When Gordon Ramsay LIKES the food ( Kitchen Nightmares )

  • Published on: 12 May 2017
  • Thanks for watching yah donkey!
    Strange chef steals Gordon Ramsay's Dish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--tS6c4twXg
    Gordon Ramsay eats the perfect sausage roll: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xm4YHZ44TVU&t=78s
    When Gordon Ramsay LIKES the food: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fjnea8aedf8
    Now get outta here yah sexy bastard ;)
  • Runtime : 6:3
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  • ZeHoSmusician
    ZeHoSmusician   1 days ago

    1:48 "It's delicious!"No, what you really meant to say was, "*Mhm!* This is a tasty burger!" ;)

  • nnmm I
    nnmm I   2 days ago

    I want to try the red velvet cake it looks good

  • cvr315
    cvr315   3 days ago

    So rare they couldn't even put together a 10 min video on it

  • vbnnh gjknvf
    vbnnh gjknvf   3 days ago

    gordan ramsey puts nutella on his morning weetabix

  • Tedeschi
    Tedeschi   3 days ago

    A real feel good video. Thanks

  • NeusDreams
    NeusDreams   3 days ago

    Lmao you stole the entire video from Kitchen Nightmares' own compilation?

  • kayla g
    kayla g   4 days ago

    At 2:45 theres a giant hole in the wall at 2:55 their a record in its place

  • Jamhiro Lawas
    Jamhiro Lawas   4 days ago

    I just watch the last one 13 fuvking times😂

  • Sarcasm Entries
    Sarcasm Entries   4 days ago

    I can’t even boil milk properly ...I wonder what Ramsay will think

  • earthatom7
    earthatom7   5 days ago

    3:05 this is a great example why we love Chef Ramsey... He's only a dick because people make him be a dick LOL

  • AZIB Ameen
    AZIB Ameen   5 days ago

    Somebody tell that lady that one just doesnt eat burger with fork and knife just like one just doesnt put pineapple on pizza🤦‍♂️

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker   5 days ago

    If you think about it, he's kinda selfish. There is literally starving ppl out there so we all should just appreciate the food we get fu stop. But I'm glad he's happy here; although that doesn't stop his language.

  • vishu sharma
    vishu sharma   5 days ago


  • traindawg21
    traindawg21   5 days ago

    "Suck on this burger Jen" lmaooo the best line lol

  • Cory Langford
    Cory Langford   5 days ago

    Owners: Our food is freshMicrowave: hold my beer

  • Phillip Mulligan
    Phillip Mulligan   5 days ago

    Sacrilege. That celebrity cut a burger with a knife and fork. HE CUT THE BURGER WITH A KNIFE AND FORK !

  • nigol1472
    nigol1472   5 days ago

    one thing that stands out is that when the owner of the restaurant is a negroid they hire only other negroids and no whites at all.

  • MrBigbenny23
    MrBigbenny23   5 days ago

    i enjoy gordons shows, the look on the guys face at 0:21 is priceless...he looks really mad

  • B Tang
    B Tang   6 days ago

    0:25 When you're the only person who did the group project

  • Ezequiel De Leon
    Ezequiel De Leon   6 days ago

    If he likes it than its a real nightmare it you get what I mean.

  • Starmadien2019
    Starmadien2019   6 days ago

    I hated the parents of the Burger Kitchen episode they were just such horrible assholes. They put their own son in debt because they don't want to admit they're the problem.

  • kenjryker
    kenjryker   6 days ago

    Jan and Allen are misery guts. Dump 'em, chef.

  • Ahn Nonymos
    Ahn Nonymos   6 days ago

    @2:02 What is that strong taste that I'm Tasting ....its called Flavor, nut job!!!!!

  • XDynamics
    XDynamics   6 days ago

    2:18 “I am a medium rare girl” idk why I laugh so hard when she says that.

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