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GOP Pushes for Kavanaugh Vote After FBI Report: A Closer Look

  • Published on: 05 October 2018
  • Seth takes a closer look at the FBI's report on the allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
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    GOP Pushes for Kavanaugh Vote After FBI Report: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • Runtime : 10:42
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers seth meyers late night with seth meyers GOP vote fbi closer look NBC NBC TV television funny talk show comedy humor stand-up parody snl seth meyers host promo seth meyers weekend update news satire satire Kavanaugh kavanaugh hearing kavanaugh hearings christine ford christine blasey ford deborah ramirez mark judge Brett Kavanaugh beer FBI Investigation X-Files F.B.I.


  • Ima Farmer
    Ima Farmer   1 days ago

    KAVANAUGH committed perjury ,he should be disbarred

  • Lorraine Rutherford
    Lorraine Rutherford   1 days ago

    Damn have a new fan! I record you indefinitely now and have subscribed to this youtube channel. Thank you for being "tremendously, amazingly" funny, dude!!!!

  • Dean Olson
    Dean Olson   3 days ago

    I think it's time for the "heartland" to put its money where its mouth is. Let's separate and make new countries based on other criteria (bioregionalism is one example). I'm almost positive that without the federal redistribution that red states receive disproportionately the material well being of these places and people will begin to collapse with no real economic motor to generate and distribute wealth like we currently have in the federal system. Fine. The bicoastal elite is strangling the country, liberals are conspiring to "destroy the country" despite a lack of clear motives, etc etc. You take your space, we'll take our space. We can all stop bothering each other. People on the coasts won't feel like poorly educated whites in the middle of the country are turning the nation in the direction of theocracy, while people in the middle of the country won't feel like the traitorous bicoastal elite are selling them out for gays or blacks or jews or whatever group represents the most convenient conspiracy theory at the time. Seriously, let's do this.

  • Julie W.
    Julie W.   3 days ago

    He stands like a 5 year old who's been told, "Stand there and don't move from that spot!" I actually wonder if his handlers do that.

  • Donald Swamp
    Donald Swamp   3 days ago

    It's not over. Kavanagh must be impeached.

  • Maryanne Slater
    Maryanne Slater   5 days ago

    The Republicans have mastered Doublespeak. You know what comes next.

  • Alex Soul
    Alex Soul   5 days ago

    I am Mexican, I came to America, the “legal way”, and I’ve seen this Seth Meyers, he is definitely “obsessed”about Trump and attacking Republicans. I honestly thought he would be funny, I was wrong but I tried to watch him 3 times, he fully dedicates 80% of his show attacking the President like he is “in love”, like a girlfriend who got dumped and can’t get over the fact, the guy is gone... Business way, I wonder whether his sponsors realize this Seth guy is ostracizing half of the population aka “potential buyers”? Jimmy Fallon does it too but not as bad as this idiot

  • Free lunch is a hoax !

    Feinstein, the employer of Chinese spy, delayed the whole process by seven weeks.

  • Black Diamond
    Black Diamond   5 days ago


  • Noor Aziz
    Noor Aziz   5 days ago

    Schmear:a corrupt or underhanded inducement; a bribe

  • Derrick O'Neal
    Derrick O'Neal   5 days ago

    i personally would love to see lindsey graham in jail. this man does have blood on his hands. also hilary, bush, colin, cheney, and mccain and no its not too soon.

  • RobbyOnTheWay
    RobbyOnTheWay   5 days ago

    America is nothing but a disgrace! Not a land of freedom, but a land of corruption and fraud! Nobody can still take the USA seriously with this government!

  • xXTheBl4ckC4tXx
    xXTheBl4ckC4tXx   5 days ago

    Even Fox News saw that this is bad for the republicans, but the repubicans are far far worse than fox news.

  • xXTheBl4ckC4tXx
    xXTheBl4ckC4tXx   5 days ago

    I am lookingforward to the day the USA finally collapses into a civil war. Trumps is not enough proof why voting extremes is bad

  • lukie80de
    lukie80de   5 days ago

    Kavanaugh only wanted to save his ass. He tried to prevent the discussion towards blackout and memory loss. His carefully planned "emotional outbreak" including conspiracy and such was performed to please the GOP and the "Asshole in Chief". My guess: He does not know if he attacked women back then.

  • Lavender
    Lavender   6 days ago

    Here's what I think, Lindsay Graham should apologize to the American people for being a terrible excuse of a public servant who is supposed to work for the people. All they have time for is all this indignation, because they are counting on their base to be angry and fired up at the voting polls come November. Dr. Blasey, I am so sorry for all that's happened to you, for your accuser's party to mock your pain and to reward him with a lifetime appointment to make decisions or overturn settled laws that were put in place to protect peoples' rights.

  • Belton Bandalan
    Belton Bandalan   6 days ago

    Vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote

  • Oliver Dash
    Oliver Dash   6 days ago

    Bill Cobsy should have reached out to the FBi to investigate his victims so he could get real justice

  • robin o rhys rhys
    robin o rhys rhys   6 days ago

    Seth, at 01:35 what was 'that' comment?. Are you insinuating that when the Democrats are in power the FBI is independent and uncontrolled (no matter what they conclude on any issue), but not the case when the Republicans are in power? Stop such a double standard, steeping so low, and making it sounds so hypocritical presumptuously creating division, even ordinary people are beginning to hate Democrats!

  • humilulo
    humilulo   6 days ago

    Blessed is the manWho walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,Nor stands in the path of sinners,Nor sits in the seat of the scornful.

  • necronomicon rt
    necronomicon rt   6 days ago

    trump wants Kavanaugh because the coke brothers need Kavanaugh to screw up environmental regulations

  • Tiddybeth
    Tiddybeth   1 weeks ago

    America, you know what to do on 6th of November. Blue Wave.

  • kirsten harvey
    kirsten harvey   1 weeks ago

    why does no one ever mention kavanaughs creepy little voice?

  • kirsten harvey
    kirsten harvey   1 weeks ago

    this is sooo fucking corrupt? is this normal in american politics?

  • Daniel Espinosa
    Daniel Espinosa   1 weeks ago

    You know how I know Brett Kavanaugh is lying? His lips are moving...

  • Astrobrant2
    Astrobrant2   1 weeks ago

    Stop trying to milk more response out of an audience by just sitting there and waiting. That's really annoying and amateurish.

  • MrSpansell
    MrSpansell   1 weeks ago

    Hey genius comedians and posters. Look at my funny post Hey let’s have a drink. I look at the keg half full. Kavanaugh rapes and drugs women. You don’t know the man and you know it, and by all accounts he is an upstanding judge/person. It’s really sad to see this due to politics. you need to look at facts not emotions. Btw. He’s on the bench now.

  • Franz Grueter
    Franz Grueter   1 weeks ago

    Trump, Kavanaugh and Graham are degenerates. We have to stop treating them as humans. They are scum and they need to be removed. Their comments on air have criminal intent and it affects my freedom.

  • Mahmut Cakal
    Mahmut Cakal   1 weeks ago

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, you are so funny, how can i be a part of your trained monkey audience.. man where did you get these retarded audience? clones like colbert, oliver, kimmel etc. and the rest of the clowns have the same audience, can these people still think independently?

  • W M
    W M   1 weeks ago

    Wow I never saw that he was this much of a southern snake