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Best Celebrities Surprising Fans ❤️️ 2018

  • Published on: 21 November 2017

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  • Runtime : 11:
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  • 7facts News
    7facts News   6 months ago

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  • rootlo
    rootlo   6 hours ago

    When John Cena broke through that wall that kid went flying lmao

  • QueenTaylor_59
    QueenTaylor_59   12 hours ago

    This is sooo sweet!! 💙💙 I wanna meet all those people

  • Lucas Baker
    Lucas Baker   14 hours ago

    thats just ridicolous idols are humans to we shouldn't go crazy after a celebritie

  • Lucas Baker
    Lucas Baker   14 hours ago

    i dont understand why people go crazy if they see like selena gomez and other idols

    AKI PEM   23 hours ago

    Whos the guy on 3:05?😅

  • Grizz YT
    Grizz YT   1 days ago

    Ik It Would be Awesome Tho Wouldn't it be Weird? if A Celeb Just Comes to home?. it would be awesome. & werid

  • Fakhrus Salhin
    Fakhrus Salhin   1 days ago

    5:43 the biggest movie star on earth and i'm not even exaggerating

  • BillyBellyFat
    BillyBellyFat   1 days ago

    This is obviously based on American celebrities - if it was based on UK celebrities I might recognise one or two ..... :-)

  • BillyBellyFat
    BillyBellyFat   1 days ago

    Im guessing the guy with the beard is a Bollywood actor? :-)

  • BillyBellyFat
    BillyBellyFat   1 days ago

    I wish I knew who these celebrities were! :-)

  • Neil Lee
    Neil Lee   1 days ago

    Why r ppl so surprised sines 6:30 I didn’t see anyone

  • Paul Fisher
    Paul Fisher   1 days ago

    here's my question to the fans, why when u actually meet a celebrity u treat them like a god, wat would u do if u met GOD, how would u treat him!!

  • Alisha Liya
    Alisha Liya   2 days ago

    Shahrukhan OMG 💖💖💖😍😍😍😍

  • Mr. 1Derful
    Mr. 1Derful   3 days ago

    I have NO IDEA who the guy with the orange shirt is hahahahaha

  • Diego Enrique
    Diego Enrique   3 days ago

    I still cannot understand why people get crazy for this idols.