November / December month video :)

  • Published on: 19 December 2013
  • first of many month videos to come :) enjoy
    video by jones crow
    inspired by matt bennett he used to make these :)
    much love
  • Runtime : 4:41


  • Danielle Davidson
    Danielle Davidson   4 days ago

    OMG! I was 6 when this was made!! That's the year when I met my best friend...

  • S W
    S W   3 weeks ago

    I'm in love with this video <3

  • selene
    selene   4 weeks ago

    I missed this so much, I had to go back. : (

  • Anna L.
    Anna L.   1 months ago

    these are so many cute and beatiful memories... i wish could tell her than the ariana in the future will be the best female pop singer and she'll break charts with her songs and she will have so many friends she'll marry pete and so on.... she would never believe me :))) cause she was so modest but talented and cute and funny! now, being a big ariana stan, i think that her best albums are yours truly and sweetener. the best eras.

  • Willow
    Willow   1 months ago

    I hear the 1975 in the background!!!!!!😍

  • FazeTug
    FazeTug   1 months ago

    Who else’s YouTube used to say it was unavailable in the country?

  • FazeTug
    FazeTug   1 months ago

    THIS IS WHERE I HEARD CHOCOLATE AT!!! I was like. “Wait, is my phone playing music again?”

  • joselynluvs1d
    joselynluvs1d   1 months ago

    This got me into my obsession with the 1975 lmaoo

  • NAsupergirl Vlogs
    NAsupergirl Vlogs   2 months ago

    Do any of y’all realize this isn’t like Ariana grande vevo channel. I thought it was but it wasn’t, I think it has more than Ariana grande vevo does tho.... woah. Unless I never heard about this and her vevo channel owns his too

  • kailey bitgue
    kailey bitgue   2 months ago

    Was that your family with lots of plz hugging u?

  • Megbabe 1
    Megbabe 1   3 months ago

    i always watch these videos of ariana and hope that i end up like this. being an amazing singer. 💞💞💞

  • peuh lins
    peuh lins   3 months ago

    A rainha do pop do mundo enteiro

  • Anna Adamopoulou
    Anna Adamopoulou   3 months ago

    oh my GOD!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ari<3 Will you come to GREECE ???<3<3<3 PLEASE IN ATHENS FOR ONLY ONE CONCERT!PLEASEEE<3<3<3

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