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Michael Jordan - Air Jordan (Greatest Jordan Video on YOUTUBE)

  • Published on: 15 April 2018
  • This documentary examines the entirety of Michael Jordan's career. All of his slam dunks, legendary moments, game winners, buzzer beaters, finals wins, competitive fire...all of it. Re-live the career of the greatest basketball player to ever do it in this original documentary created by Joseph Vincent.

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  • Runtime : 49:48
  • Movies Sports Film Comics Fights Highlights Spin Truck Juke History edit diving leaping catching one handed dunk slam jam alley oop jordan lebron vincent bored film knicks ewing bird magic 63 boston retirement unreture baseball draft college unc rookie injury playoofs game winner buzzer beater championship


  • Juan Carranza
    Juan Carranza   6 months ago

    I used to think Joseph Vincent was the Michael Jordan of editing, but now I’ve come to see that Michael Jordan is the Joseph Vincent of basketball

  • Clifford Driver
    Clifford Driver   3 hours ago

    Ain't nobody supposed to dominate like this, in anything!

  • Maurice Stewart
    Maurice Stewart   11 hours ago

    Jordan is not just the GOAT of basketball; he is the GOAT of sports.

  • Netah10381
    Netah10381   13 hours ago

    For you younger and no-so-wiser basketball fans out there, simply because you missed the MJ era a(nd got the consolation prizes of Kobe and LeBron) doesn't mean MJ wasn't the best.

  • Biggus Dickus
    Biggus Dickus   21 hours ago

    This vid pump it in my recommendations after watching Shannon Sharpe bitching about le3-6 having better 3 pointer % than MJ LOL those lebum dick riders can’t deal with the fact of MJ been the GOAT

  • l andi
    l andi   1 days ago

    BOOM! Perfect timing

  • David Schock
    David Schock   1 days ago

    Kenny said...Jordan never played with a player who got double teamed, and then he would make the All defensive team, think about that.And now think about today's non handchecked super teams, NO COMPARISON.

  • Imnotcreative Imc
    Imnotcreative Imc   1 days ago

    If you didn't watch him play LIVE then you can't say he's not the GOAT. He is undoubtedly the best player to ever play in the NBA. Shut the fuck up. Tired of seeing this little ass kids say LBJ is. Not even close.

  • Ashley H
    Ashley H   2 days ago

    sam bowie, muahahhauauyhhauahuyhahiy gdchbjiukdnm nbdhuvgshgbahhaha

  • 3% Molon Labe
    3% Molon Labe   2 days ago

    LeBron is LeBron but he'll never EVER be as legendary as "Air" Michael Jordan

  • Marcus Lex
    Marcus Lex   3 days ago

    What the hell are bible passages doing here? What doe it have to do with basketball.

  • Zojo
    Zojo   4 days ago

    the GOAT of subbing to me

  • su57 f22
    su57 f22   4 days ago

    When one person makes world to shut down.

  • R. M
    R. M   4 days ago

    I might be biased since I came up in the Jordan era but I just don't see any modern day player in the same universe as Jordan for many reasons.

  • Tammy Forbes
    Tammy Forbes   4 days ago

    He truly was on another level you have your great players like Bird, magic, Coby, Shaq, Lebron, Miller, Bill Russel, Alijawon, and then you have the best to ever step on the court hands down JORDAN he was on a level all his own he dominated in a way I have never seen before or since I grew up watching him and I have seen Lebron and Colby and yes their good but not as good they just don’t have the drive, talent, and just sheer tenacity that Jordan had I’m so glad I got to watch him from college to his last game. He was the kind of guy that when he played your team you still didn’t feel to bad when he beet them we where just like well at least it was Jordan like what did we expect. I grew up in Detroit and was a huge pistons fan and they had a dynasty to but wasn’t as great as Jordan’s and he carried his team although he did have Pippen and Rodman abound others but they let him do his thing.

  • RockaJabroni
    RockaJabroni   4 days ago

    If Lebron ever watched this video he'd probably retire.

  • dickies docos
    dickies docos   5 days ago

    Incredible editing i could watch this forever. Thank You

  • Jonathan Freeman
    Jonathan Freeman   5 days ago

    @ 34:00 The Illuminati sacrificed his Dad as a control move.

  • John Ruggiero
    John Ruggiero   5 days ago

    He was and is the greatest individual athlete in a team sport to ever play the game. GOAT easily, & King James, Kobe, etc are all great, but lacked the aura & determination of MJ. The outright king of pro team sports! Period

  • Free Flow
    Free Flow   5 days ago

    There is Jordan and then the rest. And this goes for all sports!

  • Jonathan Freeman
    Jonathan Freeman   5 days ago

    I had to LOL so hard when I heard Joe Rogan's vulgar voice in this comp.. he was in diapers when Jordan was king of the deck!