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Riverdale Cast - Funny Moments

  • Published on: 11 June 2017
  • A compilation of funny videos from the cast of Riverdale, mostly from interviews.
    I do not own any of the videos included.
  • Runtime : 9:17
  • Riverdale funny cole sprouse kj apa lili reinhart camila mendes madelaine petsch archie betty veronica jughead madchen amick marisol nichols interviews moments cute ashleigh murray


  • It’s Liv
    It’s Liv   9 hours ago

    Who else is surprised by lil and cami’s “KJ accent”?! It’s sooo good!!!

  • Carly Mikula
    Carly Mikula   3 days ago

    “ yea a night cat that gets hit by a car” 😂😂😂

  • asapkristel
    asapkristel   5 days ago

    everyone talking bout cole but im here eyeing kj cuz he all i need

  • Ruh Roh
    Ruh Roh   1 weeks ago

    Cole spouse is so cringey😬

  • Cezzlyn Chiyo
    Cezzlyn Chiyo   1 weeks ago

    now that i see it cole look alike bryan dechart with rounder face...

  • Iyang
    Iyang   2 weeks ago

    “They started to investigate the murder, then they started to investigate each other😏” -Cole

  • Iyang
    Iyang   2 weeks ago

    5:01 ahhhhhh😍😍😍😍 and again Cami is a 3rd wheel

  • Isabella Tackett
    Isabella Tackett   3 weeks ago

    does cole remember this ''and paris is full of men and i plane on shaking my bong bong for each and every one of them''

  • Malaika Sievers
    Malaika Sievers   3 weeks ago

    7:17 if y'all wanna see the most iconic description of bughead

  • Malaika Sievers
    Malaika Sievers   3 weeks ago

    6:10 if y'all wanna see cole attempting to turn his head 180°

  • dabbing howell
    dabbing howell   1 months ago

    cole: *is 26 years old*also cole: *has a voice crack every 5 seconds*

  • Central  Attention
    Central Attention   1 months ago

    Riverdale is literally the best show ever love all the cast💗

  • yizi.x
    yizi.x   1 months ago

    i forgot Kj had a accent, he hides it so well

  • Amy Butler
    Amy Butler   1 months ago

    omg lili i did the school peter pan play and i was an indian

  • Valerie Hagenaars
    Valerie Hagenaars   1 months ago

    0:48 me when I find out who's been spending all of my money on food

  • Arshita lakhani
    Arshita lakhani   1 months ago

    If u are a true fan of Cole sprouse, then u must know that cole did his aragaton walk in suite life on deck also. No one would notice this but I did cuz I was continuously staring at cool. Like if u noticed it too

  • Dylnamations
    Dylnamations   1 months ago

    When Lili say “Hi Dylan!” I freaked out a little, but then I remember’s Cole’s brother is Dylan.

  • OoF
    OoF   1 months ago

    Didn’t watch the show but Cole is bae

  • TheAvenger
    TheAvenger   1 months ago

    How does cole play a tough and serious guy when he’s the most carefree guy in the world?

  • Libby Roche
    Libby Roche   1 months ago

    Cole’s hair is just freaking goals 😂😭

  • Alexis Simpson-Bulled
    Alexis Simpson-Bulled   2 months ago

    6:58 I’m a kiwi and you guys are nowhere near a kiwi accent but it’s VERY funny!

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer   2 months ago

    I forget that I’m the same age as most of the big tv stars now so when I see them talking about something (Suite Life and Lizzie McGuire are the two things in this video) I can finally relate 😭

  • abeanwith regrets
    abeanwith regrets   2 months ago

    cole says “then they started investigating each other” and lili just gives this look of “are you happy with what you’ve done”

  • Maddie Robb
    Maddie Robb   2 months ago

    7:35 why the heck are there lunchables on the table