppings, so wonderfully and terminally adolescent.

  • lukas grey
    lukas grey   1 weeks ago

    when stanley starts booing, i can't hold my shit together anymore. sounds so beautiful

  • DB3
    DB3   1 weeks ago

    If there was a best Stanley-Michael best moments, this would just be all of it

  • SMbigpapi
    SMbigpapi   1 weeks ago

    🥨I wish my job had a pretzel day!!

  • Alxkzmrz
    Alxkzmrz   1 weeks ago

    0:42 When you've been thinking about lunch all period long and then you see the lunch line

  • Sondra douris
    Sondra douris   1 weeks ago

    Pam doesn’t understand the true love of food oh Pam 🤷🏽‍♀️😭

  • Aron108
    Aron108   1 weeks ago

    I really want a pretzel now

  • KennyG881
    KennyG881   1 weeks ago

    Pretzel day is Stanley's Christmas.

  • shelby
    shelby   1 weeks ago

    2:32 When the ice cream man is telling me all the ice cream flavors that are available

  • Jeffery Webb
    Jeffery Webb   1 weeks ago

    “Are we not? Are we not? Are we not? Are you with me? Are you with me? Thankyouverymuch”

  • jt rennie
    jt rennie   1 weeks ago

    pretty sure that's the single time stanly agreed with Michael

  • bob Brown
    bob Brown   2 weeks ago

    What’s that song Michael is listening to in his office?

  • Molly Welch
    Molly Welch   2 weeks ago

    Yikes. Don't do that Cosby impression anymore 😂😂😂

  • William Zhu
    William Zhu   2 weeks ago

    The change of expression on stanley in the beginning got me dying lmao

  • Bryan R
    Bryan R   2 weeks ago

    “Moooooooooooooove. This is pretzel day”- Stanley

  • 9enius
    9enius   2 weeks ago

    Do we ever really grow up

  • YUH8 SpartaN
    YUH8 SpartaN   2 weeks ago

    Seeing Michael and Stanley work together is great.

  • Briar Mason
    Briar Mason   2 weeks ago

    I swear... Michael's face when the guy is listing the pretzel toppings...Basically saying "I've died and gone to pretzel heaven!"

  • JustYourEverydayIdiot

    Props to the person who had to memorize and recite all the possible toppings.

  • Taylor Noel
    Taylor Noel   2 weeks ago

    What is the song that Michael was listening to

  • LC Beaumont
    LC Beaumont   2 weeks ago

    3:25 - 4:05 One of my former bosses. At least twice a week, for no good reason. That's why he's a FORMER boss.