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Every That's What She Said Ever - The Office US

  • Published on: 15 July 2017
  • This is a long one...

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  • Runtime : 6:24
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  • Starlumin
    Starlumin   5 hours ago

    Okay but why does the last one make me want to cry

  • Mister Steal Your Meme
    Mister Steal Your Meme   11 hours ago

    "wait, where's the band? Cause there's no way you guys are making all this magic with just your mouths""thatswhatshesaid"

  • Maddie Caulfield
    Maddie Caulfield   1 days ago

    Jim: So instead you screwed me?Miachel: That's what she said.Jim: NO

  • TS97
    TS97   1 days ago

    That last one hits you right in the feels

  • Happyhal75
    Happyhal75   2 days ago

    This isn’t that long THATS WHAT SHE SAID! Oh come on man, stop! THATS WHAT SHE SAID! Stop doing this to me! THATS WHAT SHE SAID! Omg stop!!! THATS WHAT SHE SAAAAAAIIIIIIDDDD!!!!

  • Ztephanie Page
    Ztephanie Page   2 days ago


  • gregthebaritone
    gregthebaritone   3 days ago

    There were also two implied ones... When Michael was on the Ferris Wheel with Holly and in Philly when Jan said to Michael "I can't stay on top of you 24/7"

  • Seecooty
    Seecooty   3 days ago

    that's what he said because of gay

  • nitrocon107
    nitrocon107   3 days ago

    Darryl "You, need, to, get back on top." Both "That's what she said."

  • Brendan Connelly
    Brendan Connelly   3 days ago

    They left out the time Creed said it in response to Clark saying “There’s no way you guys are doing that using only your mouths” (Here Comes Treble)

  • 2muchwhit1
    2muchwhit1   3 days ago

    3:32 When your friend wont give you a chance to tell the punchline

  • Txrtle
    Txrtle   3 days ago

    "That's what" - she said

  • SlickNickP
    SlickNickP   4 days ago

    I didn’t realize how many of these there were lol

  • Ava Bear
    Ava Bear   4 days ago

    The best one was the last one and when Jan says it 😂

  • Devere Jones
    Devere Jones   4 days ago

    You guys are sinning... That's what Jesus said.

  • Dakota Peters
    Dakota Peters   5 days ago

    Doesn’t have the one where Jan and Michael fight at the dinner party!!!!

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy   5 days ago

    U forgot when Clark said how can u do all of that with your mouth and creed said that's what she said

  • Tim Walls
    Tim Walls   5 days ago

    i wish the Stanley "That what she said" made the cut.

  • J
    J   5 days ago

    The length of this being almost 6.5 aint so bad..