Gordon Ramsay's Top 5 Fish Recipes

  • Published on: 04 January 2018
  • Gordon showcases some unique recipes and methods of cooking with five of our favorite fish recipes from the archive. We hope you enjoy!
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  • Runtime : 21:20
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  • Kenneth Christmon
    Kenneth Christmon   11 hours ago

    What store can you get the fish that you used in the chip butty and fish fingers part

  • Jennifer Floridel Sambrano

    chef Ramsey please, more recipes I want to learn all your recipes.coz, i love cook .... you are my Idol🤩😍💕👌👌👌👌

  • Arcadiez
    Arcadiez   12 hours ago

    he uses chili to everything

  • Mrssea Sea
    Mrssea Sea   15 hours ago

    strapping chap when he was young......well he still is....

  • RiTorpedo
    RiTorpedo   1 days ago

    I am wander, was the peanuts raw or roasted?

  • ganuega3
    ganuega3   1 days ago

    i really dont think you can squeeze a lime or any citrus lenghtwise and squeeze the juice out of it.

  • Haze
    Haze   1 days ago

    makes fun of a guy in kitchen nightmares for grilling a salad and now here he is grilling a salad.

  • I02I Ceu
    I02I Ceu   1 days ago

    4:24 any hear that or just me 😂(cameraman farts)

  • MrCactus
    MrCactus   1 days ago

    Nice porn music Gordon lol

  • Yer rosenbeck
    Yer rosenbeck   1 days ago

    "Great episode Graeme. Great fun. I'll be out there twitching sprats next week. Nice to have my boat to make a cuppa and some hot dinner, i get the tiny multi fuel stove going and I'm toasty. Drawback is moving the lump of a thing from swim to swim, heaving up mud weights etc. The Bure North of Wroxham is chocker with otters literally a pair every 100yds this year. If you attract fish the otters are there cleaning up tourists love them but don't know if the environment needs them. Thanks Graeme."

  • Robert Valitsky
    Robert Valitsky   1 days ago

    If you could ever see this question @Gordon#Ramsey, What is your go too old faithful oil for cooking? A oil you use for most or any dish you make?

  • Clorox Bitch
    Clorox Bitch   2 days ago

    Tbh I think Gordon Ramsay could just make an instant noodle and I'd still be like [pikachu meme]

    AGAMEMNONtheSAGE   2 days ago

    I think at about 5 and 1/2 minutes he says coriander but he's chopping cilantro, I'm sure he knows the difference but didn't realize it at the time, happy cooking

  • Amen Ra
    Amen Ra   2 days ago

    My whole life I have never been able to swallow any kind of fish. But I would love to try every one of these dishes. Every single one of these dishes looks so delicious, sometime in the future, I am going to make each one of these and try them. 😊

  • Eddie3074
    Eddie3074   2 days ago

    "Never slice at an angle"? Fuck you, that's exactly how I slice my sandwiches, you're the weird one.

  • lucky love
    lucky love   2 days ago

    I love cooking and baking, it's my passion, I'm always cooking or baking more than I need just because I love it so much, I wish I had a family to cook for my own they would be spoiled for choice with lots of good food,

  • lucky love
    lucky love   2 days ago

    one must always blanch the spuds before doing homemade oven chips wedges etc, or they taste odd like a roast potato more than a chip taste and texture, blanching is key to making oven chips.

  • Dušan vičič
    Dušan vičič   2 days ago

    Ribe pač niso njegova domena , zelo slabi recepti, ko sem gledal ta video se mi je hrana zagabila.

  • Saffi Hooya
    Saffi Hooya   2 days ago

    Their kitchen is heaven... look at those fresh vegetables.🤗

  • June Corriette
    June Corriette   2 days ago

    If I want to use salmon instead of Pollack, how long do you fry it for

  • Blake Wiley
    Blake Wiley   3 days ago

    1. Add oil2. A knob of butter3. Add oil4. A pinch of fish5. Finish it off with oil.

  • Dan Pod
    Dan Pod   3 days ago

    Ramsay the Owl !😂 👎 potato head .

  • iWin3AloT EX
    iWin3AloT EX   3 days ago

    I feel like whenever I watch cooking videos, I’m a soulless ghoul yearning to taste life. Mostly because I couldn’t smell the delicious food, Nor eat it. I could only watch, and hope that I can taste it only to be disappointed

  • Bob Jonquet
    Bob Jonquet   4 days ago

    Says teaspoon, adds a heaping tablespoon

  • Will Gaston
    Will Gaston   4 days ago

    Never understood why Ramsey always slams fish down on the cutting board. Every time, in every show. And only fish!

  • Reme A
    Reme A   1 weeks ago

    Gordon, love watching you cook. Full of energy and your love for cooking!!2 questions: temp of oven and what is a pinch of spices and herbs. I am kind of a rookie at all this experimenting during my 'golden years'.

  • Momma Bears Corner
    Momma Bears Corner   1 weeks ago

    looks good, but rather not have the bread... looks good enough without it...

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