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The decline of Hong Kong's iconic neon glow

  • Published on: 08 August 2018
  • Neon is fading.
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    With original music by Tom Fox: http://m.soundcloud.com/user-416166523
    Explore neon culture through this local museum project: http://www.neonsigns.hk/?lang=en

    Master Wu started making neon signs in the ’80s and has been filling Hong Kong’s streets with bright neon signs ever since. But recently, Master Wu has seen his business slow down as brighter-burning and more energy-efficient LED signs emerge. In addition to getting fewer requests, Hong Kong’s iconic neon landscape is also losing thousands of signs per year, ushering in the end of the city’s neon era.

    As Hong Kong’s neon lights start to fade, I spent some time with Master Wu at his neon shop, where he showed me how he makes neon signs, and took a look at Hong Kong’s changing cityscape.

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  • Runtime : 5:48
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  • Vox
    Vox   2 months ago

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  • Jason Leung
    Jason Leung   1 days ago

    Nice to know my hometown inspired the aesthetics of Cyberpunk and other sci-fi subcultures, gotta love that aesthetic.

  • kolorish
    kolorish   1 days ago

    1:10 someone knows where the red sign is located?

  • A Shizuoka
    A Shizuoka   1 weeks ago

    This series is alright, but I hate the walking and talking shots. Where is he even supposed to be going?? What are you in such a hurry for???

  • OrionSentry
    OrionSentry   1 weeks ago

    Hong Kong would be a great city , if it weren't for those Super Rude Hong Kong People.Ching Chong Ling Long Ting Tong

  • Howell Wang
    Howell Wang   1 weeks ago


  • Thomas TubeHD
    Thomas TubeHD   2 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who can understand Cantonese

  • Sophia Castano
    Sophia Castano   2 weeks ago

    There is a definite rise in neon lights in Austin, TX, especially on SOCO. I just love them.

  • Sean Pan
    Sean Pan   2 weeks ago

    He is no fan of China or Hong Kong.

  • Funky173
    Funky173   2 weeks ago

    The edit is awesome! I love this video so much I may learn something of the transition.

  • Heidi Huang
    Heidi Huang   3 weeks ago

    I remember seeing this when I went back to China last year..... in Chinese and when I went to China everywhere there are neon lights but the ones in Hong Kong are definently the most beautiful

  • TheShadowParliament
    TheShadowParliament   3 weeks ago

    Everything that has even a smudge of unique beautiful individuality is slowly being replaced with soulless mass produced rubbish.

  • T.M. Squirrel
    T.M. Squirrel   3 weeks ago

    stumbled across this channel. glad I did. Great presentations, great presentor/narrator, please make more!

  • Alex
    Alex   3 weeks ago

    vox in 10 years "The re-rise of Hong knogs iconic neon glow."

  • GunmetalGaming
    GunmetalGaming   3 weeks ago

    Neon almost always looks cooler lol. Thankfully in Philadelphia where I go to school A LOT of new highrises are built with neon lights integrated into their exterior walls, very cool and futuristic.

  • Scott Free
    Scott Free   3 weeks ago

    Cant beat neon, Only the remarkable signs should be saved.

  • Maria Ramirez
    Maria Ramirez   3 weeks ago

    I always thought Japan was known for it's neon lightsAnyways i like the neon lights better

  • marxist liberal
    marxist liberal   4 weeks ago

    Oh the chinese commies r making LEDs to take down poor innocent neon lights of hong kong.. 😂🤣 this dude is a capitalist stooge and is only propping up capitalist propaganda against socialists

  • BigDannyK
    BigDannyK   4 weeks ago

    Hong Kong - the city that inspired Cyberpunk

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname   1 months ago

    Why is Vox rooting for neon lights so much? Is it a fetish they have?

  • Aryan Dey
    Aryan Dey   1 months ago

    Neon is a colour less gas you know.

    BANANA BANANA   1 months ago

    4:50here's the song, been looking for too long lolhttp://soundcloud.com/artpopst/tom-hillock-nicolas-boscovic-golden-halo

  • Synalla
    Synalla   1 months ago

    The music you keep using for the Borders series is not only painful to hear in its composition, but also ridiculous in volume compared to the dialogue--the part that is IMPORTANT and NECESSARY. Your taste in indie music may be too distracting and painful, and that's your choice, but the volume levels need to emphasize the voices and make them heard. Otherwise, I have no incentive to watch your crap if I can't hear what you want to tell me.Borders isn't the only perpetrator of this terrible volume dynamic, but it is the worst. Please stop this. Believe it or not, I came to these videos for what you have to say, not for ear-grating crap that I didn't consent to or expect from the title or thumbnail.

  • niel Gt
    niel Gt   1 months ago

    Why is the music so loud and distracting? 🤨

  • AomiN
    AomiN   1 months ago

    yeah, because the growing population living in cages is really worried about old, inefficient lamps being replaced with LEDs 😒

  • nerdygal
    nerdygal   1 months ago

    I love this. Love the way Johnny creates his videos. The filming, the narrating style, the atmosphere he creates, it's just amazing. Vox Borders is undoubtly my favourite series in the entire channel.Keep up the awesome work!

  • sandy
    sandy   1 months ago

    kudos to the video editor... the transitions in the beginning + the music was so good

  • What Alien?
    What Alien?   1 months ago

    What does health have to do with removing neon lights??