Fortnite - Fortnitemares 2018

  • Published on: 24 October 2018
  • See what haunting horrors await you during Fortnitemares. Wield new weapons to fight back against creepy creatures, like the Six Shooter and Fiend Hunter Crossbow. Jump in and start playing!

    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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  • Runtime : 1:4
  • Fortnite Epic Games PC PS4 Xbox One Battle Royale Unreal Tournament Unreal Engine Minecraft Plants vs. Zombies


  • Jaxon watier
    Jaxon watier   13 hours ago

    when’s save the world is going to be free

  • recker axn
    recker axn   14 hours ago

    Can you plz bring back the durrburger skins and tomato 🍅 fortnite 🍅 🍔

  • El Caca Gamer
    El Caca Gamer   15 hours ago

    me gustaría que se pudieran unir max 7 para patio

  • erich0628 beltran
    erich0628 beltran   1 days ago

    i still remember rocket launch teleporting while fracturing time and space.

  • Hey There Person
    Hey There Person   1 days ago

    I am the only one who noticed that deadfire had a gun before he left the battle bus?

  • Unicorn Rusher
    Unicorn Rusher   1 days ago

    So now we can try out to battle in Save The World? Lel the zombies are from STW. Get it? Right? Idk i just want redeploy glider options back

  • Aiha Jaber
    Aiha Jaber   1 days ago

    please add the sniper only battle thing and thanos to

  • Rakan Alanazi
    Rakan Alanazi   1 days ago

    know what epic i think its a good idea to make a mode called gun game you start with a pistol and then work your way up

  • Tipps soccer
    Tipps soccer   1 days ago

    deberian poner fornite para moto g 4 plus

  • Dnero
    Dnero   2 days ago

    Bus driver got stream snipped... 💯

  • Mr cat , game collector

    Epic you should make a deal with NBA and NHL just how you made a deal with the NFL .that would be awesome NBA and NHL skins

  • Austin Casko
    Austin Casko   2 days ago

    fffforeign and snakejake123445 has thanked the bus driver

  • Coyote 016
    Coyote 016   2 days ago

    Bring back the pls revolver but in uncommen and rare pls epic


    FORTNITE gave me the skins from sen1 and sen 6 my Account semo777smsm I will gave you 10k nat ling of I am ling take all my skins After 4 manses ok FORTNITE

  • clem413 bsc
    clem413 bsc   3 days ago

    c'est quoi le délire avec les cowboy dans les jeu en ce moment (fortnite,red dead redemption 2 et overwatch)

  • iNeoni
    iNeoni   3 days ago

    This update was hot steamy a s s

  • TheKingOF Buttons
    TheKingOF Buttons   3 days ago

    Epic I accidentally bought intensity instead of smooth moves can I get my vbucks back

  • lunatic army
    lunatic army   3 days ago

    That explains why the bus crash and landed on the hill by shift shafts

  • Jack a boy
    Jack a boy   4 days ago

    How to file a complaint if you're reading this epic game for 90 is not allowing me will something online me praise be to go hang gliding for fortnight

  • James Souva
    James Souva   4 days ago

    Hey Epic Games I though you would make a skin called ghoul ranger for next Halloween

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