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Brother & Sister: ASMR

  • Published on: 30 September 2018
  • HI BROTHERS & SISTERS! On today's episode, Ian and I try out one of YouTube's most famous trends; ASMR. We make all sorts of fun noises and also do our first ever Mukbang as well. Enjoy and hopefully you'll tingle for a real one. Or cringe.

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    INTRO & OUTRO GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
  • Runtime : 15:26
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  • Grace Walton
    Grace Walton   1 minuts ago

    He did WAYY to much editing to this😂

  • Jean Muxue
    Jean Muxue   7 minuts ago

    Am I the only one who does not watch amsr with headphones or earbuds

  • Aaravon
    Aaravon   29 minuts ago

    I’m so hungry now :(

  • Viper 123
    Viper 123   49 minuts ago

    I’m James I laugh at ASMR

  • Elisabeth Weimar
    Elisabeth Weimar   56 minuts ago

    “Is this a prank call?”“No! Please give us our food”

  • Eddie Sifuentes
    Eddie Sifuentes   58 minuts ago

    Not to be rude i couldnt tell which one was brother

  • Jade
    Jade   1 hours ago

    ssisissistsistesistersister isister is sister is ssister is snsister is snasister is snatsister is snatcsister is snatchsister is snatchesister is snatchedsister is snatchesister is snatchsister is snatcsister is snatsister is snasister is snsister is ssister issister isistersistesistsissis- and laughed oof

  • Emily Ellis
    Emily Ellis   1 hours ago

    Any one realize that Ian drank that french fry

  • Hime The Meerkat
    Hime The Meerkat   2 hours ago

    A poem for the episode:ASMR youtubers be qUaKiNgTheir boots be sHaKiNgTheir weaves are sNaTchEdWhile these sisters be mOnEyMaKiNgP.S. I had to google what rhymed with shaking for the last part T-T I can't sister rhyme

  • Caseydeniserylan Masterson

    Sister James laugh makes me laugh get it sister, my group chat is called Sisters💕💕your my idol

  • rachell perez
    rachell perez   3 hours ago

    who elss got the tingles while they were explaining it

  • Gracie Perkins
    Gracie Perkins   4 hours ago

    Yes I love asmr videos I love y’all more though

  • Destiny Melanson
    Destiny Melanson   4 hours ago

    sorry, James, I would really like to watch this, but I can't do the sister silence show today. love you as always <3

  • AaronHurst
    AaronHurst   4 hours ago

    i’ve watched this video a good 6 times and still find myself laughing 😂😎🤠

  • Jin Yeong
    Jin Yeong   5 hours ago

    ssi sissistsistesistersister ssister stsister stasister starsister starvsister starvisister starvinsister starvingsister starvinsister starvisister starvsister starsister stasister stsister ssistersistesistsissisoof

  • Heyyitsmeemma
    Heyyitsmeemma   5 hours ago

    I don’t like want videos but I enjoyed this one 😂 it made me hungry tho tbh 😂

  • Jin Yeong
    Jin Yeong   5 hours ago

    foundation shadekinda yellowbut still snatched

  • jumping lamb18392
    jumping lamb18392   5 hours ago

    That was fun are all you're friends attractive, you and you're brother get a long amazingly :).

  • shook sister
    shook sister   6 hours ago

    I I lI loI lovI love I love jI love jaI love jamI love Jame I love James I love James cI love James chI love James chaI love James charI love James charlI love James charleI love James charlesI love James charleI love James charlI love James charI love James chaI love James chI love James cI love JamesI love jameI love jamI love jaI love jI love I lovI loI lI

  • shook sister
    shook sister   6 hours ago

    That is the gayest sentence I’ve ever said

  • hi it’s izy
    hi it’s izy   6 hours ago

    I actually watch asmr and this was the best one by far😂

  • Halle Heath
    Halle Heath   6 hours ago

    This is soo funny but y is James green

  • Mayh I.
    Mayh I.   7 hours ago

    OMG❤😂😂😂LOVE IT